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25 Best Party Hostels in Thailand – A Backpacker’s List


Thailand is home to some of the best accommodation options in the world, and their party hostels are really amazing.

With hostels available to people on even the smallest of budgets, you are guaranteed a great time on your next trip.

Today I’m going to share with you the best party hostels in Thailand.

I’ll go through all of the major destinations in the country and recommend my top places to stay if you are looking to have a great time partying and meeting other travelers.

If you’re planning to stay in one of these hostels, don’t expect to get a lot of sleep on your trip! Come with an open mind and make an effort to be sociable, and you’ll make new lifetime friends.

Also, Thailand has 3 out of the best 10 travel destinations for single men to get laid, so good luck with that lads.

Chiang Mai Party Hostels

Mad Monkey Chiang Mai

mad monkey chiang mai

This is one of my absolute favorite best hostels in Thailand, located close to the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar, Tha Pae Gate, and the Wat Chedi Luang Temple.

At the hostel, you’ll find a restaurant and bar, as well as an awesome swimming pool. There’s something going on here each night, and the activities are a great way to meet new people to drink and party with.

Check on

Also, around this hostel are some of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai.
Bodega Chiang Mai
bodega party hostel chiang mai

This is one of the wildest party hostels in the city, close to the Night Bazaar and Tha Pae Gate. By day, they offer amazing tours, but by night they crank up the fun.

Don’t miss taking part in the largest pub crawl in Chiang Mai when you’re staying here. Be ready to party a lot if you are staying in this social hostel, and don’t expect to get much sleep at night!

If you are not into party hostels, you can check more accommodations options in Chiang Mai.

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Deejai Backpackers

Deejai Backpackers chiang mai

This family-owned hostel has hosted backpackers for over a decade and is just a short walk from the city centre.

They aim to create a social environment for everyone, and they have the perfect pool and garden area for this.

The bar is jam-packed here every night of the week. They offer different drink promotions each night, and various themed evenings throughout the week.

Pai Party Hostels

Mad Monkey Pai

Mad monkey hostel pai

Wondering where to stay in Pai? This chain of popular hostels is found throughout Southeast Asia, and I loved their location in Pai. It’s a beautiful property surrounded by the area’s mountains.

It’s a fun party hostel that also offers a laid-back atmosphere during the daytime if you are just looking to chill out. The bar here gets extremely busy every night, and it’s the perfect place to drink surrounded by this incredible scenery.

Spicy Pai

spicy pai backpackers

This hostel is known for how welcoming and social it is, and once again it’s surrounded by incredible scenery in Pai.

With a relaxed atmosphere, you’ll find it easy to meet new people in this fantastic hostel. You’ll stay in hand-made treehouse-style bunk beds in farmers’ huts, and the common area has stunning views of the paddy fields and mountains.

They organize massive parties at the hostel, and you won’t be disappointed by these nights. I found that Pai attracted a really fun, laid-back party crowd, which made for an amazing few nights when I stayed here.

Bodega Pai

bodega party hostel pai

Everything you can expect from Bodega hostels in Thailand is here at their Pai location. With incredible daytime tours and a sociable night-time party vibe, you’ll love staying here on your next trip.

They host the only pub crawl in Pai and have a fire pit on-site where you’ll find people hanging out every night. Located at the end of the line for river rafting, you can get in your tube and head straight back to your home here at this hostel.

They offer an all-day breakfast to nurse your hangover, as well as cheap drinks specials. Pai isn’t known for having the most luxurious hostels, but here you’ll find clean facilities and some of the comfiest beds you’ll sleep in during your trip.

I loved my time staying here, and it really elevated my experience in Pai to the next level.

Video with the night market from Pai. Really nice place to go for a walk and a nice cheap dinner. I remember I couldn’t stop eating, literally 5-6 different types of food every night haha.

Bangkok Party Hostels

Bangkok is the world-leading capital when it comes to fun and there’s no shortage of parties. The best party hostels in Bangkok are Mad Monkey, Slumber Party and Bodega Hostels.

Mad Monkey Bangkok

mad monkey party hostel bangkok

Mad Monkey makes an appearance once again in the Thai capital. Bangkok is an incredible place to party, so you’ll want to stay somewhere where you can meet amazing people to enjoy nights out with.

Located near Khao San Road, this hostel is in the backpacker hub of Bangkok. They have a great swimming pool onsite as well as a bar and restaurant. It organizes regular events, which are the perfect way for solo travelers to meet new friends.

Their drinks specials are a great deal, and so the bar here is the ideal place to pre-drink before a night out.

There’s always something going on here, whether that’s a pool party or a karaoke night.

Check out the short video I took during my stay. Basically, every night was exactly like this, drinking games, shots and then we went to a party on Khao San Road, which is only a 5 minutes walk.

Bodega Bangkok

bodega party hostel bangkok

This is the original party hostel in the city, and it’s located right in the middle of all the action. It’s close to Soi Cowboy and Soi 11, which are great areas for clubs and bars.

Being one of the best places to stay in Bangkok, they have a different party every day of the week. With fun events like beer pong tournaments and the largest pub crawl in Bangkok, you won’t have a quiet night during your stay here!

Slumber Party Hostel Bangkok

slumber party hotel bangkok

Slumber’s motto is “adventure hard/party hard”, and that’s certainly what you’ll do if you stay here!

They’ve got quite a reputation as an amazing party place in the city, and often guests from other hostels come here to drink.

Located just a short walk from the BTS in Sukhumvit, there are plenty of bars and clubs around the hostel.

The staff here were super friendly and organized come fun social events, where I met people I’m friends with to this day.

Chiang Rai Party Hostels

Norn Nung Len Café & Hostel 

Norn Nung Hostel Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai is much more limited in terms of party hostels, but for a good sociable place to stay, particularly at the weekends, I’d recommend Norn Nung Len.

This Thai hostel has a relaxed atmosphere, and each weekend there’s some great live local music which everyone gathers to drink during.

Chiang Rai has less of a party scene than the cities listed above, but you’ll meet some cool people here and enjoy drinking together late into the night.

Koh Samui Party Hostels

Bodega Koh Samui

It has a small pool with a swim-up bar, so everyone’s drinking here all day and night. They organize drinking games every day, beer pong tournaments, pub crawls, and different other activities.

Koh Samui offers the perfect balance of partying at night and relaxation by the pool during the day.

This hostel is not very close to the main party area but they organize a shuttle every night to get you right in the heart of the nightlife.

Lub D Koh Samui

lub d koh samui

Located in Chaweng Beach, this social hostel is located beachfront and has some fantastic luxury amenities, making it one of the best hostels in Thailand.

It’s home to the area’s newest world-class beach club called The Tropics. It has an infinity pool looking over the beach, with a swim-up bar and floating DJ bar.

It’s incredibly sociable, and they organize memorable events here. Even during the day you’ll meet plenty of new people just hanging around this beautiful pool.

Koh Tao Party Hostels

Taco Shack Hostel

taco shack hostel koh tao

Located in the hub of the island, Sairee Beach, this hostel has facilities and a location perfect for sociable backpackers.

Sairee Beach has the island’s best nightlife and is very easy to walk around.

With a huge rooftop that’s perfect for hanging out on, the hostel organizes fun activities and games, where you can enjoy meeting new people.

Serving great Mexican food and cheap beers and buckets, you’ll have a great time staying here.

Also, Koh Tao is the home of the biggest pub crawl in Asia.

Hostel ’69 Koh Tao

Hostel ’69 Koh Tao

This is a great choice for solo travelers on the island, and they aim to provide an easy-going vibe here.

With their onsite “Good Vibe Bar” which offers great drinks every night and live music and jam sessions throughout the week, you’ll be able to meet other backpackers easily.

They have a massive courtyard with hammocks, where you can recover in the daytime.

Koh Phangan Party Hostels

Slumber Party Hostel Koh Phangan

Slumber Party Hostel Koh Phangan

From my point of view, I think that Slumber Party Hostels Koh Phangan is the best party hostel in Thailand. Home to the Full Moon Party, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right hostel when you visit this island. Koh Phangan is considered the most party island in Southeast Asia, along with Bali and Phi Phi.

Slumber Party Hostels are renowned throughout the country for their party hostels, and it’s the perfect place to meet people from a wide variety of cultures and backgrounds.

If you are antisocial, this is not the place for you! Their age limit is 35 years old, so expect a young and wild crowd.

If you plan to stay here for the Full Moon or Half Moon parties, book in advance as they are extremely popular due to the amazing parties and events they organize.

The video below I did record in 2020 in the last month of the Full Moon Party did run. Amazing hostel, right?

Mad Monkey Koh Phangan

mad monkey party hostel koh phangan

At Mad Monkey, every Full Moon, Half Moon or Jungle Experience starts with a pre-party at the hostel. Expect games, activities and neon paint, as you pre-drink in style at this boutique hostel.

Located in a fantastic spot on the island and with an outdoor pool, you’ll love your stay here. It’s the perfect sociable spot for solo travelers to meet new people to enjoy these once-in-a-lifetime parties with.

Goodtime Beach Backpackers

goodtime beach backpackers hostel koh phangan

This hostel is located right on the beach, with a massive 24-hour swimming pool. It has an awesome party bar, is located right on the beach, and has its own sociable sports area.

This is a wild party hostel, but also offers a lot of relaxation areas in the daytime. It offers a tropical beach paradise, as well as the chance to meet people from around the world and party together.

They only require a three-night minimum stay around the Full Moon party, which is much shorter and more generous than other hostels. As with the others, you’ll want to book up nice and early in advance of these popular events.

Koh Phi Phi Party Hostels

Blanco Beach Bar 


This hostel is famous for being one of the best party hostels on the island. While it has quite basic facilities, it’s right on the beach and is one of many cheap party hostels in Thailand.

The hostel has a bar that stays open late into the night. Don’t miss the Blanco Boat Party to Maya Bay which takes place on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Is not the best party, but definitely not the worst. A good place to make some new friends. Find out everything about Koh Phi Phi’s nightlife.

Check the video I took on this small boat party a few months ago.

Stones Bar Dorm Rooms and Restaurant

Stones Bar Dorm Rooms and Restaurant

Also located on Loh Dalam ‘Party’ Beach, this hostel has an onsite bar with super cheap drinks. Each night the party kicks off with an exciting fire show, and then there’s music and dancing late into the night.

The rooms here are basic and cheap, but you’ll have all the facilities you need to get some sleep. There are frequent happy hours here as well as an onsite restaurant.

Koh Lanta Party Hostels

Non La Mer Hostel 

non la mer hostel koh lanta

This hostel offers great accommodation at competitive Thai prices. It’s located in Long Beach and surrounded by great nightlife, nightclubs and bars, it has the perfect location for party animals and beach lovers.

The staff is super friendly here, and they put on some fun events at the bar each night. The drinks are really cheap at the onsite bar, and it makes for a fun place to meet new people and enjoy an amazing night out.

Blanco Hostel

Blanco Hostel Koh Lanta

This is a resort-style hostel that offers great quality accommodation in a lively setting. With daily events and a busy bar and restaurant, it’s just a two-minute walk from Long Beach.

With a BBQ three times a week and a bar crawl that starts at the hostel multiple times a week, you’ll have the opportunity to meet loads of new people during your time here.

The bar here closes at 11 pm each night, and from there everyone moves on to the local nightlife and bars.

Phuket Party Hostels

Slumber Party Hostel Phuket

Slumber party hostel phuket

When looking for a Thai hostel to party at, you know you’re in safe hands with Slumber Party. Get ready for a wild ride here, as this hostel is located close to Bangla Road.

If you don’t know about Bangla Road, it’s about a kilometer long and is full of bars and clubs. Just 5 minutes from this infamous road and 6-7 minutes from Patong beach, this hostel has the perfect location in Phuket.

It’s also the perfect place to nurse your hangover after a wild night out with your new hostel friends. The staff here organize some fantastic events, so don’t worry if you are traveling solo, as you’ll go home with plenty of new friends. Check our guide for more places to stay in Phuket.

There are 2 Slumber Party Hostels in Phuket, Thailand, one has a pool and the other one is organizing pub crawls a few times a week.

I’ve stayed in the one without a pool but I went a couple of times to the other one as well for pool parties.

Make sure you give them a call before you arrive as at the time I went there last time (January 2020 I think) they had the wrong address on their website and I was looking for the hostel 30-40 minutes before someone told me the hostel is not there and lots of backpackers are searching this hostel every day in that place.

The hostel from the video below is the one with the pool, but if you stay in the other one they organize a free shuttle every day. I really enjoyed my time here and I never missed one drinking game haha.

Bodega Phuket

Bodega Phuket

This amazing chain of hostels has another location in Phuket, which is home to Phuket’s best bar crawl. It offers all the conveniences you’d expect from a modern hostel, with the strongest drinks in the area.

They organize tours, games, cheap drinks, and fun activities, so you’ll have plenty of chances to mingle with your roommates.

It’s the most social spot in town, so if you are looking to party hard, this is one of the best party hostels in Thailand.

Krabi Party Hostels

Slumber Party Hostel Ao Nang 

slumber Party Hostel Ao Nang

For another great Thai party hostel, Thailand travelers are spoilt by Slumber Party’s location in Ao Nang. Their maximum age is 35, so you are going to have a wild and drunken time here.

You’ll also enjoy comfy beds here, and free beach transfers four times a day. They offer free barbeque on pub crawl nights and free shots every night.

They are home to a massive pub crawl, where you’re guaranteed to have one of the best nights of your trip. Also, check what are the best places to go at night in Krabi.

Balcony Party Hostel Beachfront Ao Nang

Balcony Party Hostel Beachfront Ao Nang

One of the largest party hostels in the area, they have one of my favorite bars here, with amazing views of Ao Nang.

They are loud and proud, so don’t stay here if you are looking for a quiet night. Expect fun hostel activities and crazy energy every night of the week.

It provides an amazing setting for a fun party trip while providing safe and clean accommodations. Every night there’s a free mini pub crawl that ends at the famous Beat-Up Bar in the clubbing complex below the hostel’s bar.