Our story so far


Founded by Catalin Geangos, a digital nomad, in 2020

From 2023, now being lead by Sunny D, a travel industry expert

catalin geangos from traveltrained playing poker

Origins of TravelTrained.com

Catalin Geangos is a traveller, travel blogger, photographer, and videographer originally from Romania. He works as a professional photographer and videographer, focusing on working with hostels and resorts.

In 2019, he became a full-time traveller after a successful poker stint. He started with Europe and then came to Asia and started Traveltrained.com as a blog to capture his travelling adventures.

He began writing about the nightlife in Asia as he travelled across Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Bali and other South East Asian countries through his first hand experiences.

He noticed that most of the content available on the internet about these destinations touched on exploring cultural roots, foods, museums, etc., all extremely valuable but very easy to come by. There was a lack of content around nightlife, entertainment and recreation options after dark specially for the young crowd and partygoers.

He decided to cater to the tourists looking for the above as this is what he specialised in as an easy goer, adventurer and a party person himself i.e. finding and highlighting the best bars, pubs, clubs, and hidden gems to have fun and grab a drink at!!

From here, he branched out and started covering accommodation, hiking, camping travel tips from his own experience, from the many travelling friends he made while backpacking and through photography gigs at many travel businesses throughout South East Asia as a backpacker.

He has now moved on from TravelTrained and moved back to Europe and now writes about outdoor gear.

2023 - Enter Sunny with his travel expertise

Sunny, with his vast experience in travel sector took over what Catalin had started so that he could push it to the next level

Let me introduce myself a little bit to the readers of TravelTrained:

I am a digital native for the past 20 years creating and designing enterprise websites and have travelled the world professionally as well as on leisure.

I have lived in the US, the UK, India and Australia have have visited over 65 cities across the world. 

My current job is with Australia's leading travel operator that has been recognised as one of the best travel companies and has won many reputed global travel awards.

I regularly update my blog, touching mainly on topics from Southeast Asia. Recently, I focused more on the beach resorts, hostels, travel destinations and accessories travelers need to have.

Through my experience and knowledge in the travel industry I stive to bring in a lot more value to the readers of this website specially around the curated itineraries and destination highlights that have been refined and updated with customers and industry feedback.

I will also be expanding the breadth of the destinations on this blog to to include and showcase Australia and India. You will also see a lot more travel tips and hiking and camping gear related content coming in form our expanded team to experts in these areas.

Awards for TravelTrained or for Sunny in his professional capacity

What's Next in 2024?

I plan to showcase a lot more of traveling in this amazing country of Australia that I call my home.

I will be travelling to Vietnam, India, Singapore in 2024 and bring some fresh travel content to you - unfiltered! TravelTrained style 🙂

TravelTrained team will also put more focus on our social media channels including Pinterest and YouTube,so that you could enjoy what we have to offer not just on this website but also on other platforms.

So if you haven't subscribed to our social media channels yet, pls subscribe / follow us there. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.