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Phi Phi Nightlife & Bars and Parties in 2023

phi phi party

These islands aren’t on every holiday-maker itinerary, but they sure should be! The Koh Phi Phi archipelago has stunning beaches and views of the Andaman Sea. By day, it is every bit the tropical fantasy.

By night, it has some of the best beach nightlife you’ll ever find! I visited the Koh Phi Phi a few months ago, and as an avid party person, I thoroughly enjoyed Koh Phi Phi’s parties! Is probably one of the most active party islands in SE Asia.

I’ve put together a Phi Phi nightlife guide on everything you need to know about Phi Phi parties, from my experiences! Also, make sure you visit Thailand at the right time!

Getting to Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi night viewpoint

The only way to get to the Phi Phi islands is by sea. The most taken route is by ferry from either Phuket or Krabi, from their respective ferry terminals. There are two main islands tourists can visit – the larger Phi Phi Don and the smaller Phi Phi Leh.

Despite its astounding views of limestone cliffs in clear turquoise waters, there’s not much to do here.

After spending a few hours at the beautiful Maya Beach and walking around a bit in the tourist-friendly jungle path, you’ll eventually have to head back to the main island. Phi Phi Don, however, is where the party is at.

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Nightlife in Phi Phi

phi phi nightlife

If seaside parties are your thing, Phi Phi don has the best nightlife in store for you. You’ll find Phi Phi’s best bars and clubs scattered in the three main nightlife areas- Tonsai East, the Tonsai Village, and Loh Dalum.

These three nightlife areas in Phi Phi Don host predominantly young and lively crowds, with most bars always open for a party. Although the music is put to a stop at 2 AM, partying and drinking go on for much longer.

Relaxing in Phi Phi

relax drink phi phi

The beach-side bars in Phi Phi Don are perfect if you like a slower, lazier atmosphere to pass the time. For a quiet and relaxed Phi Phi night, head to the Tonsai Village, where you can lounge in one of the many open roof-top bars.

Apache Beach Bar in the Loh Dalum Bay area is a quaint bamboo and wood complex of bars, where the drinking goes on till late. Here you can stretch out and watch fire shows and tricks. The Banana Rooftop Bar, another spot in the Village is a great place to sit back.

It is spacious and has an open rooftop. It is a favorite among travelers as it has thrilling views of the beach and the bay, fantastic sunsets, and cheap beer for about 90 Baht.

The Village is also home to the Rolling Stoned Bar, a preppy place with all kinds of live music.

It is popular among those who love quality cover bands! Jordan’s Irish pub is a frequent watering hose for ex-pats and European visitors. It ranks high among Phi Phi’s nightlife places for its chill, sports-pub vibe in a cozy air-conditioned enclosure.

Wild Party in Phi Phi

Phi Phi Buckets

The Bay area has some of the top clubs in Phi Phi for raves and dancing. Here, you’ll find Stockholm Syndrome, much-loved of the many Phi Phi nightclubs, with its beer pong matches, Lazer-equipped dance floors, and great DJs.

A standard at all of Phi Phis nightclubs is the ‘bucket mix’, which, quite literally is a bucket handed to you with a spirit, mixer, and energy drink. These are available for about 200 Baht and are sold everywhere in bars and in the streets. It’s a quick and easy way to get prepped up for a long night of revelry.

The Reggae Bar is one of the best bars and clubs in Phi Phi. It houses several bars in a large compound, surrounding a boxing ring for patrons to jump into.

There’s always loud music on, never ceasing till dawn! Carlito’s Bar and Nightclub in Tonsai East is another one of the best nightlife places on the island, with fire dances at the beach.

The Slinky Beach Bar in the Loh Dalum bay area is similar. It has proved to be a great nightclub in Phi Phi Don, complete with an open-air dance club, mechanical bull, and free cocktails.

Other honorable mentions are the Ibiza Bar and Do Jo’s bar. As is evident by now, Phi Phi offers the best budget beach nightlife in Thailand.

It has bars that cater to everyone’s preferred vibe and I personally found it one of the most enjoyable parts of my trip! I hope this nightlife guide to Phi Phi helped convince you to spend some more time on the island!

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