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Koh Phangan Nightlife & Party Guide for 2023

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan

Spending the night outdoors, whether under the tranquil dark sky or inside the most happening fantastic clubs, are the best memories that we have.

And I had such kind of experiences all through my journey of my life, where the most memorable moments are often those spent under the shimmering stars or amidst the vibrant pulse of a bustling club.

One such cherished memory that stands out is my time spent partying in Koh Phangan. Trust me, you get to experience outstanding nights there that etch themselves into your memory, creating stories you’ll recount with enthusiasm for years to come.

Koh Phangan, known for its legendary full moon parties, is a party goers paradise where the night comes alive in a whirlwind of music, dancing, and celebration.

The energy is infectious, the atmosphere electric, and the camaraderie among fellow revelers is truly special. It’s a place where time seems to stand still, and every moment is a snapshot of pure bliss.

Whether you’re dancing on the beach with the moonlight reflecting off the waves or immersing yourself in the vibrant club scene, Koh Phangan offers a nightlife experience like no other.

These unforgettable nights will undoubtedly be the ones you cherish and share with friends, creating lasting memories that define the essence of a truly remarkable journey.

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About Koh Phangan

Koh Phangan is the fifth-largest island of Thailand, located between Koh Tao and Koh Samui and about 70 km away from the country’s mainland.

It doesn’t have an airport facility. But we can rely on ferries from the country mainland. There are also ferries from Koh Samui (free Koh Samui Nightlife Guide).

While Koh Phangan is well known for its untouched beauty with white sandy beaches and is full of hilly tropical jungles, the island is famous for being a host for fabulous nightlife – where the best parties happen!

Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a partygoer, this island has something to offer.

The nightlife in Koh Phangan has claimed its fame with many clubs hosting a variety of parties, including the famous new moon parties, full moon parties, and half-moon parties, creating wonderful nights for music festival seekers.

These events add a unique dimension to the island’s vibrant culture.

While daytime experiences are undeniably stunning, they only paint half the picture of what nightlife in Koh Phangan contributes to its significant share of the island’s tourism industry. It’s a place where the party never seems to stop.

Koh Phangan is also known as one of the top destinations for single men to enjoy their time and socialize. Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or connection, Koh Phangan offers a diverse range of experiences that cater to all tastes and preferences.

Given its reputation as a diving hotspot as well, it’s a good idea to pack swimsuits and explore the vibrant underwater world. Koh Phangan is full of fun and adventure, both below and above the surface.

For the best travel experience, make sure to check my travel advice for the best time to visit Thailand. It’ll help you plan your trip to this beautiful island.

Koh Phangan Nightlife Areas

Koh Phangan’s nightlife scene is nothing short of legendary, drawing revelers from across the globe to its sandy shores!

Koh Phangan island’s southern coast

Haad Rin:

The island, renowned for its vibrant party atmosphere, is synonymous with the iconic Full Moon Party that takes place on Haad Rin Beach each month.

This legendary event transforms the beach into a colossal dance floor, where thousands of partygoers groove to electrifying beats beneath the moonlight.

But Koh Phangan’s nightlife isn’t limited to just the Full Moon Party. The island hosts an array of festivities throughout the month, including Half Moon Parties and Black Moon Parties, ensuring there’s always a reason to celebrate.

The famous Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan

West coast of Koh Phangan

Baan Tai & Tong Sala:

Away from Haad Rin, other areas like Thong Sala and Baan Tai offer a more laid-back but equally vibrant nightlife experience.

If Haad Rin Beach is the epicenter of the action, you will also find a great selection of bars, clubs, and beachfront venues that pulsate with music and energy in those two places.

You can sip on cocktails, dance in the sand, or simply relax in a beachside hammock while soaking up the party vibes.

Whether you’re into fire shows, UV paint parties, or simply mingling with fellow travelers, Koh Phangan’s nightlife area has it all, promising unforgettable nights in this tropical paradise.

North part of Koh Phangan

From Hin Kong to Haad Yao

The northern part of Koh Phangan offers a more tranquil and relaxed nightlife compared to the bustling southern beaches. In Hinkong, you’ll find charming beachfront bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a peaceful evening by the sea, often featuring live acoustic music and a serene atmosphere.

If you appreciate a 421-friendly atmosphere, consider a visit to the Haad Yao area, where you’ll find Rasta Home—an extraordinary establishment crafted entirely from wood and operated by a local family. Here, the vibrant rhythms of reggae music fill the air, creating an authentic experience. Plus, you can savor one of their homemade “mama” space cookies.

Rasta home, jam bar away from the full moon vibes
Rasta home, jam bar away from the full moon vibes. Photo credit: Lou Fortus

It’s worth noting that cannabis was legalized in Thailand in 2022 so you are not engaging in anything illegal there. We still recommend checking the current laws during your trip.

Where to Stay in Koh Phangan?

Koh Phangan truly offers a kaleidoscope of party hostels to cater to a diverse range of travelers. Whether you’re a budget-conscious backpacker or someone seeking a touch of luxury, you’ll find accommodation that suits your preferences.

These hostels are renowned for creating vibrant social atmospheres that never seem to sleep.

Picture yourself joining in on monthly moon parties beneath the starry skies or dancing the night away at lively pool parties. With free Wi-Fi, you can share every epic moment with your friends back home.

For those who enjoy staying active, there are swimming pools and fitness centers to help you keep in shape.

The evenings come alive with wild parties, incredible drink deals, and expertly crafted cocktails. Engage in entertaining drinking games, or simply chill out in designated areas.

When the night gets too hot, cool down in the refreshing pools or get creative with free body paints. The icing on the cake is the magnificent beach views that become even more vibrant and bustling after sunset.

Among the top-rated party hostels on the island are:

Phangan Arena Hostel

This hostel offers a unique blend of partying and relaxation, ensuring you can have a blast at the vibrant parties and still get a comfortable night’s sleep in their well-appointed dorms.

It’s the perfect choice for those who want to experience the best of both worlds, making the most of the lively atmosphere and then winding down for some rejuvenating rest.

Moon Paradise Bungalows

Nestled on Baan Tai Beach, these rustic bungalows provide an authentic island experience. The beachfront bar hosts regular parties, and you can enjoy live music and mesmerizing fire shows right on the soft sands.

Staying here allows you to immerse yourself in the island’s culture and party scene while still having the tranquil sea just steps away.

Slumber Party Hostel

For travelers seeking a harmonious blend of socializing and serene beachside moments, Slumber Party Hostel is an excellent choice.

This hostel offers a lively atmosphere, making it easy to meet fellow travelers, but also ensures you can unwind and enjoy peaceful moments by the ocean whenever you desire.

Cocohut Beach Resort & Spa

Located on Leela Beach near Haad Rin, this upscale resort strikes the perfect balance between tranquility and nightlife access.

You can relax in a beautiful setting during the day, enjoying the resort’s amenities and stunning surroundings.

Then, in the evening, venture into Haad Rin’s renowned party scene, which is just a stone’s throw away.

It’s an ideal option for those who want to experience the vibrant nightlife while also savoring the serenity of a beachfront getaway.

No matter your choice, Koh Phangan’s party hostels ensure an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re an adventure-seeking backpacker, a social traveler, or simply someone looking to soak up the island’s unique vibes, these hostels provide the perfect backdrop for creating lasting memories, experiencing the island’s vibrant culture, and forging new friendships that might just last a lifetime!

Koh Phangan Moon Parties

Celebrating phases of the Moon made Koh Phangan famous across the world, especially with the significant nightlife of Koh Phangan around its Full Moon Party.

I attended one of the Full Moon parties and it’s one of the best parties that must be bucket listed by any party seekers.

There are several stories heard around its celebration, among which the most commonly heard to me is that the full moon party was initiated in 1983 in Haad Rin which continued from then to celebrate the crazy night every month till today.

Many bars and clubs line up at the beach and in the jungles where you can get the buzz on with modern music beats of the house and other techno music by international DJs, while you keep dancing with your neon body paints sparkling in UV lights, drinking to your fullest.

Around 30,000 people or even more gather on sandy beaches and enjoy under the moon seeing it go from dusk till dawn!

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The Full Moon Party

The full moon party is located on Haad Rin beach and the entry fee is only 200 baht (around 6 USD). The best way to get here is by taxi since all the accommodation providers offer tickets and transportation to the Full Moon Festival.

Party revelers wearing colorful clothes and bands at the full moon party Koh Phangan
Photo source: Klook

Just to keep in mind most hotels and hostels are not selling only one-night accommodation during the festivals, most of them require a minimum 4 nights stay and the price is always much higher, sometimes even 3 times more expensive.

We also strongly recommend that you book your stay in advance if you intend to be there at full moon parties time, as hotels get full really quick in those period. And same with your ferry, if you are travelling in full moon parties days, it is definitely better to book in advance.

Not far from the festival is a 7-11 shop where you can buy cheap alcohol so if you are on a budget don’t buy from the beach.

For the full schedule of Full Moon Party 2020, click here.

The Half Moon Party

Located in the center of the island, is a better version of Full Moon Party if you can afford to pay 1500 baht for the entry.

Try to buy an early ticket, for example, if you buy 2 months before the event, you will get a 1+1 ticket offer.

The half moon party at night
Photo Credit: Full moon Asia website

Don’t buy at the door since it is more expensive, about 2000 baht. In my opinion, the Half Moon Festival is much better than the Full Moon Party. They are much more organized and have better amenities: proper toilets, security, and much better music.

Full Moon Party features commercial music while Half Moon Festival has 3 stages, each of them playing Psytrance, House, and Hip Hop.

Girls enjoying at half moon party Koh Phangan
Photo Credit: We love Phangan

The Jungle Experience

The Jungle Experience Koh Phangan
The Jungle Experience festival. Source:

Not far from where the Half Moon Party takes place, is located in the Baan Tai jungle and features a festival of sound and lights.

This festival, along with the Waterfall Party, is my favorites. The price of the ticket for the Jungle Experience is 600 baht.

If you like underground music then this is the perfect place you want to be: house & tech, ranging from deep house, tech house to progressive and sometimes a little bit of techno.

As the name says, this is not just a party but an experience, with different performers being invited here every month. More details about the Jungle Experience could be found here.

The Waterfall Party

Waterfall party Koh Phangan
Photo Credit: Robert Teroy

Located in the Ban Kai jungle, takes place twice a month, two days before and after Full Moon Party.

As the name suggests, this venue features a natural swimming pool and some of the best international DJs playing minimal, tech house, deep house, techno, and progressive until dawn.

The price of the ticket is 600 baht and includes a free drink. For more information about the Waterfall Party, click here.

The Black Moon Culture

Located on Baan Tai beach, takes place once a month, 2 weeks after Full Moon Party. The price at the door is 600 baht, but sometimes you will find it cheaper if you buy online.

The Black Moon Culture is more an experience than a drunkard’s party itself; people come here to enjoy the music more than getting super wasted, being the only festival which features psytrance (Psychedelic Goa Trance).

As dusk falls, it is famously known that the island is transformed from a picturesque shoreline to a network of bars and clubs hosting lively music festival performances by internationally acclaimed DJs.

So, having picturesque sandy beaches and hilly jungles full of bars and clubs, after every sunset, the island of Koh Phangan is transformed from a paradise beach destination to lively music festivals making a once in a lifetime experience.

The other parties in Koh Phangan

If full moon parties aren’t your thing, Koh Phangan still has a vibrant nightlife scene to explore.

From laid-back beachfront bars with live music to high-energy clubs, the island offers a diverse range of experiences for partygoers.

Enjoy cocktails by the infinity pool with stunning bay views or groove to progressive dance beats in the lush mountains—Koh Phangan has something for everyone.

Eden garden party in Koh Phangan: the legendary psychedelic party

The Eden Garden Party in Koh Phangan is an enchanting and immersive experience that combines music, art, and nature to create a unique festival atmosphere.

Held amidst the lush tropical paradise of Koh Phangan, this event offers a distinct departure from the island’s more famous full moon parties.

The Eden Garden Party takes place in a picturesque jungle setting, where towering palm trees and vibrant vegetation provide the backdrop for a celebration of creativity and community.

As you venture through the venue, you’ll encounter mesmerizing art installations, dazzling light displays, and a kaleidoscope of colors that transform the night into a surreal dreamscape.

One of the key highlights of the Eden Garden Party is its diverse lineup of electronic music acts, featuring both local and international DJs.

The music spans a wide spectrum, from deep house and techno to psychedelic trance, ensuring that there’s something for everyone on the dance floor.

Eden Garden party at Koh Phangan
Photo Credit: We Love Phangan

What sets this event apart is its commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness. The organizers prioritize eco-friendly practices, encouraging partygoers to respect the natural beauty of Koh Phangan and leave no trace behind.

Overall, the Eden Garden Party is an authentic and magical experience for those seeking a more intimate and ethereal atmosphere amidst the island’s party scene. It’s a celebration of music, art, and nature that leaves a lasting impression on all who attend.


You can primarily reach this destination by boat departing from Haad Rin beach or by taking a 4×4 taxi from Baan Thai. Riding a bike to this location is absolutely NOT recommended due to its rough dirt tracks, steep hills, and high level of danger.

Rasta home

Rasta Home Bar in Koh Phangan is a hidden gem tucked away in the vibrant and lush heart of this tropical paradise.

This charming and unique reggae bar exudes the essence of the island’s laid-back, reggae-infused culture. If you’re seeking an authentic and relaxed atmosphere to unwind and enjoy the local vibes, Rasta Home Bar is the place to be, especially on Friday night!

Situated on the idyllic shores of Koh Phangan, this cool venue offers stunning beachfront views that perfectly complement the chilled-out ambiance.

You can lounge on comfortable cushions right on the sand, sip on a refreshing cocktail, and soak in the mesmerizing sunsets that grace the horizon.

Quite vibes before the party hits Rasta Home Bar
Quite vibes before the party hits Rasta Home Bar. Photo credit: Matt Tweddle –

One of the standout features of Rasta Home Bar is its live reggae music, which creates an irresistible rhythm that encapsulates the spirit of the island.

The friendly and welcoming staff ensure that you feel like a part of the family, making it easy to strike up conversations with fellow travelers and locals alike.

While here, don’t miss the opportunity to try their homemade delights, including their famous “mama” homemade space cookies, which offer a unique and delightful experience.

It’s important to note that since cannabis was legalized in Thailand in 2022, you can enjoy these treats legally and safely.

Rasta Home Bar is more than just a bar; it’s a haven where you can connect with the island’s culture, unwind in a tranquil setting, and create lasting memories.

Whether you’re sharing stories with new friends, swaying to reggae beats, or simply enjoying the picturesque beachfront, Rasta Home Bar embodies the essence of Koh Phangan’s charm.

The party is on at Rasta Home, Koh Phangan
The party is on at Rasta Home! – Photo from Facebook

The Whynam experience

The Whynam parties in Koh Phangan are nothing short of legendary psychedelic events that encapsulate the vibrant spirit of this renowned party island.

Nestled on the captivating shores of Why Nam beach, these gatherings have become an integral part of the party scene on Koh Phangan.

What sets the Whynam parties apart is their commitment to delivering an unforgettable experience. The nights come alive with the pulsating rhythms of upbeat music, which reverberate through the palm trees and across the sand.

These parties epitomize the essence of what it means to party on Koh Phangan, where every moment is a celebration of life and a testament to the island’s free-spirited culture.

The Whynam parties attract a diverse and international crowd, creating an atmosphere of unity and connection as partygoers from all corners of the globe come together to revel in the magic of the moment.

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor to Koh Phangan, these legendary events are a must-experience, offering a glimpse into the soul of the island’s party scene.

There are bungalows available right on the spot, and we highly recommend staying overnight because Why Nam Beach boasts some of the most stunning sunrise views.

The most convenient way to reach this picturesque shore is by taking a speed boat from Haad Rin beach.

Bluerama: Infinity beach club

Bluerama in Koh Phangan is an emblem of unforgettable nights defined by the fusion of house and techno music, creating a unique and captivating music style.

This renowned event series consistently delivers electrifying experiences, drawing music aficionados from around the world.

One of the standout features of Bluerama is its roster of international resident DJs who command the stage, curating sets that transcend genres and create an atmosphere charged with boundless energy and euphoria.

This musical journey keeps the dance floor alive until the early hours.

Nestled in the heart of Koh Phangan’s vibrant party scene, Bluerama finds its home at an enchanting beach club, offering a stunning view of the bay. Here, you can revel in the posh atmosphere while lounging by the infinity pool, which overlooks the tranquil sea.

Sipping on expertly crafted cocktails, you’ll be transported to a world where the soft sands meet the rhythmic waves, making your night even more magical.

The infinity pool at Bluerama
Photo Credit: Karolina K – Tripadvisor

Bluerama has firmly established itself as a premier destination in Koh Phangan’s nightlife, attracting a diverse and passionate crowd seeking an extraordinary experience.

Whether you’re a devoted techno connoisseur or someone looking for a night of unparalleled elegance, attending a Bluerama event promises an unforgettable evening on this vibrant island.

Retro Mountain

The Retro Mountain Bar Club in Koh Phangan is a vibrant cornerstone of the island’s nightlife scene.

It caters to partygoers seeking an eclectic and exciting experience that sets it apart from the typical Koh Phangan nightlife venues.

What distinguishes Retro Mountain Bar Club is its commitment to offering a different music style, steering away from the mainstream and opting for an innovative approach.

Here, you’ll encounter progressive dance beats that take you on a musical journey, offering a refreshing departure from the usual tunes heard on the island.

Retro Mountain club vibes, photo from facebook

The atmosphere at Retro Mountain is dynamic and pulsating, attracting a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts who appreciate the unique blend of sounds.

This eclectic mix of partygoers contributes to the club’s vibrant and energetic ambiance, creating an unforgettable night out in Koh Phangan.

Nestled in the lush mountains of the island, on the way to the East coast, the club offers a serene escape from the beach parties while still providing a lively and upbeat environment.

It’s a fantastic destination for those looking to explore a different facet of Koh Phangan’s nightlife, where the focus is on innovative music styles and progressive dance beats that ignite the dance floor.

Important safety and well-being reminder

As you dive into the electrifying nightlife of Koh Phangan, it’s crucial to prioritize your safety and well-being. While the parties on the island are legendary and the atmosphere is incredibly festive, it’s essential to enjoy responsibly.

Avoid excessive alcohol consumption, as overindulgence can lead to unpredictable situations and potentially ruin your experience.

Furthermore, in the midst of the lively festivities, it’s easy to become distracted, so it’s important to be vigilant about your personal belongings.

Keep your valuables secure and be cautious when interacting with strangers. By staying mindful of these precautions, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while making the most of Koh Phangan’s vibrant nightlife.


In conclusion, Koh Phangan’s nightlife is a dynamic tapestry of experiences that captivate the hearts and souls of travelers from around the world. While the island may be renowned for its iconic Full Moon Parties, it’s crucial to recognize that its nightlife scene is so much more than a single event.

Koh Phangan’s nightlife is a reflection of its diversity, offering something for every type of party enthusiast. From tranquil beachfront bars with live acoustic music to high-energy clubs pulsating with progressive beats, the island caters to an eclectic range of tastes.

The charm of Koh Phangan nightlife lies not only in the music and dancing but also in the picturesque settings that serve as backdrops to these unforgettable nights.

Whether it’s an infinity pool overlooking the bay or the lush mountains providing an enchanting ambiance, the island’s natural beauty enhances every partygoer’s experience.

Ultimately, the nightlife in Koh Phangan embodies the island’s spirit of inclusivity and celebration, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking both vibrant energy and serene moments amidst the tropical paradise of Thailand.

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