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What Is a Bar Crawl and 6 Best Pub Crawls

what is a pub crawl

Pub crawls are one of the most fun activities to do during any trip. Regardless of where you are in the world, most cities will offer them.

Today we are going to discuss what is a bar crawl, its history, and how much you can expect to pay for a pub crawl. I’ll also share some bar crawl tips and my top choices for pub crawls around the world!

What is a Bar Crawl?

pub crawl koh tao thailand

Also known as a pub crawl or bar hopping, first originated in England, where small pubs and venues are within easy walking distance of each other.

The idea was for participants to go from one pub to the next, stopping for one drink at each. The name came about as by the end of the night, many participants were crawling instead of walking!

Structured routes are quite rare in pub crawls with friends and instead are usually a spontaneous night out.

Nowadays, many tourists hot spots and large cities offer structured pub crawl tours. There are also themed pub crawls around the world, such as the SantaCon pub crawl. This involves bar hopping in a full Santa Claus outfit!

Pub crawls enable solo travelers to meet new friends and visit new bars they may not have found otherwise.

It’s something you should try once on any trip and can be a good value option for a night of drinking.

During a crawl, you should receive free entry to various bars and clubs, and often you’re given free drinks and discounts.

Now that you’ve learned whats a bar crawl, let’s see how much it would cost you.

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How Much Does a Pub Crawl Cost?

Pub crawls will vary in price depending on what part of the world you are in. In Europe, you can expect to pay between 15 to 20 Euros for the night. In London, £20 would be a reasonable price to pay.

These prices translate to about the same around the world. Usually, this will include 3-5 locations and five drinks or shots for the price.

Pub Crawl Rules

The main aim of a pub crawl is to have fun! You will get to meet a great group of new people and see bars and pubs you wouldn’t have found yourself. Often you will be given a wristband or a t-shirt to wear to identify you throughout the night.

Sometimes the leader of the crawl will instigate a set of rules, adding more fun to the evening. These can involve drinking with a certain hand, punishments for swearing and card games. They make what could be a typical evening out into a night of mayhem!

If you are traveling and enjoy partying, consider finding a party hostel. These will have a lot more events, such as drinking games or contests.

The Best Pub Crawls in the World

Now that you’ve learned what is bar hopping, I’m sure you’re itching to experience one. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular ones in the world.

Many of these bar crawls start from party hostels, and are a great way to meet fellow travelers. If you are in any of these cities in the future, make sure you don’t miss them!

Koh Tao Pub Crawl

koh tao pub crawl

If you are spending some time on Koh Tao island in Thailand, and are looking for an escape from your diving course, check out the Koh Tao pub crawl.

Mixing travelers, ex-pats, and locals, this pub crawl gives you a great opportunity to meet new friends.

Starting at 6 pm in Sairee each night, it visits four bars and attracts up to 200 participants. It takes place four nights a week and tickets cost 480THB each. The price includes a free bucket, a t-shirt, and some shots.

The Dublin City Pub Crawl

The Dublin City Pub Crawl

The land of Guinness offers the perfect way to any night of its daily bar hopping. This bar crawl incorporates Irish music stops and is a great way to see the city. Priced at just 12.5 Euros, this pub crawl includes drink specials, VIP club entry, and expert guides.

Monopoly Board Pub Crawl

Monopoly Board Pub Crawl London

This is considered one of the largest bars crawls in the world and combines the game of Monopoly with drinking. Launched in 2007, this pub crawl posts updates on Facebook for their next dates.

The route travels from South to North London, and covers all 26 locations on the Monopoly board!

Bangkok Pub Crawl

Khao San Road Pub Crawl

Enjoy a night out in Bangkok! This bar crawl visits three different bars and one club, and you get a free shot in each venue. It’s a great chance to meet new people and play games in this incredible city. It runs every Friday & Saturday.

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Buenos Aires Pub Crawl

Buenos Aires Pub Crawl

This is one of the largest pubs crawls in the world, and has an international crowd. Lasting for five hours, you receive an entry to four pubs and a club. There is a local guide present to help you translate if you are struggling to order your drinks!

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Seminyak Party Pub Crawl Walking Tour

Seminyak Party Pub Crawl Walking Tour

If you are visiting Bali, don’t miss this pub crawl in Seminyak. Tour four popular bars and clubs in the area, and skip the line at each venue.

The tour lasts for five hours, costs about £25 and there is a photographer with the group all night. Click to find out more about the nightlife in Bali.

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The dates, times, and prices might have changed during COVID-19.

Top Tips for Pub Crawls

  • Get involved – take part in the games and have fun!
  • Budget for some extra drinks. While drinks are often included in the price, you may want more than the basic package allows.
  • Pace yourself – if you are a light drinker, pace yourself from the start of the event.
  • Take photos and meet new friends!
  • Don’t mix your drinks and have some water between venues.
  • Take advantage of the promotions offered to you for cheaper drink prices.
  • And most importantly, most of the time you don’t have to pay for a bar crawl! Just follow the group and buy your own drinks. The tickets are overpriced and you don’t get what you paid for. You won’t get a free t-shirt or a free shot but using the money you saved from the ticket will bring you more booze!

There you have my top tips and recommendations for bar crawls around the world. This will be one of the most fun activities you do on your next trip, so don’t miss out.