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7 Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet With Arch Support (2023)

A list of 7 best hiking shoes and boots for flat feet on the market, along with all the information you need before deciding to make the purchase!

Best Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet

When you think of climbing high altitudes with backpacks, all you need is great footwear that is comfortable and supports your flat feet.

You will be surprised to learn that most hiking shoes are tailor-made to specific needs like flat feet, arch support, and boots for wide feet 

We have tested and reviewed the 7 best hiking shoes for flat feet in 2023 from popular brands to help you make a smart decision.

But first, let’s see what are the best brands that produce flat feet hiking shoes and boots, the features you need to consider before buying your desirable shoes, the types of feet, the most common exercises to improve flat feet, and the most common questions answered!

Best for Men
Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe, Walnut, 7 M US
Best for Women
Merrell Women's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe, Smoke, 5 W US
Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe
Merrell Women's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Boot
100% Leather
100% Leather
Best for Men
Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe, Walnut, 7 M US
Merrell Men's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe
100% Leather
Best for Women
Merrell Women's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe, Smoke, 5 W US
Merrell Women's Moab 2 Vent Hiking Boot
100% Leather

What Are the Best Hiking Shoes for Men and Women With Flat Feet?

Merrell Mountaineering Footwear

Best sustainable suede hiking shoes

Men’s | Women’s

You can never go wrong with Merrell – the brand is true to its name. One of the top American outdoor range manufacturing companies that bring you premium quality footwear at reasonable prices.

Merrell hiking shoes are perfect for all kinds of adventure trips. They offer ankle-length boots for flat feet that are an absolute delight for any trekking event. 

The comfortable sole gives full support during difficult treks and you get additional hiking insoles to support your no-arch feet. Merrell arch support footwear takes pride in involving science behind its exclusive designs.

Our research indicates that a significant improvement in the latest version of the Moab shoe can be observed in the revamped insole. It now provides adequate support for the arch of your foot, while the molded heel cup securely holds it in position.

Additionally, the presence of extra padding in the heel results in a noteworthy degree of protection against the rough terrain and isolates it from the rest of the foot.

Let’s explore the features in detail of these excellent hiking shoes for fallen arches.  


  • 100% Performance suede leather and mesh top
  • Protective rubber toe cap
  • Vibram TC5+ sole
  • M Select Dry seals the moisture out 
  • Available in a wide and relaxed fit
  • Breathable mesh lining keeps the foot dry

What we like

EVA contoured footbed with added zonal arch

The closed-cell foam keeps the debris out

Varied color options

Highly durable and unmatched stability

Slip resistance and waterproof

Air cushions reduce stress on the foot

Sustainable material 

What we don’t like

× Not for long hikes

× Not true to fit

× Color may vary

Skechers Hiking Boots

Most comfortable hiking boots for flat feet

Skechers Men's Hiking Boot
Skechers Men's Relment-Pelmo Hiking Boot

Men’s | Women’s

The brand Skechers is known for making great footwear for different conditions and occasions. From outdoor activities like walking, running, and hiking to foot conditions like flat feet, wide feet and narrow feet with no arch are few to mention.

The boot’s aesthetic appeal is heightened by the inclusion of decorative stitching accents and embossed suede side detailing.

It features a lace-up front closure, complete with metal rings and top hooks as lacing hardware. The addition of tabs at the heel and top of the tongue makes it easy to put on and take off.

When you are looking at footwear that supports ankles, then boots are the ideal choice. Skechers boots offer waterproof, lightweight, and 100% arch support that fits your budget. Let’s take a closer look at the features of these hiking boots for flat feet from Skechers.


  • Pure leather and 100% synthetic fabric
  • Shaft measures ankle-high from arch
  • Wide and relaxed fit for extra room and comfort
  • Shock absorbing midsole
  • Memory foam with removable insoles to support flat foot
  • The boot opening measures approximately 9 inches around

What we like

Huge color choice

Massive price range

Wide and extra wide fit


Compatible with warm and dry conditions


Great ankle grip

Perfect for everyday wear

What we don’t like

× Poor laces

× Color may vary

× Suitable with thick socks

Columbia Shoes with Arch Support

Best hiking boots for flat feet

Columbia Men's Crestwood Hiking Shoe
Columbia Men's Crestwood Hiking Shoe

Men’s | Women’s

If you are looking for all-terrain hiking footwear that is perfect for all weather conditions then Columbia is your brand. You do not have to worry about added support for your flat foot condition.

These shoes are perfect for all-day comfort as they are available in a breathable material that is a combination of leather and mesh. 

You can now hike confidently without worrying about the pressure on your legs due to flat feet or pain in the back because of no support.

We determined through our tests that this lightweight hiking footwear is made from a combination of leather, suede, and mesh fabric, giving it a stylish look.

For the lining, it uses the Columbia Omni-Tech which is a multi-layered weather protection system that repels water and other elements from getting inside the shoe.

You get assurance of premium products, engineered with high-quality material that is functional and adds style to your hiking trips. Read the exclusive features that make Columbia stand out as the best flat-footed shoe for walking and light hiking.   


  • Available in a huge range of colors
  • 100% leather or 100% synthetic material 
  • Rubber sole 
  • Lightweight and perfect for long hikes
  • Reinforced toe and heel build
  • The shaft measures approximately low-top from arch

What we like

All-terrain traction 

Weatherproof and water-resistant

Breathable material 

Lightweight and comfortable cushions

Durable stitching for lasting use

Omni-grip for both indoor and outdoor use 

What we don’t like

× Reconsider sizing

× Toe box narrow

× Mixed quality

Salomon Flat Feet Shoes

Best trail runners for flat feet

Salomon Women's X Crest W Hiking
Salomon Women's X Crest W Hiking

Men’s | Women’s

When choosing comfortable hiking shoes for flat feet don’t miss this premium range. Salomon brings you the widest variety of outdoor shoes exclusively crafted for mountaineering, running, trekking, and other adventures. 

Hiking may come with loads of surprises like varied terrain conditions and harsh weather. Therefore, when you are seeking for best trail shoes for flat feet – Salomon is worth the investment.

Compared to the Ultra 3s, the X Crests weigh just over 28g (1 oz) less (although their weight is similar to that of the Ultra 4s), have a relatively flexible sole, and feature less assertive tread.

Yes! Shoes are an investment as they must last long and fit perfectly. Let’s explore the exclusive features of Salomon hiking footbeds. 


  • 100% synthetic material 
  • Rubber sole with mid-cushion arch support
  • The shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Gore-Tex waterproof technology
  • SensiFit foothold
  • Contagrip outsole
  • Trail protection – guards from debris, muds trails 

What we like

Anti-slip and shockproof

Great stability for all terrains

Waterproof and weather-resistant

True to fit and all-day wear

Lightweight and durable 

What we don’t like

× A bit pricey

× Narrow toe box

× Ideal with thick socks

Nortiv 8 Comfy Hiking Shoes

Good low-cost hiking boots

NORTIV 8 Men's Hiking Shoes
NORTIV 8 Men's Low Top Waterproof Hiking Shoes Outdoor Lightweight Trekking Trails

Men’s | Women’s

You can take care of your flat feet issue by using Nortiv 8 hiking boots for overpronation.

For novice hikers, these boots are an ideal choice since they offer additional cushioning and sturdy construction that can offer the necessary support for individuals whose feet and ankles may not be accustomed to withstanding the challenges of rugged outdoor landscapes.

Nortiv 8 is very well known for its great designs, durable material, and optimal cushioning that prevents you from any terrain shocks. 

It is one of the budget-friendly brands that offer the best hiking boots for flat feet and overpronation. Because when you are on high altitudes with ridge surfaces then you must wear slip-resistant durable footwear that gives you more than regular foot protection.

Let’s know about this budget-friendly hiking footwear through the features that make it an exceptional choice over other premium brands.       


  • Available in various colors
  • Durable MD midsole for shock absorption
  • Anti-collision and Slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • Shaft measures approximately 4 inches from arch
  • Norti-TEX waterproof coating
  • Heel measures 1 inch
  • Flexible structure for different terrains
  • Lightweight and comfortable 

What we like

Contrasting color combination 

Waterproof synthetic leather

Multi-directional Traction improves grip

Weatherproof and waterproof material

Padded collar and tongue

Ankle protection and slip-resistant 

Low price options

What we don’t like

× Not true to size

× Not breathable 

Timberland Hiking Boots

Best hiking boots for flat feet

Timberland Women’s Hiking Boot
Timberland Women’s Mt Maddsen Mid Leather Waterproof Hiking Boot

Men’s | Women’s

When you are hunting for the best hiking boots for flat feet & low volume then Timberland is one of the most suitable solutions.

Known for its supreme engineering and stylish designs – Timberland brings you the most durable, weather-resistant, and relaxing footbeds that perfectly cradle around your feet. 

Based on our firsthand experience, these boots can also be used as hiking shoes for plantar fasciitis if you have arch issues.

During the initial break-in period, the stiff structure around the ankle collar and fit made us feel that these boots provided slightly less-than-average comfort.

The materials used in the boots result in a firm exterior and, whether deliberate or not, offer exceptional ankle support.


  • 100% leather with rubber sole
  • EVA foam midsole for absolute comfort
  • Waterproof and perfect for Hardcore hikers
  • Gusseted tongue
  • Shaft measures approximately arch from ankle – 4inches
  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • ReBOLT fabric lining

What we like

Perfect dry feet

True to size

Suitable for everyday wear

Wide toe box

Suitable for hard hikers

What we don’t like

× Pricey

× Sole wears off

Adidas Hiking Shoes with Arch Support

Best hiking shoes with stiff soles

Adidas Men's Terrex Hiking Shoe
Adidas Men's Terrex Trailmaker Hiking Walking Shoe

Men’s | Women’s

Adidas the renowned name in footwear needs no introduction or details. But when you are looking for the best walking shoes for men with flat feet and thinking if you can find one in your favorite brand – Yes!

Adidas takes pride in offering an exclusive range that supports feet with a low arch or no arch. When you shop for outdoor adventure gear, it becomes important to consider your feet’ condition.

It’s worth mentioning that this model feels somewhat rigid right out of the packaging, and this stiffness tends to persist over time.

You can also get a wide female footwear range – check out the best hiking boots for flat feet women that are exclusively designed with a lightweight sole. Let’s know what Adidas is offering in its hiking boots for the flat feet range.


  • 100% synthetic fabric
  • EVA midsole for cushioning 
  • Rubber outsoles for extra grip
  • TPU toe cap for protection from collisions

What we like

Breathable and lightweight

Lace closure helps in strong support

Extra insoles support the arch

Abrasion-resistant mesh

Torsion bar for better stability

Padded tongue and collar

What we don’t like

× Not true to size

× Rough internal seams 

What are the Best Brands that Produce Hiking Shoes for Flat Feet?

best hiking shoes flat feet brands
Courtesy of Ben @ Flickr

There are several brands that produce hiking boots for flat feet, and some of the best are Timberland, Merrell, Columbia, Adidas, Hoka, Nortiv 8, Salomon, and Skechers.

However, when you are seeking footwear with arch support for hiking it is important to consider the features every brand offers with the pros and cons to make an informed shopping decision.

What to Look for When Buying Hiking Boots for Flat Feet?

flat feet hiking boots
Courtesy of Tim Foster @ Unsplash

You enjoy trekking and other outdoor activities but with flat feet condition, it is crucial to wear extremely comfortable footwear.

You can either go for additional insoles that affix to the existing hiking shoes but, when you are an avid hiker, it is important to own the best hiking boots for flat feet. Consider the following features for great hiking shoes.

1. Material

The material of your shoe is a very important factor that decides comfort and durability. Leather, suede, synthetic, and mesh are some of the materials that make great mountaineering footwear.

Ensure that the quality of the desired material is in the premium range. Never settle for inferior quality material. The internal padding, outer fabric, and laces – all decide the lifespan of your hiking wear.

2. Fit and Comfort

merrell moab 2 vent hiking shoe
Merrell Moab 2 Vent

When you have flat feet it is vital to get the perfect-fit shoes. Hiking is an activity that calls for long walks on different terrains and under harsh weather conditions.

Therefore, it is important to wear extremely comfortable fit shoes.

Remember that a loose-fit shoe will cause friction and a tight-fit shoe will make it impossible to walk.

So, when you are hunting for the best hiking shoe brands, make sure you also check for the right fit.

Thus, go for lightweight hiking shoes that are durable and cradle your feet.

3. Weather-resistant and Breathability

Timberland Mt Maddsen
Timberland Mt Maddsen

Is your hiking shoe waterproof or not? Well, when you are outdoors then it is essential to consider this factor too.

Rain or shine – weather-resistant and breathability are two major features of any hiking shoe.

Several brands offer 100% waterproof hiking shoes, and some come with the feature of breathability mesh for longer wearability without the stench.

4. Traction and Support

A sturdy design that offers flexibility and grip is all your need during your adventure outdoors. The traction of the shoes defines its high density to extreme terrains and the sole quality helps in supporting your feet.

Do not compromise on the extra support at the arch area especially if you are shopping for flat feet boots and shoes.

Types of Feet

Your walking style decides the type of feet. Walking style = Gait. There are primarily three types of feet: Efficient foot, Overpronating foot, and Supinating foot.

  • Efficient foot: The normal feet that come with great balanced heel strike and slight pronation (rolling inwards) to get the perfect gait. The foot toes are even and hold proper weight distribution.
  • Overpronating foot: When you experience uneven distribution of body weight the gait alters. The foot moves inwards creating excessive pronation. This gait results in putting pressure on the knees, hips, lower back, and plantar region. A lower back brace or knee support brace may come in hand. Choose a knee support brace and be careful while hiking.
  • Supinating foot: When you experience outward pressure on the foot and create an uneven distribution of weight. The heel strikes the ground and edges outside. This gait puts high pressure on the pinky toe.

What Are the Best Physical Exercises to Improve Hiking With Flat Feet?

1. Scrunching a towel

One of the most demanding exercises that strengthen the small muscles of the feet. Scrunching a towel helps the toes exercise. Here is how to do it correctly:

  1. Lay a medium size towel on the floor and sit comfortably on a chair with no footwear.
  2. Put the ball of your foot on the towel and grasp it. Try and bring the towel towards you.
  3. Continue this until the towel turns into a ball under your feet. Perform this exercise thrice and day with both feet and get maximum results.

2. Stairlifts

To give strength to flat feet try stairlifts. You can also try this on thick and stable boards. Here is the proper way for doing it:

  1. Place the balls of your foot on the step or board and leave the rest of the part suspended from the side.
  2. Raise your heels slowly and put pressure on your heels. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and repeat.
  3. Repeat this exercise at least thrice a day in sets of ten. You can challenge yourself by increasing the 30 seconds to a minute.

3. Draw in the Sand

An exercise that is a combination of fun to strengthen the arch muscles of your foot. The simple approach is using toes as a writing tool and drawing or writing on sand.

You can do this on a beach or just get some play sand and try this in your backyard. This is great exercise for the ankles and feet.

Soothe your aching feet by massaging them regularly with any oil or emollient. The gentle strokes and pressure help the blood to circulate and improve the strength of the feet.

Our Verdict

Merrell Moab 2 Vent
  • Pigskin leather and mesh upper
  • Traditional lace closure
  • Bellows tongue keeps out debris
  • Protective toe cap
  • Breathable mesh lining

Men’s | Women’s

Flat Feet Hiking Shoes FAQs

Let’s take a look over the most common questions about hiking shoes and boots for flat feet.

What hiking shoes are best for flat feet?

Shoes that are extremely lightweight, breathable, and give full arch support are the best for flat feet. You must also, ensure that the toe box is comfortable i.e., not too narrow and not too wide – just perfect for your feet. Get the cushioned collar and padded tongue shoes to support the ankle and reduce pressure on flat feet.  

Can flat-footed people hike?

Yes! Flat-footed people can hike with proper footwear and other hiking equipment. Several brands address these conditions and craft an exclusive shoe range that comes with additional cushioning and arch support for a perfect hiking experience.

Should hiking shoes be flat?

No. Hiking shoes must have good arch support whether it is for someone who is flat-footed or not. The terrains for hiking may have uneven surfaces and it is important that the hiking shoes are flexible and comes with great outer soles.  

What shoes work for flat feet?

Shoes that have maximum arch support with cushioned midsoles are perfect for flat feet. Always wear and then walk a few yards before deciding to buy any footwear. Never depend on online random shopping unless you are sure about the right type and brand. 

What does overpronation mean in shoes?

Overpronation means when your foot rolls inwards in gait. Gait is the style of walking that depends upon foot pressure and leg movements. When the outer edge of your heels hit the ground first while walking it is a sign of overpronation. 

Do flat feet make it harder to walk?

Flat feet do not make it harder to walk however, if you do not take proper care by supporting them with the right shoes and insoles then it starts affecting the legs and lower back.

How can I stand longer with flat feet?

You can stand longer with flat feet by supporting your foot with extra arch insoles. Try exercising every day and strengthening the muscles of the foot to get the natural capacity for prolonged walking and standing activities. 

Is ankle support necessary for hiking?

Yes! Ankle supports are essential for hiking. This is the reason that ankle and calf-length boots are a more popular choice for hiking than regular shoes. Boots help in providing better grip, stability, and support in injuries during mountaineering. 

Can hiking shoes be used for walking?

Yes! Hiking shoes are great for walking and everyday activities. Shoes that are compatible with mud, water, soil, and rock are great companions for your city activities also. 

How do you rebuild a flat foot arch?

You can rebuild a flat foot arch by regularly exercising that targets the foot region. You can do basic stairlifts, scrunching of towels, and use tennis balls to help create the arch on your flat foot.

What are the disadvantages of flat feet?

The disadvantages of flat feet are – sore feet, aches, and pain in the ankle area and plantar fascia that also, damages other parts of the leg.

How can I improve the arch in my foot?

You can improve the arch in the foot by doing basic exercises, walking barefoot on grass and sand, using ballerina workouts, and doing Achilles tendon exercises.

Can wearing heels fix flat feet?

No. Wearing heels is not the solution to fixing flat feet. However, if you intend to wear heels with flat feet use the right arch insoles for support.

Is memory foam good for your feet?

Yes! Memory foam is a great choice for any foot condition. It treats aches and pain and also, supports flat feet conditions.

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