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10 Best Inflatable Tents for Camping and Outdoor

Get ready for your next camping adventure and check our picks for the best inflatable tents!

best inflatable tent for camping

Destressing – unwinding – exploring nature and reconnecting with your inner self! Well, these words sound very relaxing and rekindle a great holiday plan. When you work for 8-12 hours then seeking a good work-life balance becomes a struggle.

How about a getaway in the woods or to the mountains with camping and some smoked marshmallows with hot chocolate? If you are game for it then let’s start hunting for some of the best inflatable tents for camping. 

When traveling you need lightweight, sturdy, and easy-to-install camping tents. You can now check out some of the finest blow-up tents for camping to improve your outdoor experience.

Gone are the days when you struggled with the heavy aluminum tent poles that do not assemble properly if you are a first-time camper. You do not want to spend all your time trying to get the grommets at the bottom and still end up in a wonky tent. 

So let’s dive into the top 10 air tents for camping, what to look for when buying an inflatable tent and the 9 most frequently asked questions answered!

Best Inflatable Tents for Camping

Vango air tent

Eco-friendly option for families and large camping groups

Vango is for true nature lovers who enjoy camping and prefer eco-friendly materials for camping gear and equipment.

After successfully releasing the Vango Earth collection in 2021, Vango brings you another fabulously recycled material air beam tent that transforms plastic into robust 70 diener fabric. 

The spacious Vango shelters are for a large group of glampers and require 261 plastic bottles to build one tent that offers huge lounge space and three double bedroom areas. 


  • Sentinel Eco fabric 
  • Air beam poles make it a sturdy and fast pitching tent
  • Nightfall feature reduces the light penetration
  • Sewn-in groundsheet and fully taped seams
  • Diamond clear windows and mesh doors
  • Weight: 15.3kgs

What we like

Includes tension band system for additional security in bad weather

Flexi doorstep for easy access

Lantern hanging points and electric hook-up cables

Easy and quick inflation system for construction

Portable size after packing (fits car boots and roof box)

What we don’t like

x Only blue – no color options

x Heavy

Heimplanet Original

Dome tent – Perfect for road trips

HEIMPLANET Original | Backdoor - 3 Season | 4 Person Dome Tent | Inflatable Pop Up Tent - Set Up in Seconds | Waterproof Outdoor Camping

You can get the cute dome-shaped inflatable tent for camping that comes with many exclusive features. Heimplanet is a German manufacturing company known for its sustainable outdoor and sports range.

Enjoy cozy camping in the dome tent that resembles a futuristic shape in a geodesic design. It is a completely waterproof tent with five vents for continuous airflow.

This small range tent has several features and the top ones are its portability and lightweight. It is suitable for single or couple use. Just bring a good inflatable mattress and you and your partner will have everything set up in a matter of seconds.


  • Single set up system for installation
  • One pump to inflate the entire tent
  • Portable and stable in high wind and rain 
  • Double layer air struts make it breathable 
  • Weight: 5.5kgs

What we like

Futuristic design 



Great ventilation

Includes repair kit

Comes with gear loft

What we don’t like

x Expensive for small range tent

x Pump and valves missing (sold separately)

Crua Outdoors Culla Inner Tents

Best insulation inner tent

Crua Outdoors Culla
Crua Outdoors Culla Maxx 3 Person Temperature Regulating Inner Cocoon Temperature, Noise, & Light insulated Tent - Can Be Used In Many Tents Has Air Frame Beams and only 60 Second Set Up.

Weather is a crucial consideration when selecting the right air tent – Crua Culla is one of the best inflatable tents for camping.

You must know that this is not an independent camp but an inner cocoon to keep you safe in frost conditions. The air beam frame can inflate in 60 seconds and makes the entire installation super easy.

The modular technology makes it very simple to use so, it is perfect for first-time campers. It can completely transform your outdoor activity into a luxurious glamping experience. 


  • Temperature resistant with light insulation
  • Airframe for quick and easy formation
  • Comfortable and fits all Crua outdoor tents
  • Suitable for smaller groups of campers
  • Jumbo zip for easy access
  • Weight: 6.8kgs

What we like

Lightweight and easy to carry

A neutral color – grey and orange

Breathable material 

Comes with B3 Bug mesh

What we don’t like

x Not waterproof (since its inner lining)

x Expensive for the inner tent range

Coleman extra-large cabin

Ideal for a Family of 4

Coleman tent Meadowood Air
Coleman tent Meadowood Air, tent persons, large family tent with extra large dark sleeping compartments and vestibule, quick to set up, waterproof WS 4,000 mm

Coleman is one of the best camping gear manufacturers offering inflatable camping tents with a robust structure, lightweight fabric, and blackout material that is perfect for your late morning sleep.

The US tent makers take pride in pioneering this innovation of using special blackout fabric for the bedrooms. The new freestanding design series is suitable for groups of 4/6/8 campers as it offers decent size living space with an enclosed vestibule area for loungers. 


  • Inflatable TPU Poles with pump
  • Storm straps and steel pegs for weather tolerance
  • Rectangular shape, Green and ideal for summer trips
  • Fabric – Polyethylene with UV guard 50+
  • Weight: 30.5kgs

What we like

Ideal for families with children and elderly

Easy to pack and unpack

Installation is simple and quick

Full head height

High-quality fabric 

Includes carry bag, guy ropes, and tent pegs

What we don’t like

x The middle zipper makes the space smaller

x Bulky for an inflatable tent

JYNselling Transparent Inflatable Bubble Camping Tent

Enjoy stargazing!

JYNselling Transparent Inflatable Bubble Camping Tent
JYNselling 3/4/5/6/8m Transparent Inflatable Bubble Camping Tent Single Tunnel with Blower and Air Pump (5m)

The exceptionally delicate and gorgeous looking camping solution is the transparent igloo tent. Made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material – it’s waterproof and suitable for festive events.

The inflatable bubble is a completely quirky-looking camping item. The igloo is massive that connects to a tunnel for easy access.

The material is high density and ideal for moderate to colder temperature weather conditions. Avoid using during summer and very warm conditions.


  • Material is a balloon-like high-density plastic
  • Massive in size can accommodate 4-6 campers
  • Comes with pump and valves
  • Lightweight and easy to inflate

What we like

Perfect for festive events and a 360-degree view

Waterproof and bug proof

Available in custom sizes and colors

What we don’t like

x Requires a powerful pump

x Not suitable for hot weather may explode

x Very Expensive 

Kelty Airlift Tent

Quickest installation

If you are seeking easy to install, single-door, and not-too-tall camping option then a Kelty Airlift inflatable tent is a perfect choice.

A simple square shape cabin in neutral colors makes it an ideal choice for hiking trips. The airlift uses pressurized air tubes to get the tent structure instead of poles.

It is great for families with children. The inflatable poles are very sturdy and far from breakage, making them safe for assembly.


  • Noiseless zipper and taped seams
  • Offers a large vestibule to accommodate two big camp chairs
  • Lanterns Loops available
  • 210 denier fabric makes it impossible to damage
  • Weight: 10.05kgs

What we like

100% weatherproof

Suitable for different weather conditions

Poles are robust

Comfortable all-in-one setup

What we don’t like

x Low wind tolerance

x Tangles during pitching and packing

Outwell Cedarville Air tent

Perfect hybrid tent for 3 campers

Introducing to you another great outdoors and sports range maker – Outwell Air Cedarville tent. A comfortable camping cabin with a three-room tunnel and spacious area for five sleeping bags.

You have the choice of using it as a large couple bedroom with an extra living area. It comes with an additional eye-brow design canopy that uses a single Duratec fiberglass pole to provide shelter during wet weather.


  • Hybrid of fiberglass pole and air beam technology
  • Massive headroom and internal space
  • Vertical front wall for separation of living area
  • Big dark tent technology for bedrooms that stops light penetration
  • Double zip for full access with mesh for bug protection 
  • Large, tinted windows that fold up as curtains
  • Weights: 15.2 kgs 

What we like

Easy to install and pack 

Carry bag included

100% weatherproof

Aesthetically appealing 

What we don’t like

x Expensive

x Heavy in comparison to other tents

Crua Outdoors

All-in-One Tent Set for 1 camper

Crua Outdoors - Red Modus All-in-One Tent Set
Crua Outdoors - Red Modus All-in-One Tent Set for 1 Person with Air Poles for a Quick & Easy Set-Up

If you are seeking a one-person hassle-free tent for your backpacking adventure then Crua Outdoors offers an all-in-one set that is ideal for a single camper.

The entire kit includes a complete camping solution – a sleeping bag, air mattress, rainfly, bug mesh, blanket, and a hammock for lounging. 


  • Rigged structure with sturdy air beams
  • Modus flysheet that extends into a lounge area
  • Quick and easy step-up
  • Comfortable air mattress and cozy blanket
  • Weight: 4.3 kgs

What we like

Ideal all-in-one camping equipment

100% weatherproof 

A connectable system that affixes to other tents for extension

What we don’t like

x Not enough room for two people


Comfortable tunnel tent

HEIMPLANET Original Tunnel Tent
HEIMPLANET Original | Nias Classic Tunnel Tent | Inflatable Tent - Set Up in Seconds | Waterproof Outdoor Camping - 5000Mm Water Column

An underrated classic tunnel tent that is just perfect for large groups of campers. It can accommodate 4-6 campers and is very comfortable.

The latest airframe technology makes it a sturdy structure that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

The elongated shape looks unique as it does not cover a large spherical ground area. It is durable and portable for large holidays and bigger camping groups.


  • Geodesic frame structure makes it robust
  • Two removable cabins for individual privacy 
  • Air chambers for construction with single valve inflation
  • Weight: 6 kgs

What we like

Airframe offers multiple safety chambers for weather tolerance

Individual storage compartments 

The sides of the tent can roll up for a panoramic view

The cleverer design makes it exceptionally spacious

What we don’t like

x Not bug and insect-proof

x Expensive

Portal Outdoor Alfa

Comfortable for 3-5 campers

Portal Outdoor Tents Inflatable Air
Portal Outdoor Tents Inflatable Air

The Alfa air tents are the replacement for bulky fiberglass camping solutions. When you struggle to assemble the complicated poles and pegs then the best alternative is self-inflating tents.

You can enjoy outdoor activities and feel safe inside the waterproof, durable, and spacious shelter. The Portal Alfa tents are not suitable for tall campers as it does not allow substantial headroom.

You can use these air cabins for sleeping, staying safe from harsh weather, and storage.


  • 100% Polyester with seams taped
  • Self-inflatable with no hassle for installation
  • Porch and cabin style design
  • Lush panoramic view with cross ventilation
  • Weight: 12kgs

What we like

Inflates in seconds – pole less

Separate bedrooms and living area for complete privacy

Roll up massive windows for the perfect view

Includes carry case, ground pegs, and air pump

What we don’t like

x Not suitable for harsh weather

x No accessories

Things to think about when buying a camping air tent

inflatable tent camping festival
Photo credit -ted @ flickr

The structure and design of the air tents are similar to the pole or pop-up versions. However, the panels are hollow and use air pressure during installation and get the shape.

You will require a powerful pump and suitable valve to inflate the air beams that will give a sturdy form to the cabin. 

Look for the features the brand offers like the dimension of the tent, its weight, weatherproof, portability, and durability:

  • Inflation points – Single inflation points or multi-inflation points. It is an important consideration as both features have unique functionalities and installation processes.
  • Pumps and valves – Ensure that the product comes with the pump and valves so, you do not spend extra on the same (most of the tents are coming without a pump). Check for the location of the valve, if it is too close to the ground it will trap dirt.
  • Additional accessories – Be sure that you get a rainfly, sewn-in groundsheet, carry bag for easy storage, and poles for easy construction.
  • Color and size – Check with the company if they offer only one size or the product is available in different sizes – 2/4/6/8 camper capacity.
  • Warranty and repair kit – Almost all the branded air tents come with a manufacturer’s warranty and repair kit for small fixes.

Inflatable Camping Tents Verdict

Your camping tool and equipment shopping are incomplete without the accessories and additional gears like bedrolls, camp cook range, blankets, the right outfit, hats, and lanterns.

Each tent is unique and holds certain features that make it the best in that category. 

  1. Vango air tentBest Eco-friendly camping tent
  2. Heimplanet originalBest dome tent for road trips
  3. Portal Outdoor Tents Inflatable Air Best budget-friendly tent
  4. Crua Outdoors Culla Inner Tents Best insulated tent
  5. Coleman extra-large cabinBest Family air beam camp
  6. JYNselling Transparent Inflatable Bubble Camping TentBest panoramic view tent
  7. Kelty Airlift TentBest for pitching and packing the tent
  8. Outwell Cedarville Air tentBest weatherproof camping tent
  9. Crua Outdoors Best All-in-One Tent Set for a single camper
  10. HEIMPLANET OriginalBest spacious and comfortable tunnel tent

Inflatable tent vs Poles tent

Making the right decision for outdoor equipment shopping is challenging. However, you can combat this by knowing more about the different options available with their pros and cons to make an informed decision. Let’s discuss the two highly popular camping solutions – Inflatable and Poles tents.

Start by asking yourself a few simple questions – what type of camping it is, what is the geographical location and weather conditions, how many campers will use the tent, and what is your budget for shopping?

Once you get the answers to all the questions then it will give you a better picture of tent shopping. 

Poles tent

Pole tents are one of the oldest and most conventional choices for many campers. But it comes with many challenges – installation is tricky for first-time users and it easily breaks in harsh weather conditions.


Easy to pack and carry

Fits in all car boots and storage box

Various sizes available



x Installation is a hassle

x Weather tolerance is low

x Single camper setup is difficult  

Inflatable tent

The trending camping option comes with multiple features like lightweight, sturdy structure, hassle-free installation, and much more. You don’t require any special know-how to build an air tent. 


Easy and quick pitching and packing

High weather tolerance

Latest technology 

One camper can set up the entire tent


x Expensive 

x Need a pump to inflate the tent

Inflatable Tents FAQs

What is the advantage of an air tent?

The advantage of an air tent is the ease of setting up. You only require a powerful pump to inflate the entire tent and this is possible with no prior experience in tent installation. 

Do air tents work?

Yes, air tents work! They are simple and hassle-free. All the blow-up camping gear work on the same system of air pressure to form a rigid structure. 

Are inflatable tents waterproof?

Yes, inflatable tents are waterproof. And some brands also offer sewn-in groundsheets for comfortable flooring while camping.

Are air tents any good in the wind?

Yes, air tents are great in windy conditions. The air pressure structure gives a robust and durable structure to support harsh climate conditions. 

What is an air pole?

An air pole is a structural beam that supports the construction of air tents. These resemble the aluminum poles that are present in pole camping solutions.

Can tents withstand rain?

Yes, most of the tents can withstand the rain and harsh weather conditions. Always consider checking the features of the outdoor camping equipment to ensure this.

Can air tents burst?

No, air tents cannot easily burst unless and until the damage is with an intention. When the tubes puncture it also doesn’t break the entire cabin.

What are inflatable tents made of?

The expandable tents are available in polyester, polycotton, or coated polyester fabric. You can even get sustainable tents that use single-use plastic bottles to make eco-friendly camping shelters. 

Can you lose oxygen in a tent?

Yes, you can lose oxygen in a tent if you open the tent. You can also observe the escape of oxygen if there is a leak in the tent. You can reduce this by tucking the camping sheets under the mattress and by using a side zipper for reaching anyone.


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