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All about Ping Pong shows in Thailand – Top tips and where to go

thai ping pong show in thailand

If you’re traveling anywhere in Thailand you won’t be able to miss the signs and adverts for Thai ping pong shows.

I know for me it was one of the most unique and memorable nights of my trip to Thailand.

Today I’m going to share my first hand experience of what to expect in a ping pong show, where to best see it across Thailand and some tips for enjoying one.

A word of caution: a ping pong show is strictly for adults so please use your judgement in reading the article below as it contains sexual references.

What is a Ping Pong Show in Thailand?

patong strip bar
Ladyboy performing sex show in Thailand. Source:

A ping pong show is an adult stage entertainment that usually takes place in a strip club or a spring pong bar where women performers use their pelvic muscles to perform tricks and blow objects from their vaginas.

Ping-pong balls are the most common item used. However, over the years, performers have experimented with a wide variety of items.

Ping pong shows have been popular in Thailand and especially Bangkok for decades. Naturally, these are quite controversial shows, with concerns about human rights and sex tourism (sex trade) often discussed.

In Thailand, these shows became popular in the mid-70s when a ping pong show appeared in the film Emanuelle in Bangkok. The shows are actually prohibited by Thai law under obscenity legislation.

However, the popularity of these performances with tourists means they can still be found throughout the country.

Now that you know what a ping pong show is, let’s get to what you can expect when you go to see one.

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What Can You Expect to See in a Ping Pong Show?

ping pong show menu
Ping Pong Show Menu. Source:

Since this is a sex show, you can expect to see a very graphic display during your visit, with girls showing pussy being only the warmup.

Usually, each show will feature a few different women, and the variety of the acts depends on the venue.

Some of the most common stunts in ping pong shows include:

  • Razors – once inserted the woman will try to cut the string with the razor inside them
  • Darts – a woman aims and shoots darts from her vagina at balloons
  • Ribbons – Similar to a magician, the lady will perform magic tricks with ribbons. But instead of using hands, the ribbons will go in and out of the mouth and vagina.
  • Candles – these are blown out with just the force of the vagina!

It is not uncommon to see Ladyboys performing in Ping Pong shows.

Ping Pong Show Price

ping pong show menu
ping pong show menu. Source:

I’ll share some of my top tips for ping pong shows shortly, however, the most important thing about ping pong shows in Thailand is to ensure you aren’t scammed.

You’ll find two kinds of entry prices for Ping Pong shows across Thailand:

  1. You’d be required to pay an entry fee of 500 Baht to 800 Baht, or
  2. A free entry but you’d be required to buy at least one drink inside

You will be charged higher prices in Bangkok, and most venues will also make you purchase at least one drink.

Drinks are a little more expensive than in other venues in Thailand. During my most recent visit to Bangkok, I paid 500 Baht for entry and then drinks on top of that. It’s also customary to tip staff and waitresses at these venues.

My Top Tips for Visiting a Thai Ping Pong Bar

There are lots of stories about tourist robberies at ping pong shows in Thailand, so keep your wits about yourself.

I had a good experience visiting one in Bangkok, but I’d recommend following these top tips:

  • Don’t visit alone – the larger your group, the better.
  • When entering a venue, ensure you decide on a set price with the hostess first. Be careful of ticket touts in the streets and getting scammed.
  • When purchasing a ticket through a tout, clarify what your ticket entitles you to.
  • Be very careful when checking your bill and making purchases. It’s not uncommon for tourists to receive huge bills. Pay for your drinks as you go instead of opening a tab.
  • Don’t take valuables with you and keep money and phones close to you. Don’t ever leave your bag unattended when you go to the toilet or bar.
  • Take a photo of the menu before ordering a drink. I heard stories, where some of the ping pong show venues in Thailand have two different menus with different prices where they can overcharge your bill and bring as proof the second menu with bigger prices.

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Ping Pong Show Bangkok

Patpong, Silom, Bangkok
Patpong, Bangkok. Source:

Bangkok is the best place to catch a show, although you can expect to pay a little more here. Find out when is the best time to visit Bangkok.

My first experience was at a ping pong show in Bangkok, this is the city where you will find most of the venues.

There are many shady and dodgy ping pong show venues in Bangkok, but I recommend you go to the most touristy places there are fewer chances of you being scammed.

  • Soi Cowboy, Sukhumvit Road – As I previously said, my first experience of a ping pong show in Thailand was on Soi Cowboy where you will find the most popular venue in the city. The entry to the club is actually free, but the drinks are very expensive to make up for it. The girls usually start with a lap and pole dance show, then move on to the main event.
  • Patpong Night Market, Silom – This area has so many options for ping pong shows and is a lively area to stroll at night. Be careful with the doormen and staff here who will try and rip you off with high entrance fees or drinks prices.
  • Khao San Road – the main area for backpackers in Bangkok offers many nightclubs with ping-pong shows. Here you are often not charged an entrance fee, but drinks can be extortionate.

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Ping Pong Show Phuket

Bangla Road Phuket Thailand

Heading to Phuket, there are many more bars to catch a show at. The best party area in Phuket is Bangla Road located near Patong Beach, one of the most lively beaches in Phuket. Here you will find many ladyboys, Thai prostitutes, and drug issues.

You will easily find sex workers and performers on Bangla Road, Patong within minutes of walking. It is advertised in front of the clubs. Expect to pay high prices here for drinks as a tourist.

One popular venue for ping pong shows in Phuket is the Wake-Up Club Phuket (temporary close in 2023) which offers a daily show for an 800 Baht entry fee.

If you wondering where to stay in Phuket, try some party hostels, like Slumber Party Hostel and Bodega Hostels – they are my favorite.

If you fancy beach resorts, then check my article where I selected the best beach resorts in Phuket.

Ping Pong Show Pattaya

ping pong show pattaya

Pattaya certainly has a reputation for sex tourism and Thai strippers. The main nightlife area in Pattaya is Walking Street, but you may also want to check out the Pattaya Soi 6 area.

Within seconds of entering Walking Street, you will be called to visit a ping pong show. You’ll have no issue finding a ping pong show in Walking Street, Pattaya, as it is advertised everywhere. Remember, always ask for the entry and drinks menu before ordering.

Ping Pong shows in Thailand are certainly a unique and interesting experience to have as a traveler. Of course, I suggest doing your research about these shows before visiting and making a decision for yourself.

Make sure you follow my top tips, so you aren’t scammed or robbed at these venues, and be careful with how much you drink. Wherever you decide to visit, I assure you that you will be baffled and amazed by the acts at these shows!

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