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Phuket Nightlife – Best Places to Drink and Party in 2023

Nightlife Phuket Party

Phuket is an essential stop in every Thailand holiday – and if you’re like me, you’ll want to check the nightlife in Phuket and where to go at night.

I roamed around while I was there and now, I’ve put together my notes for the best Phuket nightlife places to drink and party.

Most of Phuket’s best nightlife places are on the beaches, the exception being Bangla Road, streets that start right off the beach.

It might sound strange, but Phuket is perfect for party animals, families, and honeymooners at the same time. It just depends on where you stay in Phuket.

I’ve arranged the best of Phuket’s nightlife in decreasing order of how much time to spend, and so, without further ado, here’s my nightlife guide to Phuket, Thailand.

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Bangla Road Patong

Bangla Road Patong Phuket

There’s much to do on this stretch in Phuket. Located in the Patong beach area, this road  (very similar to Khao San Road Bangkok) houses the best parties in Phuket.

It’s lively, it’s fun and it’s everything Thailand can offer rolled up in one convenient street. Some of the top clubs in Phuket are here – Tiger disco is a popular spot, with several floors of bars and dance clubs, restaurants for food, and a large disco!

The Red Hot Club is similar, with live music and a great selection of booze and cocktails.

If you like partying into the wee hours, Illuzion will keep you dancing the night away as it stays open after most other clubs close.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you haven’t yet snuck into a ladyboy show, Simon Cabaret is well-attended by tourists each night and is one of the best ladyboy shows in Thailand.

If you’re in the mood for something more insidious, Suzy Wong is Phuket’s go-to Go Go bar and promises thrilling shows the whole night through.

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Bang Tao Beach

Bangtao Beach Phuket

But, as I previously said, the nightlife in Phuket it’s not just about Bangla Road. Bang Tao Beach is Phuket’s second-largest beach.

If you’re expecting another Patong, you’ll be surprised. Bangtao is quite different, but still has a good share of the best bars and clubs in Phuket.

Bangtao is significantly more expensive. It has created a culture of up-market resort-style bars for itself, offering fantastic swathes of clean beach for you to stretch out on with a drink. The most frequented bars are the Xana Beach Club and the Dream Beach Club.

Don’t be fooled by their names though- these ‘clubs’ aren’t so much the raves you’re looking for – they’re more like high-end lounges for you to while away lazy hours in.

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Phuket Town

Timber Hut Phuket town

Phuket Town is perfect if you travel for the culture. This area is probably the best in Phuket to sample a bit of life as the locals do, with much more of an organic Thai touch to it.

A good nightlife spot here is Timber Hut, loved by visiting tourists.

The drinks here are cheap, with patrons guzzling down whiskey and beer while listening to live music. Other popular places include Ka Jok See, which hosts parties in an old, quaint Thai house, and Kor Tor Mor, a club frequented by a younger crowd.

If you’ve taken a fancy to Thailand’s sky bars, the Quip Sky Bar has great signature cocktails, offering a relaxed place for dinner and a few last drinks on the island.

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Kata Beach

kata beach at night phuket

Less commercial than Phuket, like Bangtao, Kata beach is home to many beach resorts and bars. It doesn’t have many nightclubs, but it more than compensates with the road parallel to the beach, which has tons of small bars and beer houses.

Although they don’t stay open till the small hours, they do offer affordable drinks and food for you to enjoy on the white sand.

The After Beach Bar in Kata also has what is arguably the best sunset in the whole of Phuket – so, it’s well worth a visit to drop by! All in all, Kata is the perfect place to enjoy a Phuket night if you’re fond of quieter, more relaxed experiences.

If you’re looking to spend a little more time in Phuket, then there are other beaches you can visit too.

If you’re fond of a crazy party, then you should definitely consider stopping by Paradise Beach, just a few kilometers away from Patong, to attend the Full Moon Festival.

Similar to the one at Koh Phangan, Paradise Beach’s Full Moon Party is a little plusher, with DJs coming in from all over the world and the beach itself being restricted in its access.

Another beach you can visit is Karon Beach. It’s not as lively as Patong or Phuket Town, as it is mostly family-friendly. It’s a simple and cozy town, where you can spend the evenings strolling through the many night markets and local fruit shops.

On the whole, each of Phuket’s districts has a flavor of its own, and together, they have everything you need to see and do in Thailand by night!

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