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10 Best Portable Camping Tables for Grilling Outdoor

A list of best portable camping tables for the grill, what features to consider when you buy one, our best pick based on reviews and the most FAQs answered!

best camping tables for grill

With the arrival of summer, you must be seeking adventure trips and holiday options. Escaping from the hustle-bustle city life and going closer to nature is one of the best stressbusters.

Camping surely holds a special place on the list whether you are planning a getaway in the wilderness or exploring the mountains with your friends or your partner – camping and glamping require equipment investments.

Ordering a great outdoor BBQ table that not only holds all your kitchen tools but also is lightweight, portable, and sturdy is a big challenge.

Well! We sort this out for you by listing the 10 best camping tables for grill . Outdoor grill tables are not just useful for camping but also make a great companion for your backyard gatherings, beach breaks, and garden celebrations.

Let’s look at the top camping tables and their features to make a smart choice.

Best Camping Tables for Grill

REDCAMP Folding Grill Table

REDCAMP Folding Portable Grilling Table for Camping
REDCAMP Folding Portable Grill Table for Camping, Lightweight Aluminum Metal Grill Stand Table for Outside Cooking Outdoor BBQ RV Picnic, Easy to Assemble with Adjustable Height Legs, Silver/Champagne

REDCAMP is a synonym for camping equipment, holding the top position on this list, this camping table is perfect for outdoor cooking.

Whether you are looking for a cook station set-up in the backyard for spring BBQ or carry it for hiking – it’s simply perfect.

The mesh top, extendable legs, and ease of assembly make it a multipurpose kitchen travel companion.


  • Powder coating iron mesh top
  • Collapsible grill table – 3 feet height
  • One-year manufacturing warranty
  • Weight: 3kgs
  • Grill table open size: L36” x W24”x H15” (low) and H28” (high)

What we like

Adjustable legs with X-shape side support 

Lightweight and portable camping table

Easy to install and unfold

Wire mesh top makes the escape of smoke easy

What we don’t like

× Cannot hold heavy kitchen items and barbeque

× Little overpriced 

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Rock Cloud Camping Table

Rock Cloud Portable Camping Table
Rock Cloud Portable Camping Table Ultralight Aluminum Folding Beach Table Camp for Camping Hiking Backpacking Outdoor Picnic, Wood Grain

When you go backpacking and look for tools and gears then a portable table is on the top list. A lightweight foldable table that is suitable for outdoor picnics, backyard parties, and barbeque evenings is all you need.

Check out this perfectly designed wood-top beach table which offers many features that makes it one of the top ten camp tables. Don’t go by its small size it has more to offer. 


  • Ultralight and durable table
  • Square and portable 
  • Available in two sizes – small and medium
  • Wooden top with aerospace-grade aluminum frame
  • Portable table size: L16” x W14: x H11.5”
  • Weight: Less than a Kg
  • Load capacity: 30kgs

What we like

Available in different colors

Easy to install and fold back

Robust structure and exceptionally durable

Waterproof, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean

Unique anti-slip leg caps for stability 

Inexpensive product

What we don’t like

× Handles are flimsy 

× Too small for the entire camp kitchen

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Weber Q portable cart

Weber Q Portable Cart
Weber Q Portable Cart, 28.2

Weber brings you the ideal BBQ cart on the go – an exclusive design to hold the camping griddle. It is one of the unique tables that comes with many features to fit your cook station requirement during holidays.

It is a simple-looking portable cart that has wheels for easy transport. When you unfold the trolley, it stands at an optimal cooking height making it more efficient to use.


  • Built-in wire handles for easy transport
  • Two weather tolerance wheels 
  • Fits the cart boot and top box
  • Two tool hooks for storing cooking accessories
  • Compatible with 2014 Weber Q 1000-series and 2000-series BBQ
  • Cart dimension: L64 x W53 x H72 (cms)
  • Weight: 4.2kgs

What we like

Barbeque attaches to the trolley and locks

Easy to transport even with the grill attached

Sturdy and robust design

Compatible with electric and propane grills

What we don’t like

× Premium range camp cart – expensive 

× Not compatible with other brands of BBQs 

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SafBbcue Universal Adjustable Griddle Stand

SafBbcue Universal Adjustable Griddle Stand
SafBbcue Universal Adjustable Griddle Stand Compatible for Blackstone 17 inch/22 inch Tabletop Grill, Fit Big Horn, MaxKare Propane Tabletop Grill

When you are unsure what type of grill or cook range you will use on the camping trip then a universal stand is the smart option.

This compact camping table is one of the best adventure trip equipment that is known for its features and compatibility with almost all the cooking ranges.

The company promises after-sales services so you get peace of mind with the manufacturer’s warranty. It is a perfect addition to your backyard kitchen. 


  • Made in black stone – fits tabletop grills
  • Offers additional workspace 
  • Portable with collapsible legs 
  • Extra feature – electrical plugs and outlets 
  • Grill size: 17”/22” with tabletop
  • Dimension of table: L25” x W16.1” x H8.5” 
  • Weight: 8.2kgs

What we like

Suitable for all types of propane grills and electric cookware

Easy to assemble

Durable, high mobility and balance

Perfect for camping, travel, family BBQ

Storage is easy as the legs are collapsible

Side space slides up and down – needs no tools

What we don’t like

× Expensive range  

× Short standing height – not suitable for tall people

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REDCAMP Small Folding Camping Table

REDCAMP Small Folding Camping Table
REDCAMP Small Folding Camping Table, 2ft Portable Aluminum Outdoor Folding Table Camp Table Adjustable Height Lightweight for Picnic Cooking Beach

When you require a petite grill prep table that is perfect for backpacking and hiking trips then Redcamp is your brand. An outdoor kitchen range that is not just lightweight but also exceptionally durable.

This silver-colored metal foldaway camping table is the premium choice of regular mountaineers and campers. It is ideal for traveling, hiking, fishing, backyard picnics, BBQ gatherings, and any camping getaways. 


  • Fibreboard top with aluminum frames
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Adjustable height option 
  • Additional feature: electrical plugs 
  • Dimension: L24” x W16” x H19”
  • Weight: 3kgs

What we like

Easy to setup, lightweight and portable

Multiutility camp counter

Holds up to 35kgs

Folds like a small brief

Security latch for securing tabletop

4 hanging hooks for additional storage

Budget-friendly option

What we don’t like

× Tabletop is not very flat

× Not suitable for large camping groups

× Not fireproof

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Varbucamp Folding Camping Table

Varbucamp Folding Camping Table
Varbucamp Folding Camping Table, 24''x16'' Aluminum Portable Small Folding Table Camp Table Adjustable Height for Outdoor Camp Picnic Cooking, 2 Heights

A high-quality metal framed kitchen utility countertop that can become your best travel friend. It is a lightweight handy table for camp.

Remember that it is not suitable for propane BBQ but it is ideal for shelf storage and preparation counter. It comes in various sizes to match your requirement.

The two feet folding one is the highly recommended option for a small family of four. However, if you are seeking large tables for children’s parties in the backyard or big family picnics then opt for the four feet top. 


  • Made of alloy metal frames
  • Fiberboard (MDF) tabletop
  • Additional features include electrical plus for outlets
  • Manufacturer warranty included
  • Dimension: L24” x W16” x H19”
  • Weight: 3kgs

What we like

Lightweight and foldable table

Two adjustable size options

Folds into brief size so easy to store in car boots or top box

Portable and durable product

Silver frames and white countertop

Holds up to 30kgs

Budget range 

What we don’t like

× Not waterproof 

× Not fireproof

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Nice C Folding Card Table

Nice C Folding Card Table
Nice C Folding Card Table Adjustable Height, Portable Camping Table Lightweight Aluminum, with Carry Handle for Outdoor, Beach, BBQ, Picnic, Cooking, Festival, Indoor, Office (Small)

When you need to complete your camping kit then a BBQ prep table is a must. Nice C brings a 3-in-1 height adjusting table that is great for all your indoor and outdoor camping requirements.

When you are on a hiking adventure then you will need a small counter with perfect storage space to keep your camera, coffee, picnic, and other stuff. You can also use this table for grill prep, family gatherings, and beach parties. 


  • Metal frames are robust and well balanced
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Hold up to 55kgs
  • Dimension: L15.8” x W23.7” x H21.3”
  • Weight range: 2.5-4 kgs 

What we like

Resembles a small coffee table

Collapsible camp table

Durable and very sturdy

Compact as it folds like a brief 

Comes with additional mesh storage at the bottom

Waterproof and rustproof

Fits under the bed, car boots, and cartop box 

What we don’t like

× Wobbly at times as the top is not flat

× Not suitable for hot cooking

× Not suitable for heavy items

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GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station Portable Camp Kitchen

GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station Portable Camp Kitchen
GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station Portable Camp Kitchen Outdoor Folding Table

If you are an avid mountaineer and travel regularly with a large group of campers then the GCI master cook station is a top option. A premium range modular kitchen that will take care of everything on your adventure trip.

It’s suitable for grilling, frying, storage, holding the cookware, prep counter, and much more. Explore the exclusive features of this amazing outdoor cooking table which is an unmatched camping solution.

You can call it a portable outdoor kitchen as it is all-in-one for all your glamping kitchenette needs. 


  • Solid black aluminum structure
  • Separate space for each cooking activity
  • Robust metal frames with strong tabletop
  • Hold up to 80kgs in total
  • Patented design and top-quality craftsmanship
  • Lifetime limited warranty from the manufacturer
  • Dimension: L22.2” x W70” x H68.3”
  • Weight: 10.3kgs

What we like

Lantern hanger for late evening cooking

Sink for dropping dishes

Allocated space for a grill, storage, prep, and shelves

Folds into small table side for easy storage

Durable, sturdy, and well balanced

Heat resistant tabletop

Waterproof makes it easy to clean after a mess

Steel rack underneath for bulky storage

Beverage holder and paper towel holder

What we don’t like

× No carry bag included

× Heavy to carry as a backpack

× Expensive range

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Seeutek Camping Kitchen Table

Seeutek Camping Kitchen Table
Seeutek Camping Kitchen Table Aluminum Portable Outdoor Cooking Table Foldable Camp Table with Windscreen and 3 Storage Cupboards Multifunctional for BBQ, Party, Picnics and Outdoor Activities Brown

Looking for an outdoor grill table with enormous storage? – order a Seeutek kitchen portable table. Do not consider this as a premium range brand because of the price – it is more than a BBQ table.

This outdoor kitchen range brings you a table that is beyond a stand for your grilling range. The product is portable, folds away into a small box, and offers plenty of additional room for your drinks, dishware, serving ware, and other camping gear. 


  • Dining table design – massive
  • Windscreen to cover the food items
  • Three large storage cupboards
  • Two color options – black and brown
  • Dimension: L68.5” x W16.5” x H43.5”
  • Weight: 15.1kgs

What we like

Two aluminum side countertops

Removable steel windscreen 

Easy to set up and pack away

Durable X shape build

Easy to clean and fits car boot

Sturdy, robust, and well balanced

Package includes 3 zipper bags

4 MDF boards for inner sectioning

Includes storage handbag for easy travel

What we don’t like

× Flimsy zipper bags

× Storage bag is not waterproof

× High range product – expensive

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Coleman Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

Coleman Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill
Coleman RoadTrip 285 Portable Stand-Up Propane Grill

Last but not least on the list of tables for camping is the Coleman portable propane grill. A camping gear that is not just a table but also the total cooking range.

It is a compact BBQ with a grilling capacity of up to 20,000 BTUs. When you want a griddle that comes with a compatible stand and fits your car trunk then this is what you need.

A high-range camping kitchen solution that takes care of your storage, carriage, and cooking requirements. 


  • Stand-up grill design (perfect for road trips)
  • Three adjustable burners
  • Large grill area – 285
  • Easy assembly and packing
  • Integrated thermometer
  • Available in different colors
  • Three years manufacturer warranty 
  • Dimension: L30.25: x W19.19” x H16.13”
  • Weight:  23kgs

What we like

2-in-1 Grill and table together


Easy to carry

Two wheels for easy movement

Well balanced and sturdy design

Interchangeable grill options

Easy to clean and assemble

Comes with drip pan and security lock mechanism

Not expensive since its grill come table

What we don’t like

× Require high-pressure propane

× Delicate grill needs proper care

Check product reviews on Amazon »

Best Grilling Camping Tables Verdict

Make the smart decision before investing in any camping furniture whether it is a table, picnic desk, or BBQ station. 

1. Redcamp Folding Portable Grill Table for Camping Best lightweight table

2. Rock Cloud portable Camping Table Best camp table for installation 

3. Weber Q Portable Cart Best cart for the grill

4. SafBbcue Universal Adjustable Griddle StandBest universal BBQ table

5. Redcamp Small Folding Camping TableBest multipurpose table

6. Varbucamp Folding Camping TableBest compact design

7. Nice C Folding Card Table AdjustableBest budget-friendly option

8. GCI Outdoor Master Cook Station PortableBest master cook station

9. Seeutek Camping Kitchen Table Best all-in-one table

10. Coleman Portable Stand-up Propane GrillBest 2-in-1 grill and table

What to look for when buying a camping table?

grilling camping table
Photo by julochka @ Flickr

When you are looking online for camping furniture and other gear it is important to check the features of every product and then make a decision.

Your camp furniture must-have features like durability, portability, and also to be budget-friendly.

Let’s explore the elements that are crucial in making a decent buy of a portable outdoor kitchen.


Several brands offer an aluminum frame with high-density material tabletop but, it is important to check that the model is sturdy and made from strong metal.

Durability is the foremost criterion for choosing any camp fixture.


Whether you pick a small table for outdoor adventure or a massive camping table with a sink and storage – ease of transport is imperative.

This particular feature varies for every model and brand. Some camp grill counters are lightweight and easy to fold but some are not so portable.


When you are outdoors on vacation the last thing you want to encounter is difficulty in assembling any camping gear.

Outdoor barbeque tables must offer ease of assembly. Ensure that there are no complicated tools and gadgets required to install simple furniture for camp.


Robust furniture is only possible if the material is strong like stainless steel, aluminum, high-density wood, and MDF.

However, for grill top cooking you require waterproof, fireproof, and corrosion-resistant material furniture.

Check the thickness and strength of the material before investing in any camp equipment.


Some camp tables for grills are just furniture with no extra facilities however, some tables come with many storage options, sink additions, and hooks for accessories.

Gauge your requirement to decide how multiutility and multifunctional table you need for your camping kitchen table trip.

See also:

Most common Camping Tables FAQs

Can I put a grill on a table?

Yes, you may put the grill on a table. However, if the tabletop is heatproof, then it is perfect and ensures that the table holds the weight of the grill.

Can I put a portable BBQ on a glass table?

Yes, you may put a portable BBQ on a glass table if the glass is high-density. Ensure that the table on which the glass top is standing is robust and sturdy.

Can you put the grill on the aluminum table?

Yes, you can put the grill on the aluminum table. This is because aluminum is fantastic at absorbing heat and will only increase the grilling process.

Can you cook on a plastic table?

It depends. You may or may not cook on a plastic table as PVC is not a fireproof material. The chances of melting and ruining the table increase if the cooking range is too close to the plastic table. However, if the BBQ has legs that are considerably tall to maintain a safe distance between the tabletop and fire area then you can consider using the plastic table. 

Can you put a grill on a wooden table?

Not a great idea! When you put a grill on a wooden table it ruins the countertop. You may end up with grill and burn marks on the wooden table. Bottom line – Fire hazard so avoid.

How do you build a BBQ side table?

You can build a BBQ side table by arranging the bricks sideways. The structure must resemble the English alphabet “E” to give you ample space for barbeque preparation and other tool storage. 

How do you make a wooden grill stand?

You can make a wooden grill stand by using the sturdy wooden base with a hole to fix the grill. Adding wheels to the grill stand is optional but ensure that you leave extra space for cooking preparation. You can also add some additional features like hooks, shelves, and drawers.

You can also, repurpose an old work table by adding original granite for the top. You must ensure that the legs are sturdy and have hooks and hangers for grilling tools. 

Can I put the charcoal grill on a table?

You must avoid putting the charcoal grill on a table as it leaves burn marks on the tabletop. It also results in smoky charred marks on the entire tabletop.

How do you make a simple BBQ table?

You can make a simple BBQ table using a cedar wooden frame. Decide the dimension for the required size of the table and then add legs to it. Shelving and additional storage space are optional. 

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