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10 Best Party Islands in Southeast Asia

List of the 10 best party islands in Southeast Asia

best party islands IN SOUTHEAST ASIA

Southeast Asia is home to a lot of fascinating things that attract tourists from every part of the world and today we are going to list the best party islands in Southeast Asia where I personally picked up the wildest memories.

The beautiful ancient temples, mind-blowing culinary traditions, dazzling beaches, lush virgin jungles, and abundance of cheap hotels are part of the reasons why tourists keep flocking to Southeast Asia.

Southeast Asia has islands and beaches which boast of hosting some of the most iconic parties on earth.

From the crystal sands of Bali to the white shores of Boracay, the live electronic dance music, crazy dance parties, cheap beer, dazzling lights, and an assortment of local cuisines are also enticements for partygoers from all walks of the earth.

In fact, nothing is more soothing than waking up next to a beach after having the worst hangover. 

Koh Phangan, Thailand

koh phangan full moon

Koh Phangan dubbed the Ibiza of the east due to its famous full moon parties, is probably the best party island in Thailand with wild parties and unrestrained indecency.

There are many additional activities in Koh Phangan if you come during a time other than the Full Moon, but the parties during this period are one of the best beach parties in the world as there is plenty of booze, amazing local Thai cuisines, live electronic dance music from the beach clubs, and beautiful girls to keep you entertained all night.

Full Moon is a very well-known party in Asia that runs in several countries, but the original and also the biggest is held in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Kuta Beach, Indonesia

catalin geangos party island

Kuta Beach is a big name when it comes nightlife scene in Bali. It is one of the most popular spots on this list and is one of the best places for singles to get laid or hook up as it is for everybody: ’20s, ’30s, or even ’40s and up.

The cycle for Kuta is: eat, drink, beach, drink, repeat as it brags of a lot of all-night parties with live DJ’s and romantic spreads.

Kuta Beach also provides a perfect spot for surfers but I doubt you’ll have the strength for surfing having partied the whole day.

Koh Rong, Cambodia

koh rong full moon party

Koh Rong island boasts of one of the very low-key parties in Southeast Asia as it provides you with a little sun and the sea.

This is the perfect spot to have meaningful and low-volume conversations with other backpackers.

The night parties have spinning fires and chugging ice-cold beer. You can decide to snorkel offshore if you want to unwind in the water and recharge your spirit.

Castaway Island, Vietnam

castaway island party

Castaway Island is located in Ha Long Bay and offers amazing night beach parties for tourists. They leave their beach-hut bungalows and gather around bonfires along the beach or on booze cruises that move around the bay.

Castaway Island represents a culture of togetherness and intimacy when compared to other beach parties in Southeast Asia. There are daytime activities like tubing, rock climbing, and kayaking that help to sweat out the party night shenanigans. 

If you are not on a tight budget then you should check out some luxurious beach resorts in Vietnam where you could spend a couple of nights before heading out.

Phuket, Thailand

catalin geangos phuket slumber party

Phuket, full of beautiful coastlines, beaches, and beach resorts, boasts of one of the biggest beach parties organized on Paradise Beach (part of Patong Beach) – Full Moon Party.

Without any doubt, Phuket is in the top 10 places for the best nightlife in Asia, and is easy to know why.

Patong Beach boasts of everything: from beach parties and beach clubs to sex clubs, bars, hookups, and full-scale nightclubs.

There are readily available live DJs, stunning locals, cheap booze, and a piece of seventh heaven. This part of Phuket is majorly for pleasure-seeking as there are a lot of night rangers seeking lots of exotic experiences to get their fantasies to life. 

Tioman Island, Malaysia

Paya Beach Spa & Dive Resort pulau tioman island

If you have gone through this list and realize that you are not really the party person, then this option is for you.

Tioman Island is ideal for travelers who do not like loud DJs or party noises but instead want to trade stories and travel tips over a cold beer in beach bars.

Ko Phi Phi, Thailand

phi phi islands beach party

Koh Phi Phi nightlife, along with Koh Phangan, is having the best parties in Thailand. These islands provide wonderful party spots as there are reggae bars, beach clubs, cheap booze, and fire spinners that run all day long.

Another exciting part of these beaches is that everyone who attends is always willing to party hard and have maximum fun.

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is rated as one of the best beaches in the world. This is not only because of its lazy island vibes and crystalline white sands but also as a result of the legendary parties always hosted there.

The beach parties are usually hosted around Station 2 in the center of the island, while the lunar cycle parties (like in Koh Phangan) are hosted at Area 51.  

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Koh Tao, Thailand

koh tao pub crawl

Koh Tao is a neighboring beach to Koh Phangan, but unlike Koh Phangan, they do not party till dawn. This, however, does not make Koh Tao less fun as there are beach clubs, reggae bars, and nightclubs that organize pub crawls several times a week.

Most of the actions on Koh Tao happen along Sairee Beach where you would find beach clubs like Lotus Bar and Maya Beach Club for relaxing and watching the sunset and the Queen’s Carabet for those interested in ladyboy shows. 

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Here is taking place the biggest pub crawl in Asia.

Gili Islands, Indonesia

gili castle party

Giliislands not only provide a party space for people willing to have some fun, but it also provides other beaches where you can get some time alone and enjoy nature.

Gili Trawangan, popularly known as Gili T, boasts of very wild and drunken night beach parties. There are numerous beach clubs, restaurants, and bars that organize good parties for tourists.

Gili T also offers tourists inexpensive diving certifications during the day while you get to party all night.

These are the 10 best places to party in Asia that take place on an island and I hope this guide will help you choose your next party destination.


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