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Best Time to Visit Bali

best time to visit bali

Bali is probably one of the busiest tourist destinations in the world, offering the most attractive parts of a tropical holiday, all very accessible on one single island. Its attractions are also what makes it one of the busiest holiday spots.

If you’re planning a holiday there soon, you’re probably asking yourself when is the best time to go and what is the best water resort in Bali.

Based on the weather and travel data, I’ve put together a short guide to everything you need to know about the best time to visit Bali.

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Weather in Bali

Bali is just south of the Equator, which gives it the typical south-east Asian weather, familiar if you’re a frequent traveler to the region. With the very little fluctuation in its climate due to its equatorial position, it is generally safe to visit all year round.

bali monthly average temperature

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Bali Rainy Season

bali rainy season

But, like all islands in this part of the world, there still is a rainy season. The rains start from September- to October and last till March-April. These rains don’t make it impossible to enjoy your time here, however.

They come in short, albeit heavy, spells and after it rains, the skies remain clear for the rest of the day, letting you get on with hopping back and forth across Bali.

However, on bad days, the rain can be excessive and the winds can be strong. January and February see slightly higher temperatures and are pretty wet. You’ll be walking through temples and markets with the skies overcast.

It rains on most days of the month in December, January, February, and March, with a sharp decline in rainfall in April. It is also warmest during these months, with temperatures hitting and staying at 33 degrees Celsius.

If you’re planning on visiting Indonesian beaches in February and March, you might want to schedule for the second half of the day, when the sun’s glare has reduced.

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bali indonesia average temperature

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Bali Dry Season

bali dry season

Essentially, April to the end of September is considered the ‘dry’ season, although you still might see the odd spell time and again.

Nothing to put you off a trip, though. From experience, you might find yourself ducking for cover in the middle of the day when there’s a shower, but it’s not something that will get in the way of your set itinerary!

It starts to get drier and sunnier in March. The weather in Bali continues to improve, with clearer skies, lots of sunshine, and little rain. May tends to see cooler weather, with temperatures at around 30 degrees Celsius. The heat starts to pick up again in August, though.

The good weather continues till September, after which the rainy season sets in again, with more clouds and more frequent rains. If you’re a fan of surfing, these dry months hold the best weather for you. The winds are weaker and water visibility is better than ever!

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Bali Peak Season

bali summer

I strongly suggest you have at least a 14-days trip to Bali as it’s a very large island and anything less would not be long enough to discover the famous Balinese hidden gems.

The second consideration is the best time to avoid crowds. Bali is busiest in July and August. April and September draw fewer tourists.

January to April is the low season, so, you’ll be able to catch a few good deals for accommodation and tour packages in April and May before the transition into peak season.

February, March, May, and the first half of June may also offer reduced prices in the time of good weather.

Rates will also be relatively low in September, October, and November, but this comes at a cost of poor weather. Despite the wet weather, Bali is also quite busy in December.

Bali in December sees a sharp increase in visiting tourists as compared to the preceding months. It has found itself a popular destination for travelers looking to get away during Christmas and New Year. However, it is extremely humid in December and even sees thunderstorms.

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bali 4 seasons

So, all things said and done, the best month to go to Bali is April. If that’s still far too narrow a time frame, the preceding and succeeding months, February, March and May will hold you in good stead too.

I hope this short primer helped figure out when the best time to travel to Bali is for you!

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