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Best Time to Visit Cambodia – Weather & Tips


If you’re looking to plan a holiday in Cambodia, you probably know what to expect – the typical tropical climate, dictated by humidity, rains and heat. You won’t be wrong, either.

But there’s a little bit more you need to know if you want to schedule a trip to Cambodia to make it ideal to your preferences. I’ve put together this travel guide if you’re asking yourself when is the best time to visit Cambodia?

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Weather in Cambodia

cambodia average weather

(the graph is taken from

Cambodia is witness to the usual tropical climate. It sees a constant temperature throughout the year of around 30 degree Celsius.

The rains are determined by the typical monsoon winds, while the rest of the year sees dry sunshine and clear skies. There are broadly two climatic divisions in the year – the wet season from June to October and the dry season from November to March.

December and January is the best time of the year to visit Cambodia, but June is a good option too if you’re not put off by the occasional shower.

April is the worst month weather-wise in the Cambodian year – you’ll want to stay clear of the excruciatingly high temperatures and suffocating humidity!

The Wet Season

cambodia raining day

For you to plan your travel itinerary, you need to know of the two broad climatic divisions. The south-west monsoon winds carrying rainfall blow across the country from around May to October, resulting in a rainy season which lasts from July to September.

While this may put many travellers off, the rains aren’t harsh on tourists- it typically rains every day, so you will definitely face some rain while sight-seeing, but only for a few hours leaving the rest of the day open for travel.

However, navigation will prove to be a problem, since the rains cause flooding, and make the mud-roads hard to travel on. If you’re looking to stay put in one place, though, the monsoons bring the bounty of the rains, with lush flora and green jungle offering their best.

The monsoon season also sees fewer travellers, thus driving down prices in hotels and for tours. The temperature average at about 26-28 degree Celsius.

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The Dry Months

cambodia dry season


In Cambodia, the best time to visit is the dry season. Typically, there is less rainfall from October and November, and the dry season lasts till April. This is accompanied by significantly cooler weather from November to January.

The temperature averages at around 24 and 25 degree Celsius. This is the ideal time to visit Cambodia if you’re not comfortable with the trademark warm weather of the region.

The temperatures stay low in the 20 degree Celsius range, the air is dry and there is plenty of sunshine. These months also see minimal rains.

The dry season is also great for beach-lovers. This is by far the best time to visit Cambodia beaches. However, the great weather brings with it throngs of crowds.

It starts to warm up again, and March and April see extremely warm temperatures. It gets humid and hits 40 degree Celsius.

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Siem Reap Weather

average temperature in siem reap(the graph is taken from

In Siem Reap, Cambodia’s weather doesn’t differ from the rest of the country too much. The entire country sees similar climatic conditions and with very little fluctuation across the year.

Like all other places in the country, it is best to visit Siem Reap in the dry season, which is when it sees cool weather and little rain.

The period between December and February is ideal, with day-time temperatures staying in the 20s range and with cool evenings. This is also the peak season, however.

If you’re keen on missing the crowds, you could consider visiting Siem Reap in March, when it is still very warm but sees little rain before the wet season sets in.

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Phnom Penh Weather

average temperature in phnom penh cambodia

(the graph is taken from

The weather in Cambodia’s capital city is not all too different from Siem Reap or the rest of the country. The hot and wet season lasts from February to May. The temperature rises to the 30s, but the city also sees smaller crowds and better deals in these off-season months.

On the other hand, the months between November and January have the ideal weather of the dry season – the temperature averages at around 24 degrees and sees minimal rain.

However, even though this is the peak season for the rest of the country, the capital city doesn’t see similar crowds and so, visiting Phnom Penh in the months with good weather is still a good option.

The temperature in Phnom Penh is at 34-35 degrees in March and April. The second half of the year is relatively cooler but stays in the 30s.

It rains the most in September and October but takes a sharp turn downward in November with the dry period lasting till April. This pattern is also broadly true for Siem Reap as well.

Best Month to Visit Cambodia

cambodia to visit

Overall, January is the best month to visit Cambodia, with cool and dry weather. However, it is also the busiest month of the year, especially given the good weather. An alternative would be the month of June.

The monsoon season sets in, but it is only the very beginning of the wet season, which means that there are enough dry weather and sunshine to allow for pleasant sightseeing, and without all the crowds.

The takeaway from this is that any time is still a good time for general sightseeing in Cambodia. In the end, take in the highs and lows of the tropical weather as a part of the exotic Southeast Asian experience!

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