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10 Best Beach Resorts in Subic, Zambales

Check our list for the top 10 beachfront hotels and beach resorts in Subic Zambales for your next holiday!

best beachfront resorts and hotels in subic

As an avid traveler who has had the privilege of experiencing the best beach resorts in Subic, Zambales I am excited to share my personal evidence-backed recommendations with you. J

oin me as we explore the finest resorts in Subic, each offering a delightful blend of pristine beaches, luxurious accommodations, and unforgettable memories.

You can get from Manila to Subic by bus for just 429 PHP.

ACEA Subic Beach Resort 

ACEA Subic Beach Resort Zambales

This magnificent resort is conveniently located in San Bernardino Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone where it is only 2.3 km from the Subic Bay International Airport.

ACEA Subic Beach Resort also provides excellent accessibility to exploring the city’s most sought-for destinations, such as Ocean Adventure and the Inang Laya Monument.

As the name implies, the resort does have the Dungaree Beach, a 10-meter stroll from the property, or the All Hands Beach, just 910 meters away.

The resort itself features various airy and elegantly designed guest rooms (fully air-conditioned), a fitness center to keep your health in check, an outdoor swimming pool to cool off from the afternoon heat, and complimentary continental breakfast, and a restaurant for all the food fans many of us are.

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If you’re ever on jetlag or simply need a punch of caffeine to kickstart your day, the resort has a coffee shop to brew a nice warm cup of coffee at your convenience.

ACEA Subic Beach Resort offers a 24/7 front desk and security to ensure you are well accommodated no matter when you check in or check/out and throughout your entire stay at the resort. 

The resort offers various activities, including watersports, a game of pool (billiard), a dartboard to test your accuracy, a spa and massage to unwind and relax, and even karaoke to sing your heart out. 

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Club Morocco Beach Resort & Country Club

Club Morocco Beach Resort & Country Club subic zambales

This beach resort is situated in Cabitaugan Cawag and is 25 km away from the Subic Bay International Airport.

If you want to catch some waves or simply relax by the seaside, there are several beaches nearby, including their private beach where you can take advantage of the beautiful white sand beaches of Subic Zambales.

You can choose to either walk or grab a car to get to these beaches, though catching a car for a ride is the recommendable option. 

Club Morocco Beach Resort & Country Club offers various facilities to tend to your traveling must-have’s including hygiene plus safety protocols and certifications in check to ensure you stay safe and healthy throughout your stay.

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It has a poolside bar, room service, both indoor and outdoor swimming pool, luggage storage, air conditioning, and laundry services to maintain cleanliness and practice good hygiene.

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Camayan Beach Resort

Camayan Beach Resort

This blissful resort is located in the Camayan Wharf, Werst Ilanin Forest Area, and is only 4.8 km away from the Subic Bay International Airport.

Camayan Beach Resort has great accessibility to various popular landmarks, including Ocean Adventure, Inang Laya Monument, Ocean Avenue, and Zoobic Safari.

There are a few beaches near the property, including Camayam Beach, SBMA Beach, and White Rock Beach. 

Camayan Beach Resort has several featured facilities, including 24-hour room service, zero-fee Wifi to stay connected, a gift shop, laundry services, and safety deposit boxes to secure your valuables.

The resort also provides a garden for a relaxing walk, an outdoor swimming pool to stay cool under the sun, and a massaging service.

Camayan Beach Resort also has an in-house restaurant, a bar for a drink, and BBQ facilities if you choose to have a more private cookout with your loved ones. 

Throughout your stay, there are a handful of activities you can give a go for, such as scuba diving, hiking, horseback riding, snorkeling to explore a glimpse of marine life, and billiards (perfect to wrap up the day).

A car rental is recommended to get your way around the city and don’t worry, parking is free in this resort. If you need a ride to the airport, Camayan Beach Resort provides an airport transfer for your convenience. 

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The Lighthouse Marina Resort

The Lighthouse Marina Resort, Subic (Zambales), Philippines

The simple yet elegant boutique Subic Resort and hotel is located in Block 4 Lot 1, Waterfront Road, and is only 3.1 km from Subic Bay International Airport.

The Lighthouse Marina Resort is located in a more secluded area from the bustling Waterfront Road and is closeby to popular destinations, including Ocean Avenue, Inang Laya Monument, and Ocean Adventure.

The nearest beach in Subic to the property is SBMA Beach (within walking distance), followed by White Rock Beach and Adam’s Beach. 

The boutique hotel features several facilities, including a minibar, fully airconditioned rooms, and a balcony found in all of their guest rooms.

The hotel also has a hygiene certification and strict health and safety protocols to ensure you stay safe during your stay.

Staying for too long in the sun without protection could damage your skin. Protect yourself with sunscreen and a beach sun hat.

They also feature a massage, a hot tub to ease those tense muscles, two swimming pools (outdoor and indoor), a poolside bar, and an in-house restaurant called the Sands Rest Grill.

Lighthouse Marina Resort also offers a free car park if you choose to rent a car, airport transfer, and taxi service to accommodate your commuting needs. 

The property has numerous activities to choose from throughout your stay; these include both motorized and non-motorized watersports, billiards for a game of pool or two, and a spa to rejuvenate your senses. 

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Treasure Island Resort

Treasure Island Resort

The Treasure Island Resort is best suited for business or leisure traveling and is located in Baloy Beach Road, Subic Bay, and is just 6.8 km from Subic Bay International Airport.

This cheap beach resort is also strategically located to provide access to various popular spots in the city, including Olongapo Lighthouse Subic, Ocean Avenue, and Balon Falls.

It also has plenty of beaches nearby, such as Baloy Beach, White Rock Beach, Adam’s Beach, and SBMA Beach, all less than 4 km away from the property. 

Prepare for an unforgettable getaway at the beach resorts in Subic, Zambales, where I personally experienced their remarkable offerings.

From two pools, 24/7 security, and massage services, to strict hygiene protocols and a delightful bar and restaurant, these resorts ensure your comfort, safety, and culinary satisfaction.

Additionally, convenient transportation options like airport transfers, shuttle services, taxis, and rental cars are provided for your ease of exploration. Get ready to indulge in the best of Subic’s beachside paradise.

A highlight of this resort is its various activities to choose from. Here, you can go boating, canoeing, watersports (motorized and non-motorized), snorkeling, and diving to venture across some marine life. 

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By the Sea Resort Hotel

By the Sea Resort Hotel Subic

By the Sea Resort Hotel is conveniently situated in the #99 National Highway, Subic Bay, and is only 6.5 km away from the Subic Bay International Airport.

This affordable Subic beach resort offers access to numerous famous landmarks such as Inang Laya Monument, Holy Land, and Mount Balingkilat. There are a handful of beaches close by, including White Rock Beach, Adam’s Beach, and SBMA Beach. 

The resort offers various facilities to make the most out of your stay, such as a garden to take a morning stroll around, a private beach, and of course, an outdoor swimming pool to stay cool in under the sun’s heat.

The property offers non-smoking rooms, a smoking room, laundry service, and a family room if you have your kids along with you.

Unfortunately, the resort does not have restaurants on-site, but it does provide food delivery services at your convenience. They also offer rental cars and free parking areas to get your way around the beautiful city. 

The property has an array of activities to choose from, including various watersports.

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Vista Marina

Vista Marina Resort Subic

The Vista Marina Hotel and Resort are located in Block 3 Lot 2 Moonbay Marina Waterfront Road, Subic Bay, and is only 3.1 km from Subic Bay International Airport.

The property is conveniently located in quite a few popular hotspots, including Ocean Avenue, Holy Land, and Mount Cinco Picos. There are plenty of beaches close to Vista Marina, such as SBMA Beach, White Rock Beach, and Adam’s Beach. 

The hotel and resort offer a wide range of facilities, including two swimming pools (outdoor and indoor), a garden, a poolside bar, and a massaging service after a long day.

The hotel and staff have followed strict health and safety protocols, keeping you safe throughout your stay.

The property also has a coffee shop to start your morning with a punch of caffeine, a bar, and a restaurant serving an array of cuisine to choose from, including local Filipino, Ala carte, American, and European cuisine to keep your bellies full and energy recharged. 

Vista Marina has a handful of activities to do during your stay, including both motorized and non-motorized watersports and a nightclub to dance the night away and make a new acquaintance or two. 

Blue Rock Beach Resort

blue rock beach resort subic zambales

Blue Rock Beach Resort is strategically located on Baloy Long Beach Rd and is only 30 minutes drive from Subic Bay Airport.

It is sitting on Baloy Beach and is situated not far from Ocean Avenue and Inang and Laya Monument. If you are looking for white-sand beaches in Subic Zambales then a 20-minute walk to White Rock Beach will do the trick.

Blue Rock Beach Resort offers various amenities, including smoke-free guest rooms, a bar, and a pool bar, an outdoor pool for a cooling splash in the summer heat, and plenty of different things to do including tours, diving, fishing, massage, snorkeling, and a nightclub. 

Mango’s Beachfront Resort Hotel 

Mango’s Beachfront Resort Hotel 

Another beautiful beach resort in Zambales is Mango’s Beachfront Resort Hotel, located at 116 A National Highway, Subic Bay, only 6.6 km away from Subic Bay International Airport.

This lovely Zambales beach resort with a pool is known to have convenient access to several popular landmarks the city has to offer, including Ocean Avenue, Ocean’s Adventure, Holy Land, and Balon Falls.

There are plenty of beaches close by, such as White Rock Beach, Adam’s Beach, and SBMA Beach (a car ride is recommended). 

The property features various facilities you can enjoy, including 15 guestrooms with complimentary coffee and tea, 24-hour room service so you never go hungry, health and safety measures in place to keep you and your loved ones protected.

The hotel also provides two pools (indoor and outdoor), massaging services, ticket services, and a nightclub to get a glimpse of the city’s nightlife.

In case you are ever looking for some cuisine to savor, the Mango’s Beach Bar and Restaurant are available with local Filipino food, seafood, and international cuisine for you to choose from. 

Throughout your stay, Mango’s Beachfront Resort Hotel offers a wide array of activities, such as watersports (motorized and non-motorized), tours around the city, boating, and snorkeling to check off your bucket list!

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Wild Orchid Beach Resort 

Wild Orchid Beach Resort zambales

Last but not least is Wild Orchid, a Subic beach resort located in Baloy Long Beach, Subic Bay, and is 6.7 km away from Subic Bay International Airport.

Wild Orchid Beach Resort has quite a number of popular Subic tourist spots, including Inang Laya Monument, Mount Balingkat, and Ocean Avenue for you to explore!

Some of the beaches nearby include Baloy Beach, White Rock Beach, Adam’s Beach, and SBMA Beach, which are within 4 km from the property.

This resort in Subic offers various facilities, including 24-hour room service, 24-hour security, a fitness center to help you stay fit, a private beach for a less rowdy scene, tours, and a spa for a moment of bliss and relaxation.

Though the resort does not have a restaurant on-site, it does offer room service, a bar, a poolside bar, and a coffee shop for a nice warm sip of caffeine. 

When it comes to activities, this resort has you covered! Their activities include billiards, snorkeling, watersports, windsurfing, and a nightclub to fill your day and night with unforgettable thrills!  

Subic is famous for its many mesmerizing beaches, with its golden brown sands and blue ocean waters that have made it one of the most sought-for holiday destinations.

Make sure on your next trip you will unwind on Adam’s Beach, White Rock Beach, or SBMA Subic Beach, three out of the best beaches in Subic Zambales.

With that being said, we hope that this article serves you well for your itinerary planning for transport, accommodation, and a rough idea of what activities you plan to take on during your stay.

Otherwise, we bid you farewell and safe travels!


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