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19 Best Beach Resorts in Bataan, Philippines to Stay In 2023

best beach resorts in bataan philippines

Bataan, Philippines is a unique town that blends historical landmarks and a variety of natural attractions. Located about 2.5 hours away from Manila by car, Bataan is a local gem that many tourists miss out on.

Visitors can enjoy wonderful beaches, lush green mountain hikes, turtle sanctuaries, and a multitude of museums showcasing Bataan’s complex history. Although the history of Bataan is interesting, its beaches are absolutely spectacular.

We are going to take a deeper dive into the top Bataan beach resorts to stay in during your visit, so you know where to stay regardless of your budget. 

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Best Beach Resorts in Bataan

Beach Resorts in Morong, Bataan

Pamarta Bali Beach Resort

pamarta bali beach resort bataan philippines

This Bataan beach resort is incredibly unique. Located on 5,000 square meters of beachfront, this Balinese-inspired resort is tucked away in privacy on the beaches of Morong.

Pamarta Bali is a hidden gem that is close enough to the city but with all the privacy of a beach house.

The resort includes traditional Balinese nipa huts and modern villas as well, depending on what experience you would like.

The waters of Morong are soft and gentle, perfect for a good swim. If you don’t feel like going to the resort’s beach, there is also a lovely pool to enjoy.

Pamarta Bali Beach Resort is definitely one of the most unique beach resorts in Bataan!

You can book directly via their website.

Morongstar Hotel and Resort

Morongstar beach resort bataan

Feel the fresh breeze and calming sounds of the waves during your stay at Morongstar Resort. With rooms offering private balconies, you can rest assured that you will wake up to a stunning sunrise each morning.

This Morong beach resort has one very interesting feature. Although it has two regular pools, you also have access to a 16-foot-deep pool where you can learn how to dive professionally from diving experts!

It is definitely an experience you will not get anywhere else. When you are not relaxing in the aquamarine oceans, you can take the time to go kayaking, ride a banana boat, or even play some basketball.

You can book directly via their website.

Juness Beach Resort

juness beach resort bataan

Juness Beach Resort is nestled perfectly in the calmness of Morong, Bataan. With its breathtaking views of the clear waters, this Bataan private resort has its own private beach for guests to enjoy.

If traveling with children, it may comfort you to know that there are lifeguards on duty to ensure guest safety. This beach resort has many amenities and a private beach but is quite the affordable beach resort in Bataan for large groups.

Juness offers a few dorm-style rooms which is a wonderful way for everyone to stay in one location while exploring all the fun the resort provides. 

Westwind Beach Resort

westwind beach resort bataan

The Westwind Beach Resort is the perfect private beach resort in Morong, Bataan for family gatherings. Located in a prime area of Morong, you are welcomed to a private environment with excellent hospitality that will cater to your specific needs.

There is a multitude of common spaces that work well for family, or friend, gatherings. When you are finished relaxing in the pool, you can go and relax at the beach!

The beach has soft, gray sand that looks as if it is sparkling at night. The water is incredibly clear and a delight to soak in.

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Verde Azul Leisure Resort

This is more of a luxury resort in Morong, Bataan, and is filled with modern stylings and amenities. Opening its doors in 2018, Verde Azul Leisure has taken over the beach resort industry in Morong.

With its gorgeous architectural design with local touches, it has become a hot spot for couples and Instagrammers.

The most popular spot in the resort seems to be the spacious outdoor terrace and spectacular pool, which are but a few steps away from the beach itself.

Although it is one of the pricier options on this list (~$120/night), it is well worth it for the awesome views.

You can book directly via their website.

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Anvaya Cove Penthouse Unit 10-2 BR.

Anvaya Cove Penthouse Unit 10-2 BR.

This is not technically a beach resort in Bataan, but it is an amazing Airbnb in Anvaya Cove! Don’t forget that Airbnb’s can always be another great option, depending on your needs.

The base cost of this condo is $195/night for up to 10 guests. However, if you want access to the condo’s beach club, you will have to buy a pass for the days of your stay.

With the beach club pass, you can enjoy the private beach, restaurants, spa, and gym. Without the pass, you will only have access to the infinity pool – which is still super nice.

Airbnb provides a sense of privacy that no other resort will have, so if that’s important to you, the price is worth it.

RedDoorz Plus @ Sea and River View Resort and Hotel

RedDoorz Plus @ Sea and River View Resort and Hotel

The Sea and River View is a great, affordable beach resort in Morong, Bataan. It has great onsite amenities and is heavily focused on large events like weddings and conferences.

It does not have that classic oceanfront view but is in close distance to many wonderful beaches that you can enjoy. All you have to do is to bring your water shoes and go explore.

It has two pools that are big enough to house all the guests – which can be an issue sometimes when there is only one pool.

Sea and River View Resort also has a restaurant on the resort that provides delicious local foods. 

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La Playa at the Strand

La Playa at the Strand bataan

La Playa at the Strand is luxury at its finest. Placed perfectly on the white sandy beaches of Morong, this beach resort is a collection of houses that provide that “home away from home” feeling.

Each house comes with different amenities and views, some providing a beach view and others providing magnificent mountain views. The main house costs around $690 for up to 20 people.

It is not the cheapest option, but it comes with a private pool, full kitchen, and direct beach access. For the ultimate experiences of the beach in Bataan, this resort is worth every penny.

You can check prices on their website.

Brisa Marina Beach Resort

brisa marina beach resort morong

With the rise of Instagram, this is the perfect spot for some spectacular pictures. Not only does it have a lovely outdoor pool, but Brisa Marina is set right on the beachfront bringing in that perfect sunset view.

Each room comes with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and free breakfast allowing for peak relaxation.

When you want to explore a bit more, walk on over to the Pawikan Conservation Center and get your Instagram page filled with pictures of the local, adorable turtles!

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Caeli Sea Resort

Caeli Sea Resort bataan

Positioned between the aquamarine ocean and natural park, this contemporary Bataan beach resort is the perfect affordable Morong Beach Resort.

Each room is designed with private balconies or terraces to give guests spectacular views of the glistening oceanfront.

In addition to its pool, basketball court, and volleyball court, the resort even boasts a delightful restaurant with delicious local foods.

Their menu is based on seasonal produce, so you know you will be eating fresh food every day. This resort is a great balance of price and convenience!

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The Waterfront Beach Resort

the waterfront beach resort bataan

Sitting at only $65 per night, you can enjoy the lovely, unobstructed ocean views in this cheap beach resort in Morong, Bataan.

The Waterfront Beach Resort is an amazing spot for large groups as they provide both regular rooms and dorm-style rooms.

There are BBQ facilities for guests to use as well throughout the day. To enjoy some fun in the sun, you can go snorkeling, fishing, and enjoy nearby boat tours.

On occasion, they even host small events like movie nights! It’s a great deal for everything that is included.

Beach Resorts in Bagac, Bataan

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar bataan

This luxury beach resort in Bagac is worth every penny it costs. At around $290 a night, you get a beach resort and historical landmark all in one.

The houses on this resort were once home to Jose Acuzar and have been renovated by the local craftsmen of Bagac.

It has most of the usual amenities but even has an onsite convenience store. What makes Las Casas Filipinas stand out though, is its extensive list of activities.

From walking tours to cruises to cultural shows, this resort has it all. It even provides beach cleanup activities for those who want to help the environment.

There is a reason it was voted best beach resort in Bataan!

La Jolla Luxury Beach Resort

la jolla luxury beach resort

Nestled between Bagac’s mountain range and the clear blue waters of the sea, La Jolla Luxury Beach Resort is a great spot for some private relaxation.

The private road leading to the hotel is filled with mango trees that produce some of the sweetest mangoes in the world.

Enjoy some of these mangoes at the resort’s private beach, or one of their two pools. When not relaxing in their lazy river-style pool, have fun in their game room or rent some water sports equipment for the ultimate water adventure.

This Bagac resort sits around $132 a night and is well worth the price for the amount of privacy and amenities it provides.

White Sand Beach Resort

white sand beach resort bataan

Located near Salaman beach, this affordable Bagac’s beach resort is a great way to get a beachfront stay on a budget.

Although it doesn’t have quite the amenities that the luxury resorts have, it is a much cheaper option for those who want a budget-friendly beachfront resort.

You can rent equipment for snorkeling but does not have a pool. Luckily since it is located right on the gorgeous sandy beaches of Bagac, so there is no need for a pool.

You have the gentle waves of the ocean right in front of you!

For reservations check their Facebook Page.

RedDoorz Plus @ Black Sand Beach Resort

RedDoorz Plus @ Black Sand Beach Resort bataan philippines

RedDoorz Plus @ Black Sand Beach Resort is located on a quiet beach with uniquely gray sands. The uncrowded beaches are perfect for any family to enjoy a fun, memorable day in the sun.

After viewing the gorgeous sunsets of Bagac, you can enjoy a nice barbecue out with your family at the onsite grilling area.

This budget-friendly resort also has a lovely pool with a small waterfall feature that both kids and adults will love.

Black Sand Beach is conveniently located near many other beaches like Montemar Beach, so you have plenty of places to explore.

Bagac Bay Beach Resort

Bagac Bay Beach Resort philippines

If you are wondering where to stay in Bataan for that off-the-grid vibe, Bagac Bay Resort is perfect for you.

Situated perfectly on Bagac beach, you have direct access to the gorgeous blue waves and sparkling white sands of the beach.

The resort has open-air picnic cottages that are great to enjoy with your family and friends.

There is a karaoke room in the resort, but as of this moment, the rooms do not come with Wi-Fi.

Having this disconnect from internet access could be how you want to relax, and if it is then this budget property could be a good choice for you. 

For reservations please check their Facebook Page.

Beach Resorts in Balanga, Bataan

The Plaza Hotel Balanga City

the plaza hotel balanga city

At just $52 a night, you can stay in this spectacular hotel in the heart of Bataan’s capital, Balanga.

Though this is not a beachfront property, it is located smack dab in the center of all the historical landmarks Bataan has to offer.

The Spanish colonial-designed building features three functional halls, an award-winning traditional Japanese restaurant, and a coffee shop!

This budget-friendly, private resort in Balanga doesn’t stop there. Guests also have access to massages, outdoor dining, in-room breakfast, airport transportation, and baggage storage.

You may not be next to the beach, but you will be right next to everything the city of Balanga, Bataan has to offer.

Beach Resorts in Mariveles, Bataan

Camaya Sands Plaza Hotel & Aqua Fun Hotel

Camaya Sands Plaza Hotel bataan philippines
Camaya Sands Plaza Hotel

Conveniently located right in front of the beach, this Mariveles beach resort has two main sections: Camaya Sands Plaza Hotel and Aqua Fun Hotel.

Regardless of which section you choose, you can have access to the same amenities. The main difference is your proximity to their facilities.

Camaya Sands Plaza is on the gorgeous white sands of Camaya Beach – a nice and quiet beach perfect for a relaxing beach day.

At Aqua Fun Hotel, you are right next to the resort’s water park! If you are traveling with kids, being next to the water park may be a better idea than the Camay Beach resort, but both are awesome choices.

This resort isn’t the cheapest choice but it comes jam-packed with activities like mountain biking, stores, gyms, kayaking, infinity pools, and more. Well worth it!

The Oriental Bataan

the oriental abataan resort

Located in Mariveles, this hotel is perfectly situated in the city center but is still close enough to the beach. Costing around $70 per night, this affordable Bataan hotel offers easy access to Bataan’s popular tourist destinations.

It includes a delightful spa, swimming pool, and multiple restaurants and bars to enjoy on the premises. Although the Oriental Bataan is not a beachfront hotel, it is only 40 minutes away from Five Fingers Cove.

The area is famous for its gorgeous white sand beaches, coves, and intriguing rock formations.

This is a great option for those who are looking for accommodations in the city center but still want to be close to the beaches. It is definitely one of the best beach resorts in the Philippines.

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Best Beaches in Bataan

Laki Beach, Five Fingers Cove
Laki Beach, Five Fingers Cove

Five Fingers Cove

Likely one of the most famous natural landmarks in Mariveles, Bataan the Five Fingers Cove is an incredibly unique beach.

These five rock formations not only have spectacular beaches but heart racing cliff diving and hiking for the adventurous spirit. T

o arrive at this spectacular spot, you can take a bus or jeep from the Mariveles bus terminal to Barangay Balon for about 75 pesos.

Morong Public Beach

Most beaches in Morong, Bataan are part of a resort and cost a fee. However, this public beach has free access, yet little to no crowds.

The long stretches of sand are soft and great for some rest before taking a swim in the gentle waves.

To get from Balanga to Morong, you can take shuttle buses for about 80 pesos. It takes around 1.5-2 hours.

Nagbalayong Beach

Located in Morong, Barangay Nagbalayong is the pride of Bataan as it is the nesting ground for the sea turtles of the Philippines.

The sands of Nagbalayong Beach are charcoal gray, soft, and perfect for walks. Many of the locals enjoy swimming here but also fishing.

From Cubao, take the Victory Liner bus to Balanga City. When you arrive, take a minibus heading to Morong, Bataan where you can easily find Nagbalayong.

Kaibubu Beach

Just 8 km south of Bagac by minibus or jeep, this public beach is known for its gorgeous waves and peaceful atmosphere.

Grab some snacks and enjoy a lovely picnic on the soft, white sands of Kaibubu Beach. If you don’t like swimming, it is also a hot spot fishing destination for locals.

Laki Beach

Hidden in the Five Fingers Cove in Mariveles, Bataan, this incredible private beach will take your breath away.

Its turquoise waters and glistening white sands are marvelous, but Laki Beach is surrounded by unique rock formations as well.

This unique combination gives the most stunning views. Since it is a private island, you can either rent a boat heading to Laki Beach or do a bundle tour package for the Five Fingers Cove to access it.

There is so much to explore in Bataan, Philippines that you may feel you don’t have time to see it all!

Hopefully, this guide to the best beaches and beach resorts in Bataan will help you feel more comfortable during your travels. Have fun!