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15 Best Beach Resorts in Pangasinan Province in 2024

best beach resorts in pangasinan province

Top quality yet affordable Pangasinan beach resorts have transformed the province, once renowned for its agriculture, into a premier destination for international tourists seeking beach vacations with luxurious accommodation.

Local tourists also choose Pangasinan for that reason, and to get away from the busy streets of Manila or other big cities.

The province of Pangasinan is 210 km away from the capital Manila, and home of the Hundred Island National Park: an incredible, must-see natural geological formation made of 124 islands, dispersed along the Lingayen Gulf.

You can get to Pangasinan by bus from Manila for just 504 PHP.

Hundred Island National Park is the most beautiful place in Pangasinan, and the park is the major attraction in the province.

The province is growing its tourism industry fast, and the beach resorts in Pangasinan Province are getting more and more popular every day, most of them nowadays offering a tour plan or a package for the national park.

Pangasinan is a major eco-tourism destination in the Philippines, nature is well preserved and they do have a relatively small population. If you want a more secluded place, with lots of nature and great beaches, consider this province for your next vacation or staycation.

If you are interested in finding out what are the best beach resorts in Pangasinan Province then keep reading for our hand-picked selection of the best ones available.

16Covelandia Du Labrador Beach Resort

Covelandia Du Labrador Family & Beach Resort Pangasinan

15Punta Riviera Resort

Punta Riviera Resort Pangasinan

14Birdland Beach Club

Birdland Beach Club Bolinao Resort

13Casa Almarenzo Bed & Breakfast

Casa Almarenzo Bed and Breakfast Resort

12Oldwoods by the Sea Nature Resort

Oldwoods by the Sea Nature Resort

11Villa Soledad Beach Resort

Villa Soledad Beach Resort pangasinan

10G Beach Resort

g beach resort pangasinan

9Treasures of Bolinao Beach Resort

Treasures of Bolinao Beach Resort & Hotel

8VEUE Beach Cabins

Veue Beach Cabins pangasinan

7Masamirey Cove Resort

Masamirey Cove Resort pangasinan

6Leisure Coast Resort

Leisure Coast Resort

5Puerto Del Sol Beach Resort

4Sirom Beach House

Sirom Beach House pangasinan

3El Puerto Marina Beach Resort & Spa

El Puerto Marina Beach Resort & Spa

2Kabaleyan Cove Resort

Kabaleyan Cove Resort pangasinan