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20 Best Beach Resorts in the Philippines (2024 Guide)

Discover the best beach resorts in the Philippines, including luxury, budget, island resorts, beachfront, white sand beaches, and more!


The Philippines are an archipelago nation comprised of more than 7,000 islands. All of that comes together to form great shorelines, with beautiful sandy beaches, crystalline waters, and amazing biodiversity.

They are big on preserving nature and keeping the archipelago’s ecosystem intact. It’s a must-go destination for divers, as the coral reefs around some of the islands are considered some of the best diving spots in the world.

Overall, the Philippines is a great place for a vacation, with many different options for entertainment and eco-tourism. However, their main attraction, and what the country is most well known are the beautiful white-sand beaches.

All these beautiful beaches in the Philippines are scattered across many different provinces, and choosing where to spend your time there can be hard.

But do not feel discouraged. Below you will find the hand-picked options for the best beach resorts in the Philippines, and you are sure to find one for your next stay in this gorgeous country.

1. Shangri-La, Boracay

Shangri-La, Boracay

The Shangri-La Resort and Spa is a top-notch beachfront resort located in Bocaray and I guarantee you will enjoy the luxury of this 5-star hotel in the Philippines.

Even how you get there is just pure luxury: you ride a private speedboat that leaves Bocaray directly to the resort’s front door. This place is where you go for your luxury travel.

The suites are very high-end and over the top, and the villas are even more so. Their style is a mix of contemporary and regional, tropical decor. The Shangri-La is located inside an eco-reserve, and they have a marine sanctuary where you can view some of the incredible biodiversity of the Philippines.

2. Atlantis Dive Resort Dumaguete, Negros

Atlantis Dive Resort Dumaguete, Negros

Better known as Atlantis Dumaguete, located in the city of Dauin, on Negros Island, this is one of the best beach resorts in the Philippines for diving and seeing all of that biodiversity by yourself.

Dauin has established several sanctuaries for marine life, where fishing and boating are prohibited so that the Atlantis Dumaguete sits in a privileged place regarding critter diving.

It is one of the best resorts for divers on this list. They have 44 great rooms, an infinity pool, a spa, a beachfront restaurant, and offer guided boat dive trips every day. 

And if it happens to visit Negros Island in October, do not miss one of the biggest festivals in the Philippines, Masskara Festival.

3. Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa, Bohol

Amun Ini Beach Resort & Spa, Bohol

Located in Sitio Bas Dako, in Anda, this is the best resort in Bohol for those who want to relax, take it easy, and enjoy a great spa experience.

The resort itself is located just by an incredibly beautiful secluded location, surrounded by the rain forest on one side and the beach on the other. The beach is also incredible: it’s 300 meters of white sand and crystal clear waters.

It’s considered to be a top spa in the Philippines by Tripadvisor reviews, and they have plenty of certificates gained during the past few years.

The longhouses containing the 16 rooms look straight out of a movie, adding the feeling that is not just a beautiful resort, but a dream come true.

4. Bohol Beach Club, Bohol

bohol beach club resort

Maybe the best affordable resort in the Philippines, especially when they offer exceptional packages and deals during the different seasons and holidays.

Bohol Beach Club is located on the island of Panglao, in Bohol, and it’s only 5 km away from Panglao Island International Airport. The resort went through a major renovation in 2018, and one of the buildings got 20 new deluxe rooms.

The beach they are located in is very nice, as we come to expect in the Philippines. A few meters away from the sea, they have a very nice infinity pool that almost touches the beach sands.

It also has a shop called Club Aquasports where you could get a nice pair of beach shoes if you are not carrying one, and a fleet of new speed boats to take you on nice aqua tours.

5. Nay Palad, Siargao

Nay Palad Hideaway Resort Siargao Island

The Nay Palad Hideaway resort (formerly known as the Dedon Island Resort) is an extremely gorgeous beach resort located in Siargao Island, in Surigao del Norte. You can get here with a shuttle transfer from the Sayak Airport, located in Siargao Island.

This resort is all about mixing a luxurious life and tropical, beach life. Beyond being rated one of the top luxury resorts in the Philippines, it’s also a top surfing destination, with the incredible Cloud 9 barreling wave being a feature on their shores.

The resort was severely affected by Typhoon Odette in December 2021 and had to close for repairing the damage caused. I am glad that the resort back up and running and better than ever.

This one truly deserves to be visited!

6. Balesin Island Club, Balesin

Balesin Island Club Philippines

Located on the eastern side of Luzon, Balesin Island Club is a private, members-only paradise island. You can only get there by using their private jet.

To be able to enjoy the resorts and the island, however, one of the guests must hold a Balesin membership, so it is a very exclusive vacation destination.

Here you will find not just one Balesin island resort, but eight different types of resorts: each with uniquely different themes. They are spread across the 7 km of great beaches, on a 500-hectare tropical island.

Balesin Island Club focuses heavily on maintaining all of the facilities with the best possible environmental-friendly techniques, and because of this, they got awarded 2nd place in the Innovation in Enterprises category held in 2018 by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for excellence and innovation in tourism.

Address: Balesin Island Club, Polillo, 4339 Quezon, Philippines
Phone: +63 2 8846 6205

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7. South Palms Resort, Panglao

South Palms Resort bohol

The farm, beach, palm trees, and the equatorial landscape surrounding it comes together to deliver a great place for a tropical resort, the South Palms Resort.

It’s another great option in south Bohol and is only 10 minutes away from the Panglao Island International Airport. With 90 rooms and villas available and a top-rated spa called Zenses, this is another one of the best resorts in Bohol.

The infinity pool is big, and the resort itself is very elegant in its design. They have an organic farm called the South Farm, where tourists can partake in many different activities.

8. Miniloc Island Resort, El Nido

Miniloc Island Resort, El Nido

This rustic, real Filipino-style resort is located on Miniloc Island, in El Nido, Palawan province. You can get there by taking a plane to Lio Airport, and then a 45-minute boat ride to the island itself.

This authentic local place, combined with some of the best beach cottage designs in the Philippines, sets apart Miniloc Island resort from the rest. The cottages are fantastic, really attractive, and give instant access to the beach.

They host many lagoon exploration activities in the different bodies of water inside of the island.

9. Amanpulo Resort

Amanpulo Resort Palawan

This stunning resort on Pamalican Island, Palawan, is very reserved. You can only get to Amanpulo Resort by taking a private flight from Manila and landing on their own airstrip. The price for a roundtrip is $520 for adults and $310 for children.

Some consider it to be the most expensive island in the Philippines, and the resort definitely reflects that. Everything resonates luxury: supreme comfort and privacy is their motto, and the resort is surrounded by stunning, untouched nature, fine sand beaches, and gorgeous reefs.

It may not be for everyone, considering the prices involved (the cost of getting there alone may discourage some), but even relaxing on the beach here is on another level. 

Address: Archipelago, Pamalican Island, Cuyo, 5318 Palawan, Philippines
Phone: +63 2 7976 5200

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10. Two Seasons Coron Island Resort & Spa, Coron

Two Seasons Coron Island Resort and Spa

This tropical beach resort in Coron, Palawan is named Two Seasons for a reason: it sits in between two beautiful beaches on Coron Island, one facing west and another facing east.

You can watch the sunset and the sunrise sitting on the same beach, only a few meters away, making it one of the best beach resorts in the Philippines when it comes to overlooking the golden hours.

But if you get tired of the sea, they have a pool with a bar that is fairly large. To get there, you need to fly from Manila to Busuanga Airport (other airports in the Philippines have limited flights going there too), and then ride a boat to the island.

11. Pangulasian Island Resort, El Nido

El Nido Resorts Pangulasian Island

Pangulasian Island Resort is located on the “island of the sun”, in Bacuit Bay, and is considered one of the best beachfront resorts in El Nido. To get there you will have to take a plane to Lio Airport, and then it’s a 30 to 45-minute boat ride to the island itself.

This island resort is just in front of 750 meters of fine white sand beach, and the sea around it is a marine life sanctuary: swimming and diving at this Philippines resort are very much recommended.

They have 42 rooms with a contemporary Filipino style, and they are proud of themselves for being very green and sustainable.

12. Kandaya Resort, Cebu

Kandaya Resort Philippines

If you are looking for luxury in a Philippines resort, look no further. Kandaya Resort, located north of Cebu island has what you need. To get there, fly to Cebu and the resort is a short drive away going north.

Even if this 5-star luxury beach resort tends to be on the expensive side, it is worth it. They have many different accommodation options, so you can choose something that best suits you (and your wallet).

But all of them, from the simplest Daya Premiere room to the most gorgeous Ocean Pool villa, is designed with luxury and comfort in mind. The beachfront is stunning and the infinity pool is just fantastic.

13. Misibis Bay Resort, Albay

Misibis Bay Resort philippines

If you never heard of Mount Mayon, the most perfectly shaped volcano on earth, then you should visit Misibis Bay Resort, on Cagraray Island, Albay province. It’s also a very sought-after adventure and beach destination.

Getting here is only possible via road or boat ride from Legazpi, which is 50 min away flying from Manila. This waterfront beach resort has two pools, one being a very nice infinity pool, and the other being a lagoon pool.

The rooms are very high-end and comfortable, and their best accommodation option is a beach view villa with a private pool. 

14. Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort, Kopiat

Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort, Kopiat

Dusit Thani is a great beachfront resort located in Kopiat Island and can be reached both by land or sea. The boat there leaves the Davao City jetty, and the resort offers a luxury van to take you from Davao City, and it takes about one hour to reach the resort.

This is a gorgeous destination, with the scenery filled with coconut trees and palm trees, a beachfront with clear blue water, white sands, and a great sunset.

This Filipino beach is definitely a calmer one, with very low waves, and is sitting inside of the Davao Gulf. The resort itself is very beautiful and stylish, and the rooms are really amazing.

15. Crimson Resort and Spa, Boracay

Crimson Resort and Spa, Boracay

This tropical-themed waterfront beach resort is just 10 kilometers from the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport, so it’s really easy to reach. Located in Boracay island, it just opened in 2018, making it the youngest of the resorts on our list.

The location is amazing: the private beach is beautiful, the sands pristine and the water very welcoming. Selection of four restaurants and bars; many are open-air with sea views.

The beach and resort have both a contemporary Filipino inspired throughout, and it all feels very modern. They have a great three-tiered infinity pool, and the views from the top level are just stunning.

16. Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa, Bohol

Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa bohol

Considered one of the romantic getaways for couples in the Philippines, Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa is only about 4 km away from the Bohol-Panglao International airport.

Their deluxe villas with a pool are a major choice for honeymoon couples, and the beach sets the mood perfectly. The resort is within walking distance of the Tarsier Botanika, a very popular tourist attraction.

This resort was also hit by typhoon Odette but they are now back and welcoming visitors.

17. Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa

Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa

Considered a true ecological haven, Dos Palmas Island Resort is one of the best beach resorts in Puerto Princesa, Palawan Island. It’s only accessible by boat, and to get there you will need to take the boat ride from Honda Bay.

This beautiful Filipino resort is on a 20-hectare island and is the only human-made thing there. Nature is absolutely impressive – it almost feels unexplored, and you could be relaxing on the beach and feel like there is no human presence at all.

The villas and rooms are all rustic and tropical in their design, the infinity pool is excellent and the restaurant is rated one of the best in Palawan. It’s the definitive tropical resort.

18. Amorita Resort Panglao

amorita resort bohol

Amorita Resort is a great destination for your next luxury travel: it’s located in Panglao Island, Bohol province, and only 10 minutes away from Bohol-Panglao International Airport.

The resort is just in front of Alona beach, a gorgeous Filipino beach,  it has 2 amazing infinity pools and 4 dining places available.

The design of the resort, the villas, and the rooms are focused on luxury: they feel and look very high-end. No wonder it’s a very common wedding destination, as it is a very romantic scenery and environment.

19. Banwa Private Island, Palawan

Banwa Private Island, Palawan

This is not just one of the best beach resorts in the Philippines, but really one of the best resort islands. Located in the Palawan province, the only way to get to this island is via boat or private jet.

This island resort is in a marine-protected area, so it’s a fabulous place for divers. It’s also an excellent place to observe the natural life – if you enjoy bird watching, or always wanted to see baby sea turtles hatch, this is it.

The villas are incredible and unique, with an infinity pool each. The spa and dining are also very high-end. It is definitely worth a visit.

Address: Puerco Island, Roxas, 5308 Palawan, Philippines

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20. Plantation Bay Resort

Plantation Bay Resort Cebu

This is a real unique resort located in Mactan Island, Cebu. The resort encircles a lagoon, and from some of the rooms, you can even jump right into the water from the balcony!

It’s definitely a great romantic getaway for couples in the Philippines. They are also famous for the wonderful prenup and photo-shoot potential this place has.

It is extremely intagrammable, for sure, but it is also very cushy and luxurious. The concept is really different, and it’s for sure one of the most relaxing places in the Philippines. They are also on the beachfront, so if you want to swim in the open sea, you should give it a try.

Having your next visit to a resort in the Philippines is a fabulous experience, but choosing to stay at some of the best beach resorts in the Philippines can give you the great, amazing, and unforgettable experience you need for your next vacation.

Many of the resorts on our list are very luxury-minded and offer very high-end services and accommodations, but from our experience, it’s worth every penny. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy it!

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