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15 Best Hotels For All Tastes in Tagaytay in 2024


Tagaytay, officially the City of Tagaytay, is only 59 km from the city of Manila, the capital city of the Philippines, and is usually a preferred day trip for domestic travel.

It is also one of the most favored places for international tourism in the Philippines, because of its gorgeous scenery and higher altitude (and cooler climate as well). Many tourists come to Tagaytay for combining leisure with wellness as it has lots of spa and wellness resorts.

Join us on a virtual tour of the best hotels Tagaytay has to offer including the ones with Spa, or the ones with Taal views or the most luxurious or the budget friendly. There are some hidden private resorts in there as well!:

1. Taal Vista Hotel

taal vista hotel tagaytay

How best to start this list, but with a Taal view? The Taal Volcano, and the lake surrounding it, are a province away, in Batangas, but is an incredible sight nonetheless.

As the name suggests the Taal Vista hotel has one of the best view of the Volcano.

When you decide it’s time to stop sightseeing, the Casino Filipino is just across the hotel, with four on-site dining options, a spa, a fitness center, a kid’s corner and game room, and a swimming pool. 

Within walking distance, it sits Sky Ranch Tagaytay, an amusement park with 14 different attractions. If you decide to give it a go, you can book a full-day ticket all-you-can-ride here.

2. Anya Resort

Anya Resort tagaytay

Located only a half-hour away from Manila, you can find the Anya Resort Tagaytay. Certainly, one of the most luxurious hotels in Tagaytay.

It has 78 suites, and all of them look and feel very luxurious. It features big terraces or balconies, so you can enjoy the cool breeze outside. The Anya is a major place for more reserved weddings and events, as it’s a smaller-sized resort, but still extremely beautiful.

They have two restaurants: a contemporary Mediterranean and a poolside restaurant focused on comfort food. Speaking of the pool, it is heated and has 3 different levels. 

If you decide to have a dining experience at Anila Restaurant, you can buy an online voucher for a discounted price that can be used inside the resort’s restaurant.

3. OYO 825 Stay Plus Tagaytay

This is a 2-star accommodation in Tagaytay with private balconies, 8 km away from Picnic Grove, and 11 km away from People’s Park in the Sky. Taal Lake is 13 km away and the airport in Manila (the Manila Ninoy Aquino International Airport) is 58 km away.

This would be one of the cheap Tagaytay stay compared to other options on this list. This hotel has free wifi, but no pets are allowed on the premises, and they do not have free parking available.

Still, if all you care for is a bed to sleep in and plan on visiting the tourist attractions rather than staying at the hotel, consider this option.

4. Raffi’s Way Tagaytay

Raffi’s way is a Tagaytay house with a pool ready for your next time off. The 4 bedroom designer villa has large windows so that you can appreciate the mountain view even from the comfort of your room.

The rooms are very nice, and the décor is fitting to the house’s surroundings: it has a natural beauty to it. This is definitely a place in Tagaytay that you will want to enjoy every last minute of.

The private swimming pool is overlooking the Taal Volcano, and the rest of the rouse feels very rustic, mountain-like. 

Address: 132 Talisay Road 4120 Tagaytay City, Philippines

5. Crosswinds Resort Suites

Crosswinds Resort Suites tagaytay

Located in the Crosswinds leisure community, the 4-star Swiss-inspired hotel sure feels like you are in the Alps. It’s one of the top hotels in Tagaytay, with a 100-hectare property on the hillside, a place where people can definitely unwind and rest.

The Crosswinds Resort has a fresh mountain breeze every morning, and is perfumed by the “crisp scent of 20,000 pine trees”. And it may as well be even more than that: looking at the panoramic view of the mountains we can only guess how many trees they have.

This is a very special place for your next stay in Cavite, and sure is one of the best hotels  in Tagaytay.

If you are into hiking, do remember to carry your hiking sandals and you could go for a decent 1.8km hike to the Peoples Park in the Sky atop the Mount Sungay, the highest spot in Cavite province.

6. Hotel Girasol Tagaytay

This is the best option if what you want is to have nice gourmet tourism in Tagaytay. Relaxing is fine and all, but enjoying a gourmet meal with your special someone is even better.

They have very nice rooms with views that are indeed very good and the décor is very elegant. The main attraction here, however, is the dining experience.

They feature a bed and breakfast mentality that is what you would be looking for in a culinary stay. Maybe they do have the best bed and breakfast in Tagaytay, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

7. Chalet de Tagaytay

Chalet de Tagaytay

This is an Airbnb in Tagaytay overlooking the mountainside, it can receive up to 6 guests and it has a rustic chalet feel to it, for sure. There is a lot of parking space available, which is nice, and a fairly large balcony for the guests to enjoy.

Staying in an Airbnb may be a lot better than an old fashion, regular accommodation such as a hotel or resort. You talk directly to the owner of the place, so you can be sure to get what you are paying for.

8. Frontera Tagaytay Mountain Private Resort

Frontera Tagaytay Mountain Private Resort

This is a group of 3 rest houses located in Tagaytay that can be your next paradise spot for a holiday. We can see why finding a Tagaytay house for rent overnight, overlooking the mountains can be a difficult task, but here they have 3 of them!

The Frontera Grand Villa, the Frontera’s Supreme, and the Frontera Super Villa, all are a Tagaytay house with a pool, so you can relax while you enjoy the view. The Frontera Super Villa has a heated indoor pool, so even on rainy days, you can enjoy your stay.

Address: Calamba Rd 1309 Tagaytay City, Philippines
Phone: +63 945 775 5460

Check price on »

9. Escala Tagaytay

Escala Tagaytay

This option is one of the Tagaytay spots closer to Tagaytay city itself, and not perched into the mountains. It still has a great panoramic view of Taal Volcano.

Staying closer to the city has its advantages: you can go shopping or dining that maybe you couldn’t at the mountain tops. They have 60 rooms, free breakfast, an on-site restaurant, and free parking. This is not pet-friendly, and smoking is prohibited.

10. Hotel Monticello

Hotel Monticello tagaytay

Hotel Monticello is a 4-star hotel with plenty of facilities but at the same time is an affordable stay in Tagaytay. It has a business center, a gym, a multi-purpose hall, and 2 pools.

Hotels in Tagaytay with pools are in very high demand, and it makes sense. After doing tourist stuff, all we want is to relax and enjoy the end of our small vacation away from home.

They also offer massage services, as long as you book them first, so you can relax even better.

Only 10 minutes’ drive away you will find Paradizoo, nature and wildlife park.

11. 8 Suites by Fat Jimmy Tagaytay

8 Suites by Fat Jimmy Tagaytay

The name doesn’t lie: it has exactly that, 8 suites, and each one of them with its own unique style and charm. The mandatory Tagaytay Taal Lake and surrounding nature views are present – each room is equipped with nice big windows.

This resthouse in Tagaytay also has a great balcony with just that in mind. Despite it being literally a house, it does offer daily housekeeping, room service, and breakfast, just like a hotel.

They offer massage services too, but you have to book at least one hour in advance.

12. Twin Lakes Hotel

As far as hotels in Tagaytay go, this one is looking the best so far. The exterior of the hotel is just gorgeous, and it looks like a European palace of the 18th century.

It certainly goes well with the mountain vibe we are looking for in Tagaytay. It has 126 rooms, all with balconies, a heated outdoor infinity pool, a cafe with a viewing deck, and the great view itself, of course.

They even feature a community vineyard you can go to pick your own grapes and a shopping village nearby. What a cool thing to do!

13. T House Tagaytay

T House in Tagaytay

In the last few months, it has been very hard to find open hotels in Tagaytay, but that is changing fast. One of the first to open was the T House Tagaytay, which offers a very nice pool with a jacuzzi, the Tranquility Spa, and the gourmet Hiraya Cafe restaurant.

They accept pets, so you can take your fur friends along. They do offer shorter packages for their hotel, so if you are looking for a 5-hour spa & pool package, you should ask them before.

14. Nurture Wellness Village

Nurture Wellness Village

Nurture Wellness Village is a spa and wellness resort in Tagaytay and at the core of their philosophy is to offer you an “Ecotherapy” while maintaining their services with the authentic Filipino standard.

Nurture Wellness Village’s focus is on your well-being and on the spa lifestyle. To that end, their rooms, dining experience, and premises are all well thought out to be as relaxing and eco-friendly as possible.

They have many different packages available for the staycation, some better than others, and for the spa services as well. The perfect spa Tagaytay getaway.

If you prefer not to stay overnight then you should consider checking a Nurture Wellness Village Spa Experience tour – one of the best-rated tours available.

15. The Lake Hotel Tagaytay

The Lake Hotel Tagaytay

The Lake Hotel is just what the name implies: a hotel in Tagaytay overlooking Taal Lake. It’s a 3-story building, with Mediterranean inspiration on its design.

Their rooms are elegant and comfortable, and all of them feature a balcony where you can overlook the lake. It has KTV lounges, a game room, a fitness center, a kid’s playroom, an on-site restaurant, an indoor heated pool, and an outdoor infinity pool.

It certainly feels like one of the top hotels in Tagaytay, and the view from there is really impressive and unique.

Just 3 minutes walking from this resort you can pamper yourself at Qiwellness Living Spa where you can book a lymphatic drainage massage or deep tissue massage.