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Koh Mook Travel Guide for Tourists

koh mook travel guide

If you are looking for somewhere a little quieter and off the beaten track for your next trip to Southeast Asia, look no further than Koh Mook, Thailand. Many people just visit the island for a day trip from Koh Lanta.

However, if you stay for a few days, you’ll really get to enjoy the peace and beauty this destination offers. Located on the Andaman Sea, it’s about an hour from the mainland and Koh Lanta.

Today I’m going to share with you my travel guide to Koh Mook island, detailing everything you need to know to plan your next trip.

Koh Mook Useful Information

koh mook palm tree
Photo by Elina Sazonova from Pexels

Thai Visa

Visa requirements for Thailand depend on where you’re from. Visitors from the UK or the U.S. don’t need a tourist visa unless they are staying for over 30 days.

For visitors from some other countries, you’ll need to apply for a Thai tourist visa, and some nationalities can get this upon arrival at the airport.

Thai Currency

The currency throughout Thailand is the Thai baht. Thailand is a great budget destination, and you’ll want to budget about $50 a day for spending. Currently, $1 = 33THB and 1£ = 45BHT.

Tipping on Koh Mook Island

As with anywhere in Thailand, tipping is not considered customary. However, for good service, it is very much appreciated. Of course, with the increase in tourists, tips have become more expected in major tourist areas throughout the country.

Thailand Time Zone

Thailand follows UTC+07:00, so Thailand Standard Time is 7 hours in front of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

How to Get to Koh Mook Island

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The best way to get to Ko Mook is from Trang or Koh Lanta. You’ll find that some of the ferry services only run in the high season, which is between November and April. Make sure you check the timetable when planning your visit.

Koh Lanta to Koh Mook

From Koh Lanta to Koh Mook, you will need to travel by speedboat. The journey runs every day of the week and lasts about 75 minutes. The last time I went there it cost me 650 baht to get from an island to the other one.

From Trang

From Trang, you will first take a minivan to Kuan Tung Ku Pier. After that, you take the ferry to Ko Muk.

You can buy a joint ticket to include both parts of the journey, and the total journey time is around 75 minutes (45 minutes for the bus and 30 minutes for the ferry).

You can check transportation options here!

Best Time to Visit Koh Mook

koh lanta group of backpackers

You can visit Koh Mook at any time of the year, but the best time to visit is between November and April. This is the main tourist season in Thailand, and you’ll experience hot weather and lower humidity.

This means you have the perfect weather for exploring and relaxing on the beach. In the summer months, you’ll experience high rainfall, which might change your day-to-day activities.

Where to Stay in Koh Mook

For a small island, Koh Mook offers a wide range of accommodation options for all budgets. Here are some of my top choices for your next stay:

Koh Mook Hostel

Koh Mook Hostel
Koh Mook Hostel. Source:

For backpackers traveling on a budget or solo travelers, Koh Mook Hostel is a great option. It’s just a ten-minute walk from Sivalai Beach, and there is free wi-fi throughout the hostel.

The rooms are spotless and bright, and it’s a sociable place to meet fellow travelers. The price for a night starts from $10 for a bunk bed.

Mook Ing Lay

Mook Ing Lay Koh Mook
Mook Ing Lay. Source:

For a mid-range option, consider Mook Ing Lay. These are private bungalows located right next to the pier and beach. There’s a lovely communal garden to relax in here. For the price, it offers fantastic value for a private bungalow.

Mook Lamai Resort and Spa

Mook Lamai Resort and Spa
Mook Lamai Resort and Spa. Source:

If you are looking for a resort experience on the island, Mook Lamai is a great choice and is a ten-minute drive from Farang Beach and Morakot Cave. There is a beautiful pool on-site and 24-hour front desk service.

The island’s scenery and beaches are just stunning, and I’m sure you’ll be as impressed as I was if you travel to Koh Mook island on your next trip to Thailand.