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Can You Bring Deodorant on a Plane? (According to TSA Rules)

deodorant on a plane

One of the most confusing rules for traveling by plane is the types and amount of toiletries you are allowed to bring with you in your carry-on luggage. So many restrictions apply, not only to carry-on luggage but to checked luggage as well. 

I’ve experienced my fair share of traveling around by airplane and have grown accustomed to the different rules and regulations surrounding personal care items.

I’ve come to learn that deodorant is one of the items people have the most questions about when packing for travel.

So, can you bring deodorant on a plane? Keep reading to find out. In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about how to fly with deodorant.  

Is Deodorant A Liquid? 

According to the TSA, some deodorants qualify as a liquid and must follow the same restrictions as other types of liquids when placed in your carry-on luggage. The types of deodorant that qualify as a liquid for airplane travel purposes include spray, gel, liquid, cream, pastes, and roll-on kinds. 

Because the air in airplanes can be stuffy and requires people to sit in close quarters, many travelers opt to bring deodorant with them in their carry-on.

It’s important to know if your type of deodorant meets the requirements for packing it as a liquid. Otherwise, the TSA agent could confiscate it during the security checkpoint.   

Can You Take Deodorant On A Plane? 

a set of deodorants

Yes, you can take deodorant and antiperspirant on a plane in both your carry-on luggage and your checked baggage. All types of solid deodorants are allowed in your carry-on luggage without needing to be packed in a clear zip-lock bag.

You can also pack this item in your checked luggage without any limitations. 

Spray (including aerosols), gel, liquid, cream, pastes, and roll-on types of deodorants are classified as liquids by the TSA, and you must follow the defined rules for transporting liquids in both your carry-on and checked baggage.

You must place the liquids in 3.4-ounce containers within clear, quart-sized bags for your carry-on luggage. For checked luggage, you must follow the TSA guidelines regarding limitations on medicinal and toiletry articles, as there are restrictions on the amount of each of these items that you can pack when traveling.  

Does Deodorant Have To Be In A Ziplock Bag? 

For carry-on luggage, you DO NOT have to place any solid deodorant in a ziplock bag. For deodorants that qualify as liquids, you must put them in a 3.4-ounce container within a quart-sized ziplock bag to take them in your carry-on luggage. Ziplock bags are not required for checked baggage.   

TSA Guidelines for Deodorant

If you ever asked yourself if you can bring deodorant on a plane, it is helpful to know the specific TSA guidelines for deodorant

For Carry-On Luggage

  • You can pack solid deodorants in your carry-on luggage without any restriction. You do not need to put them in a zip-lock bag, and the size of the deodorant is not restricted. 
  • The carry-on deodorant size for those that are classified as liquids (spray, gel, liquid, cream, pastes, and roll-on) must be no larger than 3.4 ounces (100 mL) and placed in a clear quart-sized ziplock bag.  

For Checked Luggage

  • You can pack solid deodorants in your checked luggage without any restriction. 
  • Deodorants that are classified as liquids (spray, gel, liquid, cream, pastes, and roll-on) must follow the limits set forth by the FAA regarding the total amount of restricted medicine and toiletry items.

    The total quantity per person of all of these types of items within checked luggage cannot exceed 70 ounces (2 kg) or 68 fluid ounces (2 L). Each container’s capacity must not exceed 18 ounces (0.5 kg) or 17 fluid ounces (500 mL). 

Remember, the TSA security officer has the final say in whether or not any specific item is allowed to pass through the checkpoint. 

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Is Deodorant Allowed In Carry-On Luggage? 

hand luggage for airplane

Yes, deodorant of all types is allowed in your carry-on luggage. If the deodorant is solid, you can bring it with you on the plane in your carry-on luggage without any restriction.

If the deodorant qualifies as a liquid (spray, gel, liquid, cream, pastes, and roll-on), you must follow the TSA rules and restrictions regarding packing liquids in your carry-on luggage. 

Can You Pack Deodorant In Checked Baggage?

checked in luggage in airport

Yes, deodorants of all types can be packed within your checked baggage. Solid deodorants do not have any rules or restrictions for packing them with your checked bag.

Liquid deodorants (spray, gel, liquid, cream, pastes, and roll-on) must follow the FAA rules and limits for restricted medicinal and toiletry items.

If your deodorant is an aerosol, you must protect the release button/nozzle with a cap or other suitable device to avoid the accidental discharge of the liquid.    

Our Tips And Recommendations 

Now that you know the answer to “Can you take deodorant on a plane?” here are my recommendations for traveling with deodorant. 

  • Purchase a travel-sized deodorant for your carry-on luggage, especially if you use one of the types that qualify as a liquid. This practice will prevent it from getting confiscated at the security checkpoint.
  • If you forget to pack your deodorant in your carry-on, you can purchase it at the duty-free store after you’ve passed through security. I always like to have readily available deodorant when traveling as a quick way to freshen up between flights.