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Can You Bring a Blanket On A Plane? (According to TSA Rules)

bringing a blanket in a plane

When traveling by plane, staying comfortable makes for a better overall trip. Having a personal blanket is one of those ways to take a small piece of home with you on your travels. 

People often ask me, “Can you bring a blanket on a plane? And if so, are there any restrictions or rules?” I certainly understand wanting to be prepared and not having to turn over your favorite travel blanket to TSA security. 

Here I’ll tell you everything you need to know about bringing a blanket on a plane and provide some great tips and recommendations you can use on your next flight. 

Can You Take a Blanket On a Plane? 

blanket on a plane
Blanket for Plane

Yes, you can bring your own blanket with you on a plane. TSA rules allow blankets in both carry-on and checked luggage without any restrictions.

They also do not require you to remove the blanket from your carry-on luggage during security. 

Even though many airlines will supply you with a blanket if asked, they often are thin, scratchy, or not very warm.

If you’re like me, you’ll want a blanket for the airplane that you know will keep you warm enough during a long flight and allow you to feel comfortable enough to nap.

Can You Ask for A Blanket On A Plane? 

Yes, you can ask for a blanket on a plane, but remember that not all airlines will have them available. Some budget airlines do not have these items at all. Others, like JetBlue, charge a fee for airline blankets.

Delta offers them for free, but only for passengers on international flights.  

If you use the blanket provided by the plane, there is no guarantee that another passenger has not already used it that day.

Some airlines note that they launder blankets after every flight, but others only wash these items at the end of the day.

Research the specifics of your airline before making a decision. 

asking a sterwardess for a blanket

Can You Bring Blankets On A Flight For A Baby? 

According to TSA, if you travel with a baby, you can bring your own blankets for the infant on your flight. Simply fold and pack it in your carry-on luggage to use during the flight.

If the blanket is not packed in your luggage, it may count as your personal item. 

Since temperatures in an airplane cabin can vary drastically, you should always bring blankets with you when traveling with an infant to ensure their comfort during the flight.

A blanket from home can also help a baby feel more secure when flying in an unfamiliar environment. 

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Our Tips and Recommendations 

I’ve found that having a good travel blanket with me during flights helps with my overall comfort and trip enjoyment. Here are a few other tips that I have regarding blankets on airplanes. 

  • Make sure to pack your plane blanket in your carry-on luggage if possible so it won’t count as your “personal item” on the plane. 
  • You can also take a weighted blanket with you on the plane to help with relaxation or anxiety.

Just make sure that the weight you choose is appropriate for carry-on luggage, and ensure that it doesn’t cause your bag to exceed the carry-on weight requirements set by your airline. 

If you’re in the market for a new travel blanket for your next trip, my team and I researched and tried many, and here are our recommendations for the best travel blankets on the market.  

How To Fold a Blanket Into Itself

To best fit your blanket into your checked or carry-on luggage, you will want to fold it as neatly and compactly as possible, especially if it is a bulkier blanket.  

folding a blanket for travel
Blanket Folded

Time needed: 1 minute

Here are the steps to take to properly fold your travel blanket for your luggage.

  1. Open the blanket completely on a flat surface and smooth out any creases. 

  2. Fold one of the long sides toward the middle of the blanket. 

  3. Repeat this folding step for the other long side.

    The two sides will meet in the center. Your blanket will now look like a rectangle. 

  4. Fold each short end of the blanket so they meet in the middle of the blanket. 

  5. If the blanket is bulky, insert each of the ends into the opening of the other.

    This step will help the blanket stay folded neatly. 

Once you have neatly folded the blanket this way and secured the ends inside each other, you can easily use it as a pillow during your flight.


Does a Blanket Count as a Personal Item? 

If you do not specifically pack your blanket in your carry-on luggage but carry it separately, the airline will count it as your one personal item, and you may not be able to bring another, such as a purse, laptop, or backpack. 

Does a Blanket Count as a Carry-On Item?

If packed within your carry-on back, a blanket will not count as a separate carry-on item. However, if you do not pack your blanket within your carry-on bag, it will count as a separate carry-on item and be considered your personal item that is allowed on the plane.