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Can You Bring a Blender on a Plane? According to TSA Rules

my blender for my plane trip

Occasionally when I travel, I need to bring certain household items with me so I can use them when I get to my destination.

On a recent trip to meet some friends at the beach, I wanted to bring my blender with me to make my daily smoothie each morning.

As I packed, I realized I had never really considered packing an item like that before, so I found myself asking if I can bring a blender on a plane.

Realizing that others may have this question of their own, I decided to put together this guide that tells you everything I learned from my research about bringing a blender on a plane.  

Can You Take a Blender On a Plane? 

Yes, according to the TSA regulations in the United States, you can take a blender with you on a plane both in your handheld (carry-on) luggage and your checked baggage. However, the TSA has some special instructions for a blender if you bring it with you in your carry-on instead of checked luggage.  

If traveling in a non-TSA airport, make sure that you review the airport-specific or airline-specific rules and regulations regarding what you can and cannot pack in your luggage. 

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TSA Rules for Taking Your Blender With You 

If you pack your blender in your checked baggage, you must make sure that you secure and wrap or sheath the blades. This step ensures that any security personnel that must search the luggage does not get injured. 

If you choose to bring your blender in your carry-on luggage, you must remove the blades from the blender altogether. These blades should then be wrapped or sheathed securely and placed in your checked luggage. 

Our Tips and Recommendations 

Remember, although the TSA rules are consistent and standardized, you should also check with your airport to determine if it has its own rules for things that you can pack in your carry-on baggage or checked luggage

If traveling in an airport that uses TSA security, the security officer can make the final call regarding any items you can or cannot bring on the plane.

If you are traveling in airports outside of the United States, the rules and regulations regarding what you can bring may also vary. 

I also recommend investing in a portable travel blender for your trip, as they are easier to pack. Here we’ve researched and provided our recommendations for these excellent portable travel blenders that we tried and tested.