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8 Best Water Shoes for Beach (2023 Buying Guide & Review)

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As an experienced beach-goer, I understand the importance of having the right gear for a comfortable and safe experience. Water shoes are essential for protecting your feet from sharp objects, providing good traction on slippery surfaces, and preventing sunburn.

In this article, I will be sharing my top picks for the best water shoes for the beach, based on my analysis of customer reviews, product features, and prices.

To ensure you make an informed decision, I have used a comprehensive testing methodology that considers factors such as comfort, durability, and performance.

Whether you’re swimming, snorkeling, or walking along the shore, a good pair of water shoes can make all the difference in your beach experience. So, let’s dive into my top picks of beach water shoes and find the perfect pair for you.

Best Water Shoes for Women

Speedo Women’s Surfwalker 3.0 Water Shoe

Our team has personally used the women’s ocean shoes from Speedo and can attest to their quality. With a 100% neoprene upper and stretchy material, these shoes make it easy to slide your feet in and provide a secure fit that keeps them from slipping off in the water.

You’ll be safe on even the rockiest of surfaces thanks to the S-trac outsole. Based on our experience, we confidently recommend the Speedo swimming sandals for anyone in need of comfortable and secure footwear for beach activities.


  • Made from quick-drying material
  • Stretchy upper means they are easy to pull on and off even when wet
  • Outsole ensures that you won’t slip over, even on rocky surfaces


  • Only available in black or navy colors
  • Insert of the shoe moves about after several uses, which can be uncomfortable

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Columbia Women’s Drainmaker Iv Breathable Water Shoe

If you are looking for the ideal beach walking shoes, Columbia’s Drainmaker shoes are ideal for that use. They look more like a traditional trainer than some of the other beach water shoes on this list but offer all of the same benefits.

Upon using this product, we found that the rubber sole provides excellent cushioning and impact absorption, making it comfortable to walk in these shoes.

They feature adjustable laces, which means you can fit them perfectly to your feet. Thanks to the high-traction grip on the soles, you’ll be safe walking whether you are on a wet or dry surface.


  • Omni-grip system is ideal for walking on a multitude of surfaces, even including ice and snow
  • Adjustable laces
  • Perfect for walking along the beach or for use on the deck of boats
  • High-traction grip ensures you won’t slip over on wet or dry surfaces
  • Very lightweight shoe
  • Quick draining and drying


  • When you first get them, they can be quite stiff and uncomfortable for a few days of wear
  • Don’t fit well to anyone with wider feet
  • Better for use on the shore and boats rather than swimming, as they are larger in design than some tight-fitting water sports shoes

Best Watershoes for Men

Body Glove Men’s 3T Barefoot Cinch Water Shoe

The design of this water walking shoes packing list.

Our tests showed that the three-toe design of these shoes provides excellent grip when walking on the beach or in the water. I particularly appreciate the stretchy material that conforms to the shape of your feet and stays securely in place during various activities.

They are really quick to dry thanks to the Integrated Drainage System.


  • They fit tightly to your feet, so they are perfect for swimming and water sports
  • These feature an Integrated Drainage System, allowing water and air to move well through the shoes


  • This design does not appeal to everyone, and they aren’t very versatile for wearing as everyday shoes
  • No arch support
  • The three toe design may take a little getting used to the first few times of wear

Vibdiv Men’s Water Shoes – Quick Drying Outdoor Lightweight Sports Aqua Shoes

If you are looking for a pair of shoes for the beach that looks more like trainers, these are a great option. They have a great shoelace design, meaning they will come on and off easily, and you can adjust them to fit your feet perfectly.

The upper of the shoe is breathable and quick-drying. While they look more like sneakers, they are incredibly lightweight and safe for use on uneven surfaces.


  • Suitable for use on many different occasions
  • Easy to pull on and off thanks to the shoelaces and elastic neckline
  • Quick-drying and breathable
  • Very lightweight sole, which will cushion your feet from sharp surfaces
  • They come in a great range of colors


  • These sea shoes offer minimal arch support
  • Check the sizing chart carefully before ordering to ensure you don’t get too big or small swim sandals
  • Sand may get into the shoes while in use

Speedo Men’s Water Shoe Tidal Cruiser

For a classic pair of comfortable water shoes, you know you are in good hands with Speedo.

These are made from mesh and synthetic materials and have a neoprene collar which makes them easy to pull on and off.

They are a secure-fitting pair of water park shoes that can be used on multiple occasions. Thanks to the mesh structure, they are well-ventilated and quick-drying.


  • Easy to pull on and off your feet thanks to the neoprene collar
  • Securely fitting which makes them ideal for active adventures
  • Quick-drying and well ventilated
  • Non-slip soles make them safe to use at the beach or by the swimming pool


  • Sizing is very off – pay close attention to the sizing chart before ordering
  • Only available in two colors, which are both quite dark and dull
  • Waterproof Beach Shoes

Best Unisex Waterproof Beach Shoes

Crocs Unisex-Adult Classic Clog Water Shoes

Crocs water shoes are one of the most popular types of beach shoes. They are available in an extensive range of colors and are suitable for men, women, and children.

After using this product, our team found that the Crocs are highly breathable, thanks to the ventilation holes that allow water to easily drain out of the shoes.

The heel straps provide a secure fit, while the slip-on design makes it easy to put them on and take them off. These shoes are versatile enough to be worn for any occasion, making them an excellent choice for everyday wear during your beach trip.


  • Available in an extensive range of colors and sizes, so you can choose a pair to fit your personal style
  • Easy to pull on and off from your feet when out and about for the day
  • Heel strap pivots to give a more secure fit
  • Easy to clean after use with just soap and water
  • Ideal for any occasion and trip, and you can wear them inside and outside


  • Quite a bulky design and they don’t fit closely to the feet unlike some of the Best water shoes for the beach
  • The holes and design of the shoes allow far more sand and debris in, especially when compared to some of the best aqua shoes which are tight-fitting
  • Not as comfortable for swimming due to the looser fit

Mishansha Men’s Women’s Water Shoes

These have recently been added to my Southeast Asia essentials list, as they are such a high-quality and long-lasting pair of shoes. They do really great for the beach and walking but are not the best when it comes to being used as water hiking shoes.

They come in an incredible range of colors and designs, making them ideal for men and women. They are foldable, which means they are perfect for taking on a day out when you don’t have much space in your bag.

Made from breathable lycra, they are lightweight and quick-drying as any should be. For security, they have an elastic drawstring, ensuring they won’t fall off your feet while enjoying your day in the water.


  • Made from a breathable lycra material
  • Foldable which makes them easy to carry on days out and during your travels
  • Ideal for a wide range of uses including swimming, paddle boarding, and playing beach volleyball
  • They have an elastic drawstring, ensuring these vacation shoes will stay securely on your feet
  • The bottom of the shoe features drainage holes, so you won’t be sloshing around with water in your water beach shoes all day long


  • The sole of the shoes is very thin, so they wouldn’t be useful for hiking over a long period of time
  • Not the sturdiest of shoes, so don’t expect great support for your feet or ankles

Investing in a good pair of water shoes is a must for any beachgoer. The best ones are comfortable, lightweight, and provide excellent traction.

Personally, I recommend Columbia Drainmaker for women and Body Glove 3T Barefoot for men. Don’t hesitate to invest in a quality pair – your feet (and your beach vacation) will thank you!

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