A little bit ABOUT ME


Hi and welcome to my website! I have the best job in the world, traveling everywhere I feel the calling.


Heya! My name is Catalin Geangos, a 33 year-old digital nomad, full-time traveler, travel blogger, photographer, and videographer originally from Romania.

I work as a professional photographer and videographer, focusing on working with hostels and resorts. Please visit my "Work With Me" page if you want to learn more.

I earned my Bachelor's degree and MBA at the prestigious Bucharest University of Economic Studies. I jumped around from job to job for a while before making the decision to start my own company, which took off well but eventually tanked.

At this point, in 2014, I connected with friends in the UK and decided to visit. This was the best decision I had ever made.

I secured a stable job at a warehouse, and a considerable amount of my earnings went into travel. One of my favorite hobbies, poker, began to earn me a decent amount of money throughout this time.

I relocated to Nottingham, renowned for its card rooms, and I started playing more regularly. I built a comfortable lifestyle, traveled frequently, and lived this way for a while.

catalin geangos drinking wine
catalin geangos from traveltrained playing poker

Pursuing a Travel Blogging Career

In 2019, full-time travel became achievable for me. A few big wins I had made in poker financed this. I traveled around Europe for a few months and made my way to Asia.

I invested in camera equipment to log my adventures and create content. At this point, I also started a travel blog. 

This was when I began shooting videos and creating other content within the nightlife niche of the travel industry. I had noticed a lack of content in this niche.

Most of the travel reviews I had come across touched on exploring cultural roots, foods, museums, etc., all extremely valuable but very easy to come by.

I decided to cater to the tourists looking for what I specialized in - finding and highlighting the best bars, pubs, clubs, and hidden gems to have fun and grab a drink at.

From here, I branched out, working directly with hostels and resorts to promote and create content for them. 

This has come together through my website and various social media accounts. I also run an Instagram page that notifies when all my avenues are updated and ties things together further.

I regularly update my blog, touching mainly on topics from Southeast Asia. Recently, I focused more on the beach resorts, hostels, travel destinations and accessories travelers need to have.

Similarly, my videos and Youtube channel, in general, are excellent resources for those looking to travel to specific places, what to do and know before a trip, and even how to become a full-time traveler and start a travel blog.

My plan is to start posting regularly on Youtube where I will review organized day trips and tours.

What's Next?

I've traveled to six countries this year and have added two more to my "to go" list.

📍📍📍 I currently reside in Romania after returning from Albania, Germany, Croatia, and Hungary.

I plan to return to Southeast Asia in February of 2022 and finish the travel-related work I started there - creating hostel, resort, day trips and tours, travel itineraries, and other content to enlighten fellow adventure seekers.

I plan on continuing the nomadic lifestyle for the foreseeable future.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

For collaborations, please check the link below.

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