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world nomads travel insurance

Back in the day, when I was still a child, I have longed to travel the world. I remember, during a class, looking at all those flags of the world, and wondered if I could visit all of them.

I would look thru pictures and see the different tourist spots around the world. It was fascinating as a kid when my mind was not yet limited with my imagination still able to run wild.

As I got older, more and more things started to fill my mind. New priorities came. For many of us, our childhood dreams like travelling the world would get drown by the many stresses of life.

However, some of us were still able to hold on to that dream and even got to fulfil it. It’s amazing when you finally get out of your comfort zone and start exploring the world around you.

However, these excursions don’t come without risks. Whenever we move around in this beautiful world, there are always risks involved.

To fulfil our travelling dreams and to ensure that we are actively managing these risks, I would like to talk to you about the one most reliable thing that protects us during our travels – insurance.

Do I Need Backpacker Travel Insurance?

The short answer is yes. Getting insurance is vital when travelling, especially if you are planning on doing it in the backpacker way. Many times, things will go smoothly and you will say, “I didn’t need that insurance after all.”

Well, good for you. But not all travels end up smoothly. Most of us, when we travel, have a set budget. We make sure that our expenses are within that budget to make sure we get the most out of our travels.

However, getting sick while travelling is not that far off. Many travellers get sick from trying out new dishes, getting allergies, or even having an accident in one of the many adventures you do.

When this happens and you don’t have travel insurance, this would mean the end of the trip. All of your budget gone since your usual medical insurance doesn’t cover you overseas. Bearing that in mind, I can tell you that getting travel Insurance is all worth it!

3 Main Things You Need Coverage For

Medical Expenses and Medical Evacuation

This is the biggest threat when travelling. Any medical need, especially outside of your home country requires a ton of money.

Depending on where you are, medical expenses can pile up pretty quickly. If you want that peace of mind that whatever happens, you can come home, then make sure you have this covered.


You’ve prepared for this trip for over a year. You saved every penny you can and you have everything planned. You already have all the places marked, activities booked, hotel reservations made, etc.

But suddenly, on the day of your travel, something much more important happened and you cannot go on your trip. Many have experienced this and cancelling a trip can be very expensive.

I know some friends who had no choice but to let one of their closest friends or family take the trip instead, just to not waste the planning and money already spent.

This situation is heart-breaking and you would wish you can cancel and at least have some of your money refunded. Well, the good thing is that some insurance companies cover this.

Lost, or Stolen Baggage

Losing something is never a good feeling, but most of the time we can get over it quickly depending on the item that was lost. But imagine losing your baggage from an airline check-in, or your things were stolen at the airport.

I assure you, it’s not easy to move on from that. When your bag goes missing, you can’t just replace those items. Some of those are your carefully selected essentials for the trip that you planned for! If you secured travel insurance, they could have at least lessened your burden.

As you can see, getting travel insurance is essential when travelling, especially in a foreign country. If you are a backpacker or plan to be one, get your backpackers insurance or backpacking insurance to make sure that you are safe and well.

Where to Get Travel Insurance?

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Many companies offer travel insurance for holidays, usually up to 60 days, but only a few for long term travel. However, if you would like to go around the world like all those traveling nomads, then I would recommend along with SafetyWing and True Traveller.

It is not the most affordable travel insurance but some would say they have the best travel insurance for backpackers and the best travel insurance for Southeast Asia.

No matter how you want to categorize this company, here are a few things I want you to know about and why you should get your insurance from them.

  • They have reliable and trusted underwriters. is a leader in this industry. They make sure that all of their clients and policyholders are cared for at all times. This is a key factor why I recommend you to get your insurance from them.

They have a strong team of specialist travel insurers who are available 24 hours a day to assist in any emergency with the highest level of support. It will help you with your claims at the most crucial of times. They will make sure you get the help you need when you need it.

  • Plans have great flexibility.

When we forget something when travelling, most often there is not much choice but to move on without it. But with, forgetting something in your policy is not a cause for worry.

You can simply buy more coverage or even make a claim online while still overseas. If you forgot to get a policy, you can still get one even if you are in the middle of your travels.

  • Wide range of coverage for adventure activities

If you are looking for that extra excitement and thrill in your travels, World Nomads got you covered. They cover a range of adventure sports activities, one of which you might be planning to do. They have hiking insurance, bungee jumping, skiing, snowboarding, and many more!

  • Help you keep travelling safely

When travelling, we need a lot of information. The internet has a lot of information but sometimes it feels like drinking from a first hydrant. We just can’t consume that much information, especially when wrong information is added into the mix.

We want to get reliable information when we need it the most. As a policyholder of, you will have full access to’s travel alerts, safety advice, and tips on where to go and what to do to make sure that your travels are safe.

We can access this through the World Nomads Travel Safety Hub. With this, we get the right information at the right time.

Now, let’s talk about the different packages of

First off, this information will not be extensive enough and is not full disclosure of their products. This will be my attempt to summarize it so you have a better idea of what they offer.

Choose Your Cover

Standard Plan

This plan has two options: one for a single traveler and another for Couples, Duo, or a Family. They have the same coverage but with differing amounts. The most important of any travel insurance is the Emergency Medical & Dental expenses.

This is the main thing that is covered by any of the packages they have to offer. Simply put, when you need to spend on medical needs while travelling, World Nomad health insurance will take care of it with certain limitations.

The next most important item is Medical Evacuation and Repatriation. They will cover your expenses in case you need to be evacuated or repatriated due to medical reasons.

This is especially important if you fall into serious illness or injury. There will be times when the place you are travelling to does not have the medical capacity to treat you and getting you home is the best option.

As I mentioned before, Cancellations are a pain, the same with trip interruptions. Luckily, these are covered in your Standard Plan so the stress is lesser when it does happen.

Then comes the coverage on your belongings. Lost items, theft, delayed baggage, etc. All of these are also covered with certain limitations based on the policy.

Lastly for this package, they will also cover Personal Liability or any Third Party compensation and legal expenses that you may incur during your trip.

It’s best to stay clear of this as legal consequences in a foreign land are not pleasant at all. But just in case something does happen, WorldNomads will help you make amends with this coverage.

Explorer Plan

Same with the standard plan, this comes with a single and Couple/Duo or Family variant. As mentioned above, what’s covered are the same but with different coverage amounts.

As you may have guessed, this is the more expensive plan. So, it’s safe to assume that this will have more things covered.

With this nomad trip insurance plan, you get all of the things mentioned in the Standard Plan, but with higher coverage amounts. On top of that, you also get coverage on Rental Vehicles and Personal Accidents.

Of course, there are many more items I haven’t mentioned, like hiking travel insurance, and so on. The items above are the key coverages when you get a policy with and it looks really good to have when travelling.

world nomads travel insurance table
world nomads features table
world nomads travel insurance features table

How to Make a Claim?

In every insurance policy, one of the most important question for a client is how to process a claim in case things go wrong. With WorldNomads, it’s easy. All you need to do is log in to your World Nomads account and submit your claim online, or contact the following:

Phone: +61 2 8263 0400
Phone: 1300 787 375 (local call in Australia)
Email: [email protected]
Fax: +61 2 8263 0494
Fax: 1300 619 912 (local fax in Australia)
PO Box A975, Sydney South NSW 1235
Travel Claims operate during Australian business hours.

I hope that you’ve come to realize the importance of getting travel insurance. You are now well on your way to doing long term backpacking. I’m sure you are excited!

With the backing of a great insurance company with the best backpacker insurance, it’s time to explore the world, particularly the beautiful Southeast Asia.

Why Southeast Asia?

You’ve probably heard of the many great things about Europe, India, and Africa. The different tourist spots, religious sites, historical sites, and other great things. Well, Southeast Asia also has many of these.

From the busy streets of Thailand to the underground tunnels of Vietnam, you will not run out of activities to do! Southeast Asia is rich in culture, tons of food to try, and an endless number of new places to explore!

If you’ve watched some documentaries on travel, you would have come across some shows documenting their motorcycle road trip in certain countries in Southeast Asia. This might have made you curious and maybe you thought of doing it too.

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For sure, it’s a great way to explore the great outdoors. To make sure that you are covered and safe in your travels, don’t forget to get the Explorer Plan. This is the plan you want as it includes Rental Vehicles and Personal Accident.

If you are serious about going for that Road Trip of a lifetime, then have these things in mind.

Going on Road Trips

catalin geangos motorbike

We all met someone who had a scooter accident while travelling in Southeast Asia. I literally met almost every day someone who had injured from a motorbike crash. I actually stopped asking what happened because the answer was the same, every time.

That’s why is very important to insure for motorbike accidents. Read the conditions, what’s cover and what’s not covered for riding a motorbike.

Please be aware that this policy cannot cover you for motorbike touring or when using a motorbike as your main mode of transport while travelling abroad. This can’t be added, even for an additional premium.

When renting a vehicle, there are some things you must do. I would like to note again that this is not an extensive disclosure of this product, so, there will be items that are not covered and you should always refer to your policy for all the necessary information you need.

  1. You must have a valid driver’s license from your country of residence. If you are going to drive a motorized vehicle, then you will need your own driver’s license issued by your home country.
  1. The rental vehicle will most likely have rental vehicle insurance attached to it. You will have to purchase that policy specific to your rental vehicle. WorldNomads policy is a travel insurance policy. It does not replace any local rental vehicle policy that your rental vehicle needs.
  2. You will need to have a valid and legally signed agreement between you and the rental vehicle company.
  3. In cases wherein you will need to claim for your coverage under the rental vehicle section, always be ready with all the necessary paperwork: repair quotes, invoices, etc.
  4. Always read your policy inclusions and exclusions so you know exactly what’s covered and what’s not.

It’s also important to note that WorldNomads will never cover any cost arising from the following:

  1. Use of a vehicle without a valid driver’s license.
  2. Unlawful usage of the vehicle.
  3. Any violation of the Rental Vehicle Agreement.
  4. Transporting any item other than luggage.
  5. Operating the vehicle on a track or racetrack.

All of the information provided about travel insurance is a brief summary only. It does not include all terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and termination provisions of the travel insurance plans described. Coverage may not be available for residents of all countries, states or provinces. Please carefully read your policy wording for a full description of coverage.

Remember that the policy may have small changes depending on your country of origin and your destination. So always read your policy for the full details.

With that, I believe we’ve covered much to make sure you travel safely and with peace of mind. I still remember the first time I got a policy. I’ve always felt that it was useless until I heard someone I knew got into some mess while travelling.

Sometimes, we don’t feel the importance of a thing unless a situation that is close to us arises. Luckily, I never needed to claim any of the coverage of my policy. And that’s a very good thing.

Covid-19 Coronavirus Coverage


world nomads covid19 coronavirus insurance


No matter how much we plan our future, some unforeseen or never before seen factor will always come rushing in causing all of our plans to crumble. In these situations, it’s best to have a safety net prepared.

Whether you are an introvert, extrovert, outgoing, or timid, it’s human nature to seek out new places and enjoy new experiences. Someone might say that they don’t love to explore, but once they experience it their outlooks change.

The world is full of mysteries and things to explore. Let us not limit ourselves and strive to enjoy life to the fullest by having these experiences outside of our comfort zones.

Explore the world around and explore it with the certainty of travel insurance. That is one of the very few certainties you can have when travelling.