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TOP 11 Best Online Flight Ticket Agencies

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Best Online Flight Ticket Agencies

A decade ago, we had to rely on travel agencies to get the best price deals for flights, but not anymore. Thanks to technological developments, we now have online flight ticket agencies to conveniently and efficiently book flight tickets at the tip of your fingers.

With more and more companies becoming aware of these changes, it can be pretty challenging to choose the best online flight ticket, but not for you.

We’ve compiled and made a top 11 list for best online flight ticket agencies to date. Without further ado, let’s fly right to it!


skyscanner banner

Skyscanner itself does not directly sell flight tickets. Instead, you will be directed to other sites such as airlines or other online traveling agencies when you click on their flight lists to purchase your ticket.

The OTA is notoriously known for its flexibility to get you to various destinations to choose from as you select “Everywhere” on the site’s search bar with the lowest rates possible.

However, suppose you aren’t a flexible traveler. In that case, the site can still assist you with friendly services and functions as any other regular OTAs.  It does come with its ups and downs, which include the following.


  • Offers search flexibility
  • Enables users to easily switch languages and currencies to suit their needs
  • Allows you to set price alerts to notify when new best deals are available


  • The site doesn’t have a unique selling point or distinctive feature as it is relatively similar to any other OTA.
  • The booking process may get tedious as you get redirected to multiple sites, which discourages user seamlessness


kayak logo

Kayak was one of the trailblazers in the market. It was launched back in the mid-2000s and has remained a dominant player with its robust metasearch tools today.

The agency enables you to set up fare alerts for price tracking over a period of time to help you get the best deals.

Speaking of deals, Kayak also has a flexible search feature that allows you to find incredible deals to your chosen region that you might find intriguing or plan to switch your traveling game up a bit. 


  • The interface is relatively easy and convenient to use for any user 
  • Has an “Our Advice” box feature that informs you when to buy your tickets for the lowest rates (this should definitely come in handy)
  • Hacker Fares feature enables you to save some bucks on flight tickets. These are itineraries formed by 2 one-way ticket bundling (typically using different airplane companies) as an alternative to a round-trip on the same airline. 


  • Filled with ads, which can be slightly distracting when navigating through the site 
  • Features such as Hacker Fares, most suited for flexible planners, may make transiting instead of waiting in a single flight gate somewhat tedious (and tiring after long flights). 


momondo logo

Essentially, Kayak’s relative in terms of its functionality as a metasearch site where it redirects you to the respective sites to purchase your tickets with the best deals there is.

Momondo’s specialty is its ability to search for various smaller Online Traveling Agencies (OTAs), which also means better chances for better deals that other metasearch sites might not pick up on. 


  • Excellent and navigable tools for tracking ticket prices 
  • Able to reach numerous smaller OTAs for better deal searches that other agencies may not pick up on 
  • Fares are displayed from the Southwest (with flight times and carrier details), which becomes a gamechanger to notify when another competitor has something that the Modomo doesn’t offer. 


  • The site itself doesn’t display prices until you get directed to another site (where costs are indicated) or when you indicate that you’re traveling to the Southwest. 
  • Getting redirected to other sites may make the process less streamlined than other sites, with most process steps in a single site. 


expedia logo

Expedia is one of the early Online Traveling Agencies from way back in the 1990s was the default source for finding and booking flight tickets. It also includes hotel offerings to your flight-ticket booking process (which is set as an option, not necessary) to help you save costs. 

Expedia has a “Show flexible dates” option button on their results page, enabling you to see whether you can get lower price rates when you change flight dates by a few days.

The agency also helps you earn air miles when you book through their site, which may eventually get you an eligible seat upgrade when you reach a certain mile count. 


  • Helps you save money on accommodation through up-selling their flight tickets 
  • Gets you the best ticket price rates through the “Show flexible dates” option 
  • It shows what is not covered by the fare when selecting fares, which includes cancellations, changes, baggage regulations, and seating options.


  • Eligibility for seat upgrades can be limited when booking through Expedia 
  • Mileage status can only go up until the elite status when booking through this site 


travelocity logo

Essentially a spin-off booking site from Expedia with the same price results in an entirely fresh and different look.

Travelocity has been one of the top contenders in the industry as the agency also offers Price Match Guarantees and free-of-charge cancellations within the first 24 hours upon booking.

Price Match Guarantee works to refund you the price difference between Travelocity’s and another booking site’s rates. 

Another notable feature is the Travelocity Bargain Fares, which means the flight details will only be shown after a completed purchase. This way, it can offer some cost-saving tickets if you have a flexible schedule. 

The agency also has a rating scale out of 10 for every flight itinerary, which considers the flight duration, aircraft type, and the onboard amenities’ quality rating. This should come in handy when comparing different airline companies and choosing the best one. 


  • Travelocity offers a $50 coupon should you choose to book a Travelocity Rate hotel or air and hotel package in the future. 
  • Travelocity bargain fares 
  • Free-of-charge flight cancellations 


  • May charge a booking fee on some bookings 
  • Does not offer a search for flexible dates (fee-comparing can be a challenge) 


cheapoair logo

CheapOair is owned by Fareportal Inc (also the parent company of OneTravel). Though the sites are under the same company, OneTravel and CheapOair have varying fare results, which does mean that you should do some crosschecking between both site results. 

One notable feature of CheapOair is the display of “SuperSaver Fares,” where the airline you’ll be using will not be informed to you until booking is complete, which may also mean baggage fees applied won’t be informed until then as well.

But in return, CheapOair, as the name suggests, might offer cheaper deals which may make a fair compensation. 


  • Offers their very own credit card that enables you to be eligible for a $50 rebate with a total of $500 in spendings within 90 days


  • Booking fees may be considerably costly 
  • The fact that the airline name and baggage fees won’t be informed until booking is complete may be a hassle for non-flexible travelers looking for cheap flight tickets. 
  • Their Price Match Promise is only valid to s small extent (available only for similar flights on Orbitz, Priceline, Travelocity, and Expedia)


agoda logo

Agoda is a somewhat acknowledged online traveling agency that is, in fact, owned by Priceline. Though the site itself is streamlined and navigable, it can only offer limited filters when searching for flight tickets.

The site is available in multiple languages. To change the language setting based on where you’re from, you can simply tap the flag icon on the menu. 

Agoda may be more suited for those looking for accommodations such as apartments or private villa, as accommodation leans more towards the site’s specialty and functionality.

It offers flight booking services and bundles your trip bookings. It aims to upsell and save you from the extra costs of booking your flight and accommodation separately. 


  • No cancellation fees charged in the first 24 hours after flight booking 
  • User-friendly and seamless search functions 
  • Comes in multiple languages 


  • Has relatively limited  flight booking filtering options available 

Google Flights

google flights logo

Unlike Expedia, Google Flights is not an online traveling agency, as it is a metasearch engine with its nature similar to that of Kayak.

As soon as you’ve found a flight from the list, Google Flights will direct you either to the airline’s site or an online traveling agency to complete and purchase your booking.

The fact that it’s made by Google means that searching for the correct links based on website rankings is their specialty. 

Google Flights also displays Price Trends, where the site shows you how varying your travel dates can change your ticket prices. To top that off, the site also enables you to track the route prices, giving you the lowest prices possible upon your searches. 


  • Has a price graph available to display Price Trends for routes to help you get the cheaper flight dates to save you those bucks 
  • The site can notify you by email on changing price alerts
  • A wide array of filtering options to help you narrow down your search 


  • With its multiple functionalities available, it may not be the best option for a new user or traveler 


priceline logo

Priceline is also one of the well-known contenders in the online travel agency market that pioneered the Name Your Own Price tool (discontinued in 2016) and opaque bookings (where flight details such as flight times are not informed until the booking is made). 

It is also the parent company of Agoda, which may be evident in the search display style and navigation tools.

Comparing various flights to other online traveling agencies is always a wise move to get you the best and fairest deals there are.

Still, in general, Priceline does offer the average price of most deals you will find in your searches. Like a coin, Priceline has its fair share of upsides and downsides. 


  • Offers Express Deal flights that give you discounted prices as long as you have a flexible schedule. This is one form of opaque booking, so flight details will remain concealed until you have made your final booking. 
  • Has a price match guarantee, where you can get refunds for the difference in prices of Priceline’s rates compared to other OTA’s (Online Traveling Agency’s) rates. 
  • No cancellation fees apply within the first 24 hours upon booking (Express Deal Flights, however, is the exception for this)


  • Does not enable users to search for flexible dates, which may mean missing out on chances to save potential costs. 
  • Express Deal flights can also be a downside as deals aren’t always as good as they seem, as discounts may not be significant enough, especially when you’re on a budget. 


kiwi logo

Kiwi is an OTA just like Expedia, making them considerable rivals to get travelers to directly book their tickets.

Kiwi does have its own search engine (its differentiation factor and secret weapon) called Nomad, which allows you to get cost-saving itineraries for multi-destination travels. 

As you type in the when, where, and what on the itineraries, Nomad will then mix and match routes and airlines with the lowest price to help you shortlist your alternatives for better decisions. However, the OTA does have its own pros and cons. 


  • Has aesthetic displays 
  • Has extensive search features to get you the best list of itineraries 
  • Nomad search engine to help get you a more travel-focused searched result 


  • Long customer service waiting times 


trixo logo

Trixo is definitely a unique site. It helps you generate dummy flight tickets by using the API of sites to create these tickets for your personal needs.

These fake tickets can be very useful when you travel one way and you need a flight ticket to show leaving a specific country in order to get your visa.

All you have to do is type in your desired destination from the compiled list provided on the site and select which one suits you the most. 

Navigation tools have been designed to ensure you can easily and promptly download your flight reservations within a short period. 


  • It can be used as proof for onward travel 
  • Offers a 24-hour money-back guarantee


  • It is not a real online traveling agency – you will only get a fake ticket and not a real one, so you cannot use it to travel.

Getting the best deals online for your future travels is always a wise move, primarily when you’ve worked so hard to finally get traveling again once the pandemic subsides (hopefully soon).

We hope this list serves you well for future reference, cheers!